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Chapter 579: Rose DemiG.o.d

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Lin Huang had already known from early on that the flames in Yi Yeyu’s body were of a high level. When they were at the Volcanic h.e.l.l, he had witnessed her physique almost being able to pin down all the fire element monsters. However, as he watched Yi Yeyu fight with her flames once more, he had a completely different feeling this time.

Shrouded in flames, Yi Yeyu looked like a burning G.o.ddess. Even if the Bat Demon had not touched her sword, they would still get instantly engulfed by the flames if they even had a slight contact with her burning body and turn into ashes.

Although Yi Yeyu’s combat strength was just at the crimson flame-level while most of the Bat Demons were at the blue or purple flame-level, none of them was excluded. Anyone of them who had come into contact with Yi Yeyu’s body would be turned into ashes within moments.

The flame attacks grew more and more aggressive compared to what Yi Yeyu had shown them on the first floor.

Yi Zheng, Leng Yuexin, and Li Lang were shocked at the scene they just witnessed. Afraid that they would be harmed by her flames, they distanced themselves from her.

“The flames are too fierce. Even gold flame-level monsters would be instantly killed by those flames.” Lin Huang felt that Yi Yeyu was like an unconquerable lighter, being able to ignite anything at her whim and burn them to ashes. There was no need for her to fight as she was invincible even when standing still. “I wonder if such an effect works on those at the immortal-level.”

As soon as few of the Bat Demons got burned to death, the rest of the Bat Demons gave up on their attacks against Yi Yeyu. Instead, they began to attack Yi Zheng and the rest.

However, Yi Yeyu noticed that the Bat Demons were avoiding her and attempted to attack them with her sword. However, it was rendered useless. She then put her sword away and created a red flaming whip with her Life Power.

Yi Yeyu’s whip attack could cover a large area. Beams of red light appeared in the air as her flaming whip flashed through. Despite the fact that the Bat Demons had terrifying speed, they could hardly dodge all the attacks. Many of them were hit by her whip and soon, they were burned to ashes.

As Yi Yeyu waved her whip, a look of excitement could be seen on her face. It was then that Lin Huang vaguely felt that she had made the wrong choice when she chose the Sword Dao. It seemed like a whip suited her rather well.

It had become a one-sided battle in the first room after Yi Yeyu unleashed her skill. It took them about ten minutes to end the battle and more than fifty of the Bat Demons were killed.

The muscle fibers of the Bat Demons could be sold to many biological firms at a good price.

Unfortunately, only a few of the were in a good condition. Yi Zheng and the rest collected the remaining ten and put them away.

“Let’s go to the next room.” Lin Huang nodded his head at Lancelot after they had finished cleaning up.

After she had vented her anger with the attacks, the flames around Yi Yeyu’s body disappeared and her expression returned to normal.

“I’d suggest for you to minor in the whip.” Lin Huang suggested while walking along the corridor.

“Are you trying to imply that I’m not talented enough in the Sword Dao?” Yi Yeyu glared at Lin Huang.”

“I didn’t mean that. Since you can’t become a gunmaster, you can overcome your weakness in ranged attacks with the whip. You’re quite talented with the whip.” Lin Huang explained.

Yi Zheng coughed as if he wanted to interrupt their conversation.

Yi Yeyu then raised her head and stared at Yi Zheng. She then explained, “To be honest, I really liked using the whip when I was younger. However, my father and brother told me that it would be hard to marry me off if I chose the whip as my main weapon so they forced me to take a major in sword skills.”

‘Would it be hard to marry you off if you use a whip?’ Soon, a man who was being tied appeared in Lin Huang’s mind and a woman in leather whipped him. ‘Could that be the reason?’

“That’s just prejudice. Females have the right to choose any weapon they prefer. The Rose DemiG.o.d is an exception. There are many women who use whips as a weapon before the Rose DemiG.o.d. If it wasn’t a problem then, why would you say that using a whip is a problem seeing that this only seemed to happen to her?” Leng Yuexin said. It was what she wanted to tell Yi Zheng.

“The Rose DemiG.o.d?” Lin Huang had no idea who she was.

b.l.o.o.d.y seemed to have sensed what Lin Huang was thinking and immediately explained to him.

“The Rose DemiG.o.d is a female demiG.o.d that existed more than 500 years ago. She was powerful and her weapons were two whips laced with poisonous thorns. More than 500 years ago, her husband was caught in bed with another woman. Her husband and his lover were whipped into mincemeat and after that incident pa.s.sed, she became mentally ill. Following that, she would often gather information about married couples and whenever she found someone who was having an affair, they would bear the brunt of her whip. This terrified the people in the core zone.”

“The president of the Union in Division 2 was found to be cheating on his partner as well. She attacked him in public but she faced attacks from others and fled before becoming insane. It took her several years to get in league with the monsters beyond the safe zone as they prepared an apocalypse-grade monster horde with the intention to destroy the entire Division 2.”

“There were 16 demiG.o.d-level monsters and more than a dozen billions of monsters that joined the monster horde with most of the monsters in the safe zone joining them as well. With that, they managed to almost wipe out the entire Division 2 in a single night. Thanks to the backup team from Division 3 and Division 1, they managed to prevent Division 2 from getting destroyed.”

“Although the Rose DemiG.o.d killed the president of the Union, she didn’t leave the battleground after she was exhausted and was killed by another demiG.o.d. Although it has already ended, humans still avoided using the whip as a weapon after hundreds of years, especially for females who intend on majoring in the whip.”

After listening to b.l.o.o.d.y’s explanation, Lin Huang knew that he had misunderstood the matter.

Yi Zheng was speechless that Leng Yuexin supported Yi Yeyu. Although he knew that his understanding was inaccurate, he was still on his father’s side and advised Yi Yeyu to give up her intentions to learn the whip.

“That’s discrimination toward women. If women shouldn’t learn to use whips just because of the trouble created by Rose DemiG.o.d, why aren’t the men prohibited from using swords after the Sword Maniac incident? Instead, the number of men who use sword has doubled after the incident.” Leng Yuexin hated double standards.

Yi Zheng remained silent as he knew that he was in the wrong.

Li Lang who was standing next to them dared not interrupt them as he was not close to them.

Since Lin Huang majored in the sword, he knew very well about the Sword Maniac incident.

More than 400 years ago, a person named Sword Maniac was said to have the most powerful weapon in the world. He always held a black sword in his hand and challenged people from various places.

He challenged most of the people who were not using swords from Division 3 to Division 1 and none could defeat him.

Once he discovered that he was invincible, Sword Maniac went out of his mind. He went to the forbidden area in Division 3 and broke its seal, releasing hordes of monsters that had been sealed more than 800 years ago. He even fought against the first generation protoss for seven days and seven nights before eventually dying of exhaustion.

His insane actions had brought a great disaster to Division 3. It was then that the people said that the only reason they were able to suppress the first generation monsters was with divine help.

However, none of them suggested prohibiting the use of swords after the Sword Maniac incident. Instead, the number of people who were training with swords grew.

While he was being told the story about strong men in the past, Lin Huang felt that there were countless madmen in this world that would simply put their lives at risk.

“It’s fine. I simply wanted to give a suggestion. What you guys are arguing about?” Seeing the situation becoming awkward, Lin Huang immediately jumped in. “n.o.body cares much about that nowadays. There are many of them who use whips in the arena. Yeyu, you can still train in the whip if you want to do so. However, it’ll take you some time to learn it. If you don’t want to learn the whip, you can minor in other things.”

The rest of them merely kept quiet for a moment. As they reached the end of the corridor, they turned right at the T-junction and soon arrived at the second monster room.

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