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Chapter 550: Giving You A Misfortune Card

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Although they managed to get rid of the danger of the monster horde, not all the battles had ended. There were still ongoing battles at few of the posts.

A tall man was floating in the air at the South Beacon, staring at the black-robed woman opposite him and the giant monster next to her.

“If I got it right, you guys started the monster attack to buy the invaders some time. Right now, many of the imperial-levels from other footholds have arrived. In addition to a few of the keepers of the city, there are at least 15 imperial-levels that are looking for your companions. It’s 15 versus four. I don’t think that your companions can survive.

“Of course, it’s been carefully planned. You intentionally started a monster attack at the southern border. Even when the rest of the imperial-levels arrive, the people’ll definitely clear the monster horde at the southern border first and won’t have time to handle the four in the city. Unexpectedly, since the white glow instantly removed all the monsters, you guys have no way of retreating.

“So, are you going to continue wasting your time here or are you going to give up the companions that haven’t been rescued? Since you’re a woman, I’d like to remind you that if you choose the former, you’ll probably die here.”

“I didn’t know that the master of the Shangguan family, Shangguan Feng Ao, is so good at nagging.” The woman’s voice came through the voice-modulating sh.e.l.l.

“Yo, I didn’t know that you’d know me too. It seems like you’ve done your homework.” The golden robed man chuckled, “Then, you should know that since you haven’t even achieved imperial-level, you and the imperial-level monster next to you won’t be able to defeat me.

“You’re not only good at nagging! You’re arrogant too!” The woman remarked.

“It’s time to decide. Do you want to leave or fight?”Shangguan Feng Ao stopped being verbose and issued an ultimatum.

“Let’s fight. Stop talking nonsense.” The black-robed woman then instructed the imperial-level monster to attack Shangguan Feng Ao.

“I don’t feel like fighting a woman…” Shangguang Feng Ao swung his arms, clenching his fists tightly and struck a blow.

Aside from the drama at the South Beacon post, the imperial-level from the Union Government encountered the imperial-level black-robed man and the king-level monsters at two other posts. They were engaged in a fierce fight.

A group of people remained still at the battleground of the post as all the monsters had turned into ashes. Soon after, there were people who recalled that the beam of white light had risen from behind the hillside. They immediately headed towards the direction where Lin Huang was hiding. They wanted to know who had actually killed more than 100,000 monsters on the battleground.

They formed a group of more than ten people and looked around.

Lin Huang had just finished checking his reward cards and realized that somebody had crossed the hill and seen him. He was definitely not going to come into contact with anyone as a woman. He immediately summoned a white Dimensional Portal and disappeared.

Only a minority of them saw Lin Huang’s face whereas the rest could only see a lady in a white dress entering the white Dimensional Portal and leaving.

The white Dimensional Portal that Lin Huang had summoned instead of his Black Ink was the item he had obtained from Yu Wenbin’s storage ring after he was killed. The name of the Dimensional Portal was the Golden Wheel, and it was a supreme relic. The door was golden in color, but he changed it to white so as to confuse the public.

In fact, after Yang Ling had completed his unlocking and right when Lin Huang had obtained the Golden Wheel, he had found out that there were seven Dimensional Portals of a similar style in Division 7. However, there were more than hundreds of these Dimensional Portals at the core zone. In addition to his feminine disguise, even if the Saint members saw him, n.o.body would tie it back to him.

Lin Huang had only used the Golden Wheel several times before. After removing the locations that Yu Wenbin had previously set, he had only fixed three locations in the Dimensional Portal, and the teacher’s hostel of the Martial Hunter College was one of them.

As he strode over to the Golden Wheel, he appeared at his hostel. He was relieved after returning from the fight. Although he knew that three of the imperial-level monsters were still alive, it was somehow beyond his abilities. He also knew that the imperial-level from the White Capital would handle them.

As he was about to remove his disguise, Lin Huang suddenly heard the blast. It seemed like there was an intense fight in the sky above the Martial Hunter College.

