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Chapter 576: Yi Yeyu and Li Lang Show Their Abilities for the First Time

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“There are three floors underground. On the first floor, there are 16 rooms that are similar to the first room we entered, and each room is occupied with hundreds of holy fire-level monsters. On the second floor, there are 12 rooms with holy fire-level monsters that are even stronger. Basically, they are on blue and purple flame-level. There are fewer monsters over there as there are 30 to 50 monsters in each room. On the third floor, which is also the lowest floor, there are two big storehouses. The first storehouse contains four gold flame-level monsters whereas there’s an immortal-level monster in the second storehouse…”

Lin Huang gave brief introduction according to the information he obtained from b.l.o.o.d.y. He then continued, “Let’s start from the first floor. Kill all the monsters in each room and go further down. If we do so, when we’re going to kill the last immortal-level monster, it won’t have any backup. If the monsters aren’t all cleared, we might be hindered during the process of killing it.”

The four of them nodded in agreement.

Soon, they reached the second room. As they stepped into the room, the monsters pounced on them without a moment’s hesitation.

“d.a.m.n! What’s that!? It’s moving so quickly!” Li Lang immediately dodged the attack with his spear as a monster almost struck him.

Yi Zheng brandished his sword supreme relic and attacked a few of the monsters that came after him.

At this moment, Leng Yuexin and Yi Yeyu who were standing behind them, joined the fight.

Lancelot turned its head and looked at Lin Huang. Although it did not say anything, Lin Huang knew what it wanted to ask.

“If you join the battle, they won’t have any fun. Let’s kill the monsters that they missed.” Lin Huang did not intend to fight, and he put his hands in his pockets.

Lancelot turned back and looked at the four of them who were fighting helplessly. However, it did not have the chance to attack.

The monsters in the second room were Blind Apes. Their appearance was similar to apes, and they were just as agile as well. There was green fur all over their bodies. However, their eyesight had deteriorated entirely. They could only rely on sound waves released to identify a situation and hunt for their prey.

Blind Apes would level up to holy fire-level by default when they reached adulthood. Under normal circ.u.mstances, the highest level that they could achieve would be blue flame-level. It would be tough for them to get to levels higher than that. The monsters had strong limbs, a rapid attack speed, and immense strength. They preferred to live in groups. Typically, those who were on gold flame-level would not want to offend them.

There were almost 200 Blind Ape in the second room. Under normal circ.u.mstances, those below immortal-level would not provoke this kind of monster. However, Yi Zheng and the rest were going to provoke a faceoff.

Among the four of them, Yi Zheng was the most formidable as he was on purple flame-level. He was followed by Leng Yuexin, who was a blue flame-level. Yi Yeyu and Li Lang were on crimson flame-level. Although they were not stronger than the Blind Apes, as they fought against the monsters together, they managed to defend themselves against the attack of hundreds of Blind Apes. Aside from the fact that they had taken advantage of the supreme relics, this indicated that the four of them had extraordinary abilities.

However, they could soon feel the pressure coming from the monster horde.

“These monsters are moving too quickly!” Li Lang grumbled. He was using a long spear which compromised his agility. As they fought the monsters together, he only barely managed to defend against them. Whenever he wanted to perform a counterattack, the Blind Ape would have retreated. After a couple of minutes, only a few of the monsters were injured by his attack, but none of them died. His face was dismal.

Yi Yeyu was not in any better condition than him though. She only managed to kill three monsters after a few minutes. Watching Leng Yuexin’s performance, she felt annoyed.

Leng Yuexin’s performance was much better as she had completed level-2 Sword Dao and could possibly achieve level-3 anytime. In fact, the speed of her sword was much faster. It somehow gave people the illusion that it was slow, causing many Blind Apes to be killed by her.

Yi Zheng was the strongest as he managed to kill a Blind Ape each time he slashed his sword. He never missed any of them. Within a few minutes, he had killed about 50 monsters, which were more than the total number of monsters killed by Leng Yuexin and the other two.

It seemed like Yi Yeyu had been triggered by Leng Yuexin and Yi Zheng as she was suddenly flipping out. Red flames were gus.h.i.+ng out crazily from her blade that was already blood red. In an instant, a few of the Blind Apes surrounding her were drawn into the flames. The Blind Apes that were shrouded in flames started growling from the pain they suffered. However, their growls lasted for less than five seconds before they stopped. The red flames then disappeared, and the Blind Apes had utterly turned into ashes.

“The temperature of the flames is scary!”

The power of Yi Yeyu’s flames surpa.s.sed Lin Huang’s expectations. Even Lancelot that was standing aside fixed a nervous glance at the blade.

Soon after, it seemed like Yi Yeyu was not going to hide her abilities. She waved her sword that was covered in flames. The Blind Apes that were tainted by the flames were burnt in an instant even though only their fur was tainted with the spark. The monsters that she had killed were no weaker than her. The power of her flames was incredibly potent.

On the other hand, Li Lang frowned. Seeing the three of them so mighty and his lack of progress, he felt stressed. The long spear that he was holding became longer and bigger, transforming into its second state. The spear that was originally 1.5 meters long and 5 centimeters thick was transformed into a ma.s.sive spear that measured more than three meters long. Aside from the tip of the spear, it looked exactly like a large blunt blade.

Initially, it was a one-handed spear. However, it had now evolved into a two-handed spear. After the supreme relic had changed its state, there was a significant change in its weight.

Several Blind Apes pounced on Li Lang again and attacked him. However, Li Lang fought back, thrusting his spear forward. When his spear touched the Blind Apes, the cracking sound of the bones was immediately heard. The apes were flung away as they were attacked by Li Lang and were smashed against the wall. n.o.body knew if they were alive or dead.

“He has improved like mad!” Seeing Li Lang’s performance, Lin Huang nodded in satisfaction.

The team of four could easily pin down all the monsters as Yi Yeyu and Li Lang showed off their abilities.

Previously, Lancelot had been wielding a spear in its hand as it got ready to fight. However, when it saw what had happened, it had no choice but to put its sword away. It then continued watching the battle.

Soon, the four of them had wiped out about 200 of the Blind Apes. None of the monsters survived.

Yi Zheng and the rest started collecting the The voice box in the Blind Ape’s throat was a unique type of biological material which many laboratories were looking for.

Lancelot was upset as it did not get a chance to fight.

“Now you know how it feels? Previously, you killed all the monsters alone, and the others could only be your cheerleaders.” Lin Huang laughed teasingly at Lancelot.

Lancelot kept quiet as it finally understood why Lin Huang had asked it to let the rest to kill the monsters that it missed.

“After cleaning up, let’s proceed to the next room!” Lin Huang shouted at Yi Zheng and the rest while patting Lancelot’s shoulder jovially.

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