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Chapter 567: Lin Huang’s Invitation

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Brother, when did you come back last night?” Lin Xin walked down the stairs while looking sleepy in her pink pajamas early in the morning. She had gone to Lin Huang’s dorm after packing her stuff yesterday afternoon. She thought she could chat with Lin Huang, but he was still not back at 1 a.m, so she had gone to sleep.

“I could have been back just slightly past 11 p.m, but the kids didn’t want to let me go, so we chatted until past 3 a.m.” Lin Huang was making breakfast in the kitchen as he turned around and smiled at her.

“Brother, did you really resign?” Lin Xin had heard about the news.

“Yes, but the dean rejected my resignation, so I still have my position in the college. However, I won’t be teaching.” Lin Huang shook his head.

“Go wash up and get ready for breakfast. We’ll talk later.”

“Oh…” Lin Xin then went upstairs. She had gone to the kitchen as she heard the sounds of moving about before she could wash up. Soon, Lin Xin came downstairs while Lin Huang served breakfast on the dining table. He did not get the chance to make breakfast for the past few months as his three meals had been provided at the college canteen. However, it was the winter holidays now. The canteen and the stores near the college were closed, so he had to settle his usual three meals by himself.

“Brother, where do you plan to go next year?” Lin Xin asked as she munched on her fried egg.

“That’s what I’m about to tell you…” Lin Huang swallowed the food in his mouth before he spoke again, “I’m leaving Division 7 and head to Division 3.”

“You’re leaving Division 7?!” Lin Xin was shocked to hear that. She put down her cutlery immediately. She knew that Lin Huang would leave the college, but she did not expect him to leave Division 7 at all.

“Yeah, I’ll leave after settling some stuff next year.” Lin Huang nodded.

Lin Xin remained silent. Whenever Lin Huang disappeared, no matter how long, he was always within Division 7. She could not accept him leaving Division 7 out of nowhere.

Seeing that Lin Xin was unhappy, Lin Huang comforted her, “I won’t be leaving for long. I’ll be back in July during your summer break. It’ll be from March to June, so that’s just four months. It’s going be the same as when I was in Division 7. Just pretend that I have a long mission in Division 7.”

“Oh…” Lin Xin was still upset.

“Oh yeah, where do you want to go during this winter break?” Lin Huang changed the subject.

“I haven’t thought about it.” Lin Xin shook her head.

“How about we go to a couple of wild zones and return to Winter City on New Year’s Eve?” Lin Huang suggested.

“Wild zones? But you’re not allowed to help me!” Lin Xin was excited.

“Of course, it’s for you to train your battle skills,” Lin Huang smirked.

After they decided, they started packing their stuff. Since Lin Huang would not be teaching at the college anymore, he would have to move out of his dorm. Having finished packing his things at past 10 in the morning, he cleaned the dorm one last time. He sent a goodbye message to Liu Ming, and Qin Tianxiang then stepped into the dimensional relic with Lin Xin. The both of them appeared on an island.

“This is a grade-3 wild zone, the Wild Forest Island. Give me all your food and water. You have to survive on your own for the next three days.” Lin Huang extended his hand.

“Are you being serious now?” Lin Xin was surprised.

“Of course, you’ll need to protect yourself since I won’t be in Division 7 next year,” Lin Huang replied in all seriousness.

“Alright then.” Lin Xin pa.s.sed Lin Huang all her food and water.

“Send me your location at 10 a.m. three days later, and I’ll come get you.” Lin Huang put her food and water into his storage s.p.a.ce.

“Then, what will you be doing during the next three days?” Lin Xin was curious.

“I’ll train somewhere. Okay, your battle drill starts now.” Lin Huang had arranged his own agenda.

Lin Xin projected the map and headed into the forest with her Black Eagle 33 after identifying her location. After she disappeared, Lin Huang summoned Kylie.

“Follow her. Protect her in secret. Don’t help her unless she’s in danger.”

Kylie disappeared in her black armor from where she was after recalling the 12 black wings on her back.

After settling Lin Xin, Lin Huang called someone. A while later, the video call was connected. A beautiful lady with long legs appeared on the screen.

“What’s up? What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into again?” Yi Yeyu wore a light pastel s.h.i.+rt with short sleeves and a mini skirt. It was as if she was not living in the same season as Lin Huang.

“It’s winter. Is it really okay for you to dress so lightly?” Lin Huang was speechless.

“I don’t feel cold. Why do you bother? We have a heater at home.” Yi Yeyu rolled her eyes.


“Is it a holiday at the college?” Although Lin Huang had never mentioned it, Yi Yeyu had found out that he was teaching at the Martial Hunter College. It was easy for her to ask around the social circle that she was living in.

“Yes, it’s the first day of the holidays, but I’ve already resigned.”

“Resigned? Were you fired because you’re lousy at teaching?” Yi Yeyu grinned.

“You’re overthinking. My students got the first place among the Year 1 batches in their year-end battle drill, alright?” Lin Huang raised an eyebrow.

“I could easily ask around about the truth of this. Don’t lie to me.” Yi Yeyu grinned.

“Go ask around. My cla.s.s did get No. 1.”

“Alright then. Why did you call? Are you looking for a new job?” Yi Yeyu asked.

“Are you free next year?” Lin Huang asked directly.

“I’m free during February and March. What’s up?”

“I have a ruins key with me. Let’s form a team to go into the ruins with your brother,” Lin Huang finally admitted his purpose of calling.

“Really? Where did you get the ruins key? Only top organizations would have that. Even our family only have two sets.” Yi Yeyu was shocked.

“I have to keep this a secret… So, are you coming?”

“Of course! But including my brother, that would only make the three of us. Isn’t it a little wasteful to go into the ruins with only three people? Yi Yeyu asked.

“I’ll get a few more friends, and we’ll go together.”

“Great, let me tell my brother so that he can clear his schedule. When exactly is it?”

“I’ll let you know next year, but don’t tell anyone about the ruins key,” Lin Huang reminded.

“Of course, I know that!” She rolled her eyes at him.

After he hung up, Lin Huang called Leng Yuexin. It was much simpler speaking with her compared to Yi Yeyu.

“What’s up?”

“Are you free next year?”

“When exactly?”

“Around mid-February to mid-March. We’ll need a month,” Lin Huang provided her with some rough dates.

“I’ll try to postpone some of my plans. It shouldn’t be a problem.” Leng Yuexin agreed before even asking what they were going to do.

Lin Huang then told her that he planned to go into the ruins with a team. Although she was surprised that he had a ruins key with him, she agreed to join without asking further. After getting Leng Yuexin to commit, Lin Huang then called Li Lang and Qin Tianxing. Li Lang decided to join without even thinking while Qin Tianxing rejected him with a wan smile. He had next year, and he did not like to take leave from work. It would take more than a month, which meant that he would miss four to five It was unacceptable to him. In conclusion, Lin Huang managed to get a total of five people to join the ruins excursion.

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