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Chapter 561: Pick Up the Body

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Three days had pa.s.sed since Lin Huang spoke to Hong Zhuang at the Union Government. The investigators had left the Martial Hunter College during the past few days and were back to normal. Lin Huang was back to his routine of going to the library, the training battleground, and his dorm.

Although he empathized with Hong Zhuang, he decided not to get involved in the case. He was not close to her after all. Although they knew each other, they were not on familiar terms. Lin Huang knew very well from the training camp that none of the people from the Purple Crow were honorable. Hong Zhuang chose her own path. As an adult, she should learn to accept the consequences of her decision, even if the result was death.

It was past nine in the morning. Lin Huang stuck to his routine of reading at the library. Suddenly, his Emperor’s Heart Ring vibrated. It was a message.

“Hong Zhuang has been executed. Please bring her body back from the Union Government as soon as possible.” Seeing the message, he did not hesitate. He closed the search page in the library and left. He had promised to retrieve Hong Zhuang’s body, and he did not want any delay.

As he stepped out of the library door, he summoned his dimensional relic and stepped into it. He then appeared at the entrance of the Union Government. He asked for the morgue’s location and headed to the first floor. The morgue was located at the west wing on the first floor. Lin Huang planned to ask the forensic officer for guidance, but seeing that the door was opened, he walked straight into the morgue.

“Hi, I received a message earlier. I’m here to pick up the body,” Lin Huang spoke to the man who was standing next to a body.

The man with a lollipop in his mouth turned around and said, “Register at the forensic desk next door. They’ll bring you back here after confirming your registration.”

“Thanks.” Lin Huang looked at him and walked to the forensic desk next door after thanking him.

After spending a couple of minutes registering himself, a lady in her 20’s brought him back to the morgue to pick up the body.

“Hi, Deputy Director Wu.” The lady blushed when she saw Wu Sheng.

“Hmm.” Wu Sheng proceeded to check the body in front of him as he responded casually. He did not seem to bother about Lin Huang and the lady walking in.

“Please give me a minute. I’ll look for it. Hong Zhuang’s body was sent here this morning.” A semi-transparent list appeared in front of the lady. Soon, she found the cabinet where Hong Zhuang was in and took her body out.

Lin Huang walked up to see a frozen corpse. It was Hong Zhuang. Due to the freezing temperatures, she looked pale. Her red lips were purple now. She was wearing the white clothes that she had on a few days ago. Her body was in pristine condition.

As he was checking the body out, Wu Sheng glanced at him secretly from the back.

“I don’t see any wounds on her. How did you guys execute her?” Lin Huang asked after confirming that the body was still in perfect condition.

“The Union Government usually uses euthanasia for most prisoners nowadays. The same applied to Hong Zhuang,” the forensic lady explained.

“Euthanasia… I hope she didn’t have to suffer before she died.” Lin Huang nodded and looked at Hong Zhuang’s peaceful expression which seemed like she was asleep. Perhaps death was a relief for her.

“So, do I just bring her away with me?” Lin Huang asked.

“Yes, you may since you’ve already registered. Just make sure that it’s the right body.” The forensic lady smiled.

“Alright then. I’m bringing her with me.” Lin Huang then put Hong Zhuang’s body into his storage s.p.a.ce.

“Thanks!” He thanked the forensic lady. He even nodded at the man with the lollipop as he was the one who had asked him to register.

As he left the Union Government, Lin Huang stepped into his dimensional relic and arrived at a B-grade foothold near the Eastern Ocean. He did not want to delay anything as Hong Zhuang’s wish was to scatter her ashes there. Since it was still early, he planned to burn her body somewhere with n.o.body around.

He then summoned Thunder and in less than half an hour. He arrived at the Eastern Ocean beach. After confirming that there was no one around, he took Hong Zhuang’s body out. After all, it was inappropriate to burn a body in front of strangers. It would be horrible if kids witnessed it. Luckily, there was n.o.body around where he could do that openly.

He took some time to figure out the fire source as he took the body out. It would take forever to burn her body with regular fire. The first thing that popped into his mind was Charcoal as its Dragon Flame would be the quickest solution, but it would be too much to burn a body alone.

“Never mind then. I shall use Witch Fire.” Lin Huang performed a hand seal. The Witch Fire was one of the techniques from Witchcraft. It was a fire attribute attack, but it was much more challenging to fight compared to a typical fire attack. It was hard to put the fire out as soon as one was attacked.

It only took Lin Huang a couple of seconds to perform the hand seal. A cloud of blue flame covered Hong Zhuang’s body. The frost on her body disappeared as the fire burned and her clothes were burnt to ashes. Lin Huang did not realize anything was wrong under the burning flame. Suddenly, Hong Zhuang’s eyelids moved under the blue flame. Soon, she opened her eyes.

“Xiao Linzi, are you planning to kill me?” In less than a minute since Lin Huang had summoned the Witch Fire, her voice was heard. The body that was covered in flames stood up slowly. Before a shocked Lin Huang could put the fire out, the blue flames disappeared after an energy wave rippled. Lin Huang looked at the naked Hong Zhuang in apparent shock. He was dumbfounded that she was still alive. On the other hand, he was stunned by her voluptuous body.

“My little brother, do you miss me?” Hong Zhuang walked towards Lin Huang. He looked away and tossed a set of clothes that he had found from his storage s.p.a.ce to her.

“Erm… Please dress first.”

Hong Zhuang smirked as she put on the clothes that Lin Huang pa.s.sed to her.

“I’m dressed now. You don’t have to look away anymore.”

Lin Huang had given her a set of male clothes that he had never worn before and kept in his storage s.p.a.ce after purchasing them. Hong Zhuang looked attractive even in male clothes.

“You faked your death?” That was the first question Lin Huang asked.

“I learned that from you.” Hong Zhuang grinned at him.

“But how come I could keep you in my storage s.p.a.ce even though you faked your death?” Lin Huang thought it was odd.

“Because my way of faking death is more advanced than yours. So advanced that the storage s.p.a.ce even mistook me as a dead body.” Hong Zhuang smirked as she explained.

“So, you’re using me to escape the White Capital?” Lin Huang squinted.

“Not really. I really thought I would die this time. It’s just that I was lucky enough to meet a friend at the Union Government…” Hong Zhuang stopped there and did not proceed to explain further.

“Alright then. Since you managed to escape, please behave yourself.” Lin Huang was skeptical.

“I’m giving you back your stuff. Please don’t come to me anymore.” He flicked her Emperor’s Heart Ring to her and walked into his dimensional relic.

“I’ll remember owing you my life. I’ll return you the favor when I get the chance.” Hong Zhuang smiled as she waved goodbye at Lin Huang.

“It seems like I have to make another fake ident.i.ty and stay low-key for some time…” She glanced at the storage s.p.a.ce ring in her hand as she watched Lin Huang left with his dimensional relic.

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