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Chapter 58: Choosing The Life Seed

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The next morning, Lin Xin got out of bed and found Lin Huang was still fast asleep. She was afraid to wake him up, so she silently crept back to her room, and got ready. She did not even eat breakfast, afraid that any noise in the kitchen might wake him. She tiptoed quietly and after was.h.i.+ng up, she left for school.

It was 12 o’clock in the afternoon when Lin Huang finally woke up. He stretched his arms, feeling that the tiredness from the night before all gone. He jumped out of bed to start the day.

After changing his clothes and was.h.i.+ng up, he rushed to the kitchen on the first floor.

There was sufficient food and drinks in the refrigerator for him to have a hearty meal. Obviously, Lin Xin had bought them not long ago.

Lin Huang felt odd when he saw the refrigerator in this world as it did not use electricity as a source of power but it used a frozen spinel instead. Also, it used a special type of skeleton-like material as a subst.i.tute for the insulating material. Its appearance looked like a single cabinet fridge on Earth.

He took out two eggs from the fridge and leftovers from the day before. He then cooked some fried rice with eggs for himself.

There were many types of homebred birds in this world, more than on Earth. Considering only those that were sold and available in the markets, there were more than 20 types. If wild monsters were considered, there were around 280 types of birds that were included in human recipes.

After finis.h.i.+ng the plate of fried rice, Lin Huang washed the pots and went back to his room. He started to carefully read messages that were with regards to Life Seeds.

As a Reserve Hunter, Lin Huang was provided with only level-1 authority by the Hunter a.s.sociation. Regarding the information of the Life Seed, he merely had access to the most basic version. Yi Zheng as a Gold Hunter, and he was granted Level-4 authority. Therefore, Lin Huang asked for a copy of the information on Life Seeds.

He recommended several Life Seed notes to Lin Huang as he knew that he was looking for one more suited for himself. Regarding his recommendation, Lin Huang looked at it on the spot. He was not satisfied with it so he decided to look through the information and choose the right one.

He opened the “Life Seed Book” that Yi Zheng sent to him and filtered the qualities for selection again.

“Strengthening System, Sword, Iron-level.”

In just a short while, the results, after applying the filters, were shown. There were only around 10 remaining Life Seeds

A sword type Life Seed was quite ordinary.

Lin Huang went through the information listed one by one.

“Name of Life Seed: Sword Swiftness Mastery”

“Talent effects: Beginner level, 20% increment in attack speed. There would be 20% attack speed increment for every upgrade in level. On the third upgrade, there will be an 80% increment in attack speed.”

“Method to Obtain: It can be obtained by killing a Rapid Sword Mantis.”

“Name of Life Seed: Sword Power Mastery”

“Talent effects: Beginner level, 50% increment in strength. There would be 50% attack power increment for every level upgrade. On the third upgrade, there will be a 200% increment in attack power.”

“Method to Obtain: It can be obtained by killing a Powerful Combat Puppet.”


“Name of Life Seed: Sword Skill Mastery”

“Talent effects: Beginner level, 5% increment in sword skills. There will be a 5% increase in sword skill for every level upgrade. On the third upgrade, there will be a 20% increment in sword skills.”

“Method to Obtain: It can be obtained by killing a Single Armed Sword Slave.”


Lin Huang continued reading as he walked around. Soon, he finished reading about all of the 13 types of Life Seeds.

Aside from than Sword Skill Mastery, he was not at all satisfied with the rest of them. However, he was actually not that pleased with the Sword Skill Mastery too since it did not have any significant improvement on his personal combat skills. Besides, after three upgrades to achieve gold-rank, the sword mastery skills would have merely increased by 20%. It was still far behind the effects of specialty medicines.

“There does not seem to be any satisfying sword type Life Seeds on iron-level…” Lin Huang thought to himself and frowned. He initially thought that since he had obtained a sword skill of an Epic level, which was “The Great Sword Scripture,” if he chose another sword type Life Seed, he could train his sword mastery to perfection. His enemies would barely be a threat him when they had almost similar combat capabilities.

However, the fact was there was not a single iron-level Life Seed that fulfilled his requirements.

“Let’s take a look at the Compound Life Seed. If there were no suitable Life Seeds, then I had to choose one of the Firearm Life Seeds.” Lin Huang mumbled in a low voice and changed his filtering criteria on the “Life Seed Book”.

“Compound Life Seeds, Iron-level.”

Soon, the results were shown once again. However, the results available were even fewer than the previous one. There were only two types of Life Seeds.

Although, Lin Huang was not surprised. The Compound Life Seeds and Special Life Seeds usually had the least amount of Life Seeds. Since there were two results available, he took a closer look at the two types.

“Name of Life Seed: Flower Fairy”

“Talent effects: Beginner level, 10% increment in self-healing ability, healing effects increased by 10%, monster affinity increased by 10%. There would be 10% increase in the three abilities for every upgrade in level. On the third upgrade, there will be a 40% increase in all three abilities.”

“Method to Obtain: It can be obtained by killing White Fairy Vine.”

Lin Huang ignored the Life Seed as soon as he finished reading the description because the abilities were useless and a White Fairy Vine was an extraordinary plant. It was rare and no one knew if it existed in this world, which would make his task rather tedious.

Lin Huang looked at the second result.

“Name of Life Seed: Sly Hands”

“Talent effects: Beginner level, 10% increment in finger agility. Attack speed of both arms increased by 10%, the flexibility of both arms increased by 10%. There would be 10% increase of the three abilities for every upgrade in level. On the third upgrade, there will be a 40% increment in all three abilities.”

“Method to Obtain: It can be obtained by killing Six Armed Demon.”

Lin Huang was intrigued by the Sly Hand. Despite not directly increasing his combat prowess, this could be effective in a.s.sisting him in using swords and firearms.

He was not worried, though. He jotted down notes on a few of the Life Seed descriptions and started to check if there were any better Life Seed of for firearms.

It took him a few minutes to skim through the Firearm Life Seeds and soon, he had made up his mind.

“It’s going to be the Sly Hand Life Seed. There was no other Life Seed of an iron-level that is more appropriate than this. Now I should have a look at what the Six-Armed Demon is and where I can find this monster,” he thought to himself.

Lin Huang checked the Heart Network page to find information on the Six-Armed