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Chapter 552: Activation of A New Function

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Skill Card.

“Skill Name: Almighty Surgical Knife.

“Rarity: Mythical-level (Pseudo).

“Type of Skill: Sword (Special).

“Status: Available.

“Remarks: This skill is a non-battle special sword skill that’s mainly used for medical surgeries. It can always be used for modification of creatures.

“Card Remarks: Comparable with G.o.d skill!

“A pseudo mythical-level Skill Card!”

Lin Huang’s eyes lit up as he read the card’s detailed description. Although it was not a combat sword skill, it gave him a medical ability with special creature modification skills. Without hesitation, he crushed the card immediately and added the Skill Card into his slot. Just when the card disappeared from his hand, Xiao Hei’s notification came through.

“New skill Almighty Surgical Knife has been detected. The skill can be used fix the system function. Would you like to authorize the skill to read the system core data?”

“This skill can fix the system?” It was the first time Lin Huang heard about a skill that could affect Xiao Hei.

“Yes, there’s no way for the system to retrieve functions out of thin air. The system will usually have the possibility of obtaining new skills during the upgrade of authorization or under special situations such as absorbing the core source of other Goldfingers as well as what’s happening right now which is fixing the lack of function of the system in terms of special creature skills.”

“Will there be a new function activation after the system has been fixed?” Lin Huang asked immediately.

“Yes, I’ve been studying the modified creatures that you killed earlier for a while, but it didn’t manage to activate any new functions as there’s some key data missing. The skill that you’ve just obtained is a remedy to the missing data coincidentally. Of course, without the key data, the missing part will come out on its own. However, that would take years.”

“Alright, authorizing skill to the system.” Lin Huang did not hesitate after hearing Xiao Hei’s explanation.

It had been a while since Xiao Hei last activated any new functions. Although Lin Huang had leveled up to holy fire-level two months ago, all Xiao Hei had gotten was an upgrade in its authorization, but not an activation of new functions.

“Permission has been authorized. Reading Almighty Surgical Knife’s core data… Reading is complete!”

Xiao Hei became silent after reading the data, Lin Huang did not urge any further, but he waited patiently as he watched the fight of the four imperial-levels on top. Around three to four minutes later, Xiao Hei’s notification came.

“Congratulations, new function Monster Card Integration has been activated!”

“Monster Card Integration?!” Lin Huang could not wait to know what exactly this new function could do.

“There are two ways of Monster Card Integration: the temporary integration and the permanent integration. The temporary integration is the integration of two or more monsters of the same rarity and combat level. After the integration’s completed, there’s a possibility for a temporary upgrade to a monster of higher rarity and combat level to fight for you

“The effect of integration depends on the monster’s bloodline. The higher the similarity of the bloodline, the better the impact of the integration.

“The integration period depends on the monsters’ harmony with each other. The more harmonious they are, the longer the integration time.

“The more monsters involved in the integration, the more powerful the integrated monster will be theoretically. However, if there’s a monster of higher bloodline repellent in the integration, the higher the likelihood of the integration failing.”

“The Monster Cards involved in the integration will be sealed in different ways until after the integration period is over, and they can’t be summoned. The sealing time ranges from one to ten days, or even longer. The higher the effectiveness of the integration, the longer the sealing time. If the integration fails, the Monster Cards involved won’t be sealed.”

“Permanent integration will consume ten monsters of the same rarity. It’s not limited to the monster type and combat level. The Monster Cards involved in the integration will be gone forever while the newly integrated monster will become a new living creature.

“The more similarities in the bloodline, the higher the success rate of the integration.

“The higher the rarity, the lower the success rate. The integration success probability is as below:

Normal to Rare: Success rate of 50%.

Rare to Epic: Success rate of 10%.

Epic to Legendary: Success rate of 1%.

“Legendary to Mythical will consume the Monster Integration Card and the success rate will be random.”

As Lin Huang read Xiao Hei’s new function, Lin Huang recalled that he had many normal white Monster Cards as well as a couple of rare Monster Cards with him. After leveling up to holy fire-level, those Monster Cards were useless to him as the normal and rare monster cards could not be upgraded to the same holy fire-level. In reality, there were hardly any monsters that never went through mutation or single mutation that could be improved to holy fire-level due to some peculiar reason. However, the standard and rare Monster Cards that Lin Huang possessed had stopped upgrading at gold-level rank-3 under Xiao Hei’s system.

Xiao Hei had explained that phenomenon before.

“The possibility for normal and rare monsters to level up to holy fire-level is low. It’s much smaller than the standards the system has set. For convenient management, the system has gotten rid of the way of upgrading whereby the success rate is meager.

“However, if you encounter such an unmutated or single mutated transcendent-level monsters, the probability of obtaining a complete card is the same with other monsters after the monster’s been killed. However, the monster will only stay on the level that it was in. The most a holy fire-level monster can level up to would be gold flame-level. An immortal-level can only level up to immortal-level rank-9, and it can’t go any further.”

Compared to permanent integration, Lin Huang was more interested in the effects of the monster integration as it would be perfect for battles. If he could not manage to fight his enemy, he could get a powerful integrated monster to fight for him.

All of a sudden, his thoughts that were flying everywhere were interrupted by a loud bang. He looked up into the sky and was shocked by the scene before his eyes. A gigantic golden palace had appeared on top of the black-robed leader’s head. The golden palace door was opened, and a headless body walked out with a ma.s.sive halberd in its hand.

“A dead demiG.o.d’s body?” Liu Ming and the rest were shocked to see the headless body. The dead body swung its halberd, rending a hole in the sky like a black scar. There was a bright red glow on top of the gigantic halberd. Liu Ming and the rest did not dare to avoid it. Instead, they defended it because if they were to prevent the attack, half of the White Capital might be destroyed. The red glow catapulted the three of them tens of kilometers away.

The black-robed leader scoffed and did not want to proceed with the fight. He stood up, kept his Life Palace and planned to leave. Suddenly, a golden card appeared in Lin Huang’s hand.

Lin Huang crushed the card and instructed Xiao Hei, “Activate the Plunder Card and target the black-robed man!”

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