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Chapter 578: Yi Yeyu is Angry

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The entrance to the second floor was situated in one of the rooms that they had cleaned out. To be accurate, it was in the eighth room that they had cleared about two hours ago.

After cleaning up all the 16 rooms, the five of them returned to the entrance to the second floor underground.

The staircase was different from the first one as they were made of stone.

As they went down the stairs, they found out that not only were there scratches on the staircase but also on the walls beside the staircase. The scratches were of different depths. That being said, they seemed to be made by various monsters.

Seeing the scratches, Yi Yeyu frowned. “It seems like many monsters appear over here.”

“Many of them are new. It’s obvious that these scratches have been made within three days,” Yi Zheng added, “This indicates that the monsters go out often to hunt for food.”

“Most likely, that’s the reason. It seems like all the monsters that we encounter in the ruins are nocturnal, and they’ll possibly hunt for food in a group at night,” Leng Yuexin further a.n.a.lyzed.

Their a.n.a.lysis was precisely what Lin Huang wanted them to find out for themselves as he could not explicitly tell Yi Zheng and the rest that about the monsters hunting for food at night.

He had gotten this information from b.l.o.o.d.y as it had retrieved the memory of the monsters. Lin Huang could not explain the source of the information as he had told them earlier that he had never been to the ruins. He would be contradicting himself if he told them about it.

However, since they had guessed that the monsters would hunt for food at night, Lin Huang added, “It seems possible that all the monsters in the ruins are nocturnal. That’s why we didn’t encounter a single monster during the daytime.

“There’s also the existence of the chief-level monster in the ruins, which means that this is at least a 3-star ruins. There’s certainly the presence of other chief-level monsters. If our guess is correct, the ruins will be extremely dangerous at night!”

Because they had come up with their own inference, Lin Huang then concluded based on the facts that he already knew. However, he kept it secret that they were at least in a 4-star ruin.

Their faces turned grave after listening to what Lin Huang said.

“If the monsters appear in the 3-star ruins at night, it’ll be very dangerous.” Yi Zheng fretted.

“However, we shouldn’t overthink. Let’s kill the monsters before night falls. We’ll be in great trouble if we are surrounded by the monsters at night,” Lin Huang reminded them what they had to do now.

As reminded by Lin Huang, Yi Zheng came up with a plan. “Regardless of whether we made the right guess, we’ll have to clear all the monsters here. We’re at a depth of more than hundreds of meters, and there’s an aura from the monsters everywhere. They’ll be able to cover our aura. The main thing is that there’s only one entrance which has a diameter of five meters. They can hardly attack us. If hordes of monsters do really appear at night, this place is ten times safer than places that are larger. Even if the monsters manage to squeeze through the entrance, the number of monsters will be limited, and we’ll be able to defend against their attack…”

The rest of them soon noticed the importance of them clearing the monsters in the ruins. They snapped out of their thoughts and became serious.

Lin Huang felt relieved as he was wondering how he should tell them that the monsters in the ruins would appear at night and that it would be the safest for them to hide in the ruins. He did not expect that everything would turn out well just as he wished.

In less than two minutes after they had finished their conversation, they arrived on the second floor of the ruins.

There was a long corridor at the end of the stairs. There was no need for Lin Huang to show them the way as Yi Zheng and the rest saw that on the left-hand side of the corridor, there was an entrance to the first room.

Still, Lancelot and Lin Huang brought up the rear while Yi Zheng and the rest rushed into the room.

In the first room on the second floor underground, the sleeping Bat Demons were awoken by the four of them as they entered.

The Bat Demon was a type of demon with a black or greyish-black body. It had a falcon-like head and a human body structure. Without looking at its head and wings, it looked exactly like bodybuilders in the human world. Bat Demons were very muscular, but they had a dark skin tone. However, they were different from humans as their feet and palms were agile. They could fully support their body with their feet and hang upside down while they were sleeping. Besides that, they would also cover their whole body with their wings. While a group of Bat Demons was sleeping, people would think that they were black hanging ceiling lamps.

However, the “ceiling lamps” woke up as Yi Zheng and the rest entered.

Upon realizing that the monsters were Bat Demons, their faces turned grave. Although there were only 50 to 60 of the Bat Demons and the number of monsters was lesser than those on the first floor underground, their abilities were incomparable to the Bat Demons’.

Most of the Bat Demons were on blue flame-level after becoming adults. Some of the talented ones could even get to purple flame-level. Their combat strength alone surpa.s.sed the monsters on the first floor.

Besides, the Bat Demon could fly, and they were skilled at performing short flights. The Blind Apes that Lin Huang and the rest had encountered on the first floor were extremely agile monsters. However, the Bat Demon was way nimbler than the Blind Ape.

Aside from that, the Bat Demons did not build those muscles for fun. This type of monster had immense strength. The strength of the blue flame-level was on par with purple flame-levels. As for those that were on purple flame-level, they would definitely be able to fight gold flame-level monsters with their power. That being said, it was a type of monster that possessed all speed, strength, and agility.

At almost the same time as the four of them rushed into the room, a few of the Bat Demon pounced on them.

Leng Yuexin immediately activated her ice element whereas Yi Zheng brandished his sword. However, there were still two of the Bat Demons that went after Yi Yeyu and Li Lang.

Both of them could not block the two Bat Demon’s actions in time, and they could only dodge their attack.

Bang! Bang!

The loud thuds were heard at almost the same time. Soon after, two shadows were blown out of the room, smas.h.i.+ng against the wall on the corridor. In an instant, two big cracks that looked like spider webs appeared on the wall, forming an indent in it.

Unexpectedly, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang were the ones smashed against the wall.

Just as the two Bat Demons were about to pounce on them and continue attacking, Lancelot appeared, standing in front of both of them. It was using a single-handed sword, slas.h.i.+ng its sword down on the Bat Demons. They were instantly killed, and their black blood splattered all over the place. Lancelot put its left hand that was still holding the packet of dried vegetables behind its body as it was afraid that it might stain its precious food with blood.

“Ahem!” Li Lang coughed as he got up from the indent on the wall. As he patted the dust from his body, he said, “Dirty tricks. He gets me with a sneak attack. I’m just not ready for the fight yet!”

Yi Yeyu’s face turned grave, keeping quiet. However, her body was emitting red flames. Not only was her sword surrounded by flames, but her whole body was also burning. Apparently, she was angry.

When she got out of the wall, Yi Yeyu gradually walked towards the room. With every step forward, the flames on her body became more intense…

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