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Chapter 553: A Bountiful Plundering

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Plunder Card

“Function: When the card has been activated, you’ll be able to steal three items from the target randomly.

“Remark 1: The target can be on any creature.

“Remark 2: The target has to be within your field of vision.

“Remark 3: Items that don’t belong to the target can’t be stolen.

“Remark 4: The card can be used on the same target three times. Each interval has to be more than 24 hours apart.

“Remark 5: The card can’t be used on G.o.d items and selected items with self-consciousness.

“Remark 6: You can’t target creatures with a complete G.o.dhead.

Lin Huang did not think twice as he activated the Plunder Card and targeted the black-robed leader just as he saw the person was planning to leave.

“The card has been activated. Target has been locked. Plundering in progress…”

A white glow shot out of the sky as Xiao Hei spoke. The black-robed leader was the focus of the light, including the golden palace and the headless dead body on top of his head. He attempted to run, but he could not move at all. It seemed like his movements had been paused.

Next, the headless dead body with a gigantic halberd in its hand shrunk into a red glow and shot into the white light in the sky. At the same time, the sword in the black-robed leader’s hand, as well as his black armor, were taken away by force. They transformed into black and green beams of light and shot into the white glow too. As soon as the three glows disappeared into the cloud, the white glow shot from the sky disappeared. Xiao Hei’s notification came into Lin Huang’s ears.

“Congratulations, you have obtained DemiG.o.d Dead Body, Air Slicer, and Black Feathered Armor from the target!”

The black-robed leader regained his ability to move after the white glow disappeared. He was in shock.

“What just happened? Was that G.o.d?”

Although he could not move, he could see everything that was happening to him. His demiG.o.d Dead Body Puppet and two ancient relics, the Air Slicer, and the Black Feathered Armor, had been taken away by the white glow.

Without the black armor, his white coat was revealed. Fortunately, he had his mask on, so his face remained hidden. Without his most potent weapons, he did not even plan to retrieve the items that had been taken away from him. He was still stunned. He recalled his Life Palace without thinking twice and escaped far away…

“Hehe, this fella is such a scaredy-cat!” Lin Huang chuckled secretly as he saw the black-robed leader make his escape.

Meanwhile, Liu Ming and the rest looked clumsy as they were chased away by the headless dead body on top of the Martial Hunter College. Although they saw the white glow shoot into the sky from tens of kilometers away, they had no idea what just happened. By the time they got back, the black-robed leader had escaped, and it was too late to chase after him.

“Liu Ming, you saw that, didn’t you?” Old Li queried in all seriousness.

“That’s the demiG.o.d Dead Body Puppet from that battle.” Liu Ming nodded as he frowned.

“He could drive the monster horde away, and he has the Dead Body Puppet. Could that fella be the remnant of a protoss?” Old Li asked.

“I don’t think so. Mr. Fu told me a little about the protoss before. The monster horde that a protoss can drive would be way bigger than this. If it had really been done by a protoss, let alone the White Capital, the entire Division 7 would be destroyed overnight. As for the Dead Body Puppet, he probably got it from the battle ruins.” Liu Ming shook his head.

“But I’ll let Mr. Fu know what’s happened and see if he knows anything about that,” Liu Ming added.

“Let’s inform Mr. Fu after the issue has been settled. Should we go after the fella?” The muscular middle-aged man replied.

“It’s useless to chase after him. He has that Dead Body Puppet with him. We can’t fight him. Let’s search around for his partners. It’ll be good if we could catch any one of them.” Liu Ming shook his head.

The three of them spread out after that. Only when the noise had faded away did Lin Huang reveal himself at the dorm. He shook his head as he looked at the dorm that was now destroyed, then he summoned Kylie a while later. Kylie was shocked to see him in the white dress. The usually serious Kylie could not hide her smile this time.

“Bring me into the mini world.” Lin Huang did not notice Kylie’s smile as he was in deep thought.

Kylie waved her hand, and a black wave appeared. The both of them walked into it. Entering Kylie’s mini world, Lin Huang just realized that he was still in his transformed body. He then deactivated the disguise and transformed back to himself. As soon as he transformed back, he reached his hand into the bottom of his storage s.p.a.ce in search of his package.

“Ahh… There’d be trouble if this didn’t come back to me,” he sighed in relief.

After confirming there were no side effects from activating the Disguise Card, Lin Huang then looked at the items that he had stolen earlier. The three items were now in card form. He took out the cards to read the descriptions.

“Item Card: Air Slicer

“Type: Sword

“Item Level: Ancient relic

“Item Description: This is a battle sword that can be used as a surgical knife or a food cutter.

“Special Effect: s.p.a.ce attributes.

“Additional Attribute: Slicing

“Card Remarks: Good stuff

“Item Card: Black Feathered Armor

“Type: Defense

“Item Level: Ancient relic

“Item Description: This is just armor. What else do you expect it to be?

“Special Effect: Increase moving speed

“Additional Attribute: Wings

“Card Remarks: Good stuff

“Item Card: Dead Body Puppet

“Type: Puppetry

“Item Level: DemiG.o.d relic

“Item Description: This is a puppet made of a demiG.o.d’s dead body. It requires a ma.s.sive amount of energy for activation.

“Special Effect: None

“Additional Attribute: None

“Card Remarks: It’s great stuff for your current situation. The only disadvantage is that it’s burning money!

“A demiG.o.d relic and two ancient relics?!” Lin Huang did not expect to obtain something out of his imagination for the first time by using the Plunder Card. Although he had never seen such a relic, he knew it was an item of demiG.o.d-level. Meanwhile, the ancient relics were special items that would only fall out of rare king-level monsters of imperial-levels. They were much more powerful than supreme relics!

Naturally, Lin Huang knew very well that it was not by luck that he had managed to get the three relics, but also because the Misfortune Card had been activated on the black-robed leader. His extremely bad luck became Lin Huang’s fortune in turn.

“Hmm, it seems like I must activate the Misfortune Card before using the Plunder Card,” Lin Huang concluded as he looked gleefully at the three item cards in his hand.

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