“Why’re they fighting over here?” Lin Huang found it strange as he had no idea what was happening in the city. However, from the force of the impact, he guessed that it was a fight between the imperial-levels.

“It can’t be Hong Zhuang, can it?” Lin Huang thought of her in the first place as she had been hiding in the Martial Hunter College. According to what Mr. Fu had said, despite only being an immortal-level rank-9, her abilities could be compared to an imperial-level’s. Both of these conditions matched the current situation of the battle.

Right when Lin Huang noticed the battle that was happening in the sky, the black-robed leader, who was fighting Liu Ming, could feel the energy pulse from Lin Huang’s room. Beneath the mask, glee flashed in his eyes. “You came back at the right time!”

Forcing Liu Ming to retreat in one hit, the black-robed leader then appeared above Lin Huang’s hostel. The whole building was uprooted in an instant as he smashed the building. Only the bare floor and a few furniture were left as well as Lin Huang who had not removed his disguise.

Lin Huang was dumbfounded as he stared at the bright moonlit sky. He could not react to what had just happened.

The black-robed man was stunned when he saw Lin Huang in the white dress. The first thought that flashed through his mind was: Did I destroy the wrong house?

He looked around. After confirming that he had not made a mistake, he then demanded, “Who are you? Where’s Lin Huang?”

Right at that moment, Lin Huang had recovered from his thoughts. As he saw the black-robed man, he knew that he was one of those who had started the monster attack. He was not Hong Zhuang. However, after listening to his question, he instantly understood that the person was coming after him.

“Teacher Lin is living in the building next to me. I swapped rooms with him a few days ago.” Lin Huang pointed at Hong Zhuang’s hostel without hesitation.

The black-robed man was shocked, but he still chose to believe Lin Huang. He extended his hand and obliterated Hong Zhuang’s hostel. However, n.o.body was there.

Just when the black-robed man wanted to ask again, a beam of white light hacked at his back. He immediately turned around and dodged the attack with his sword, then he retreated.

A few moments later, Liu Ming appeared at the position where he had been standing at just now. He lowered his head and looked at Lin Huang’s hostel. He was stunned to see Lin Huang in the white dress. “Who are you? Where’s Lin Huang?”

“I’m the new teacher who was recruited a few weeks ago. I’ve changed my room with Teacher Lin. He’s living over there, but I think that he’s not here today,” Lin Huang told him the same thing because the black-robed man was present. He could not give up his ident.i.ty. Moreover, he would never want to let Liu Ming know that he had become a woman.

“Look for a place to hide. You can’t join the battle.” Liu Ming did not doubt the woman’s words as he knew that the college had been busy recruiting new teachers. He chose to protect her in the first place after knowing that she was one of the college teachers.

Lin Huang nodded his head and disappeared.

The black-robed man thought that he was a pa.s.serby and did not pay much attention to him. Nevertheless, he was disappointed.

Lin Huang hid behind a building while watching the battle between the two of them.

He fixed his gaze on the black-robed man, and a card appeared in his hand.

“Misfortune Card

“Function: After activating the card, misfortune will strike the target within three days.

“Remark 1: The target can be any creature.

“Remark 2: The target must be within the user’s range of vision.

“Remark 3: The card is ineffective on those who have a complete G.o.dhead.

“Remark 4: The card is ineffective on those who own a G.o.d item that is immune to misfortune.

“Remark 5: The card cannot be canceled after it has been activated. Please specify the target within half an hour. Otherwise, the card will randomly choose a target that is near the user, including the user itself.

“Remark 6: The effects of misfortune vary from person to person. The strength of the effect is random, and it will also be affected by the target’s luck.”

“Hehe, trying to catch me? I’ll give you a Misfortune Card. It’ll bring you bad luck for three days!” An evil smile plastered on his face as he crushed the Misfortune Card. “Target the black-robed man!”

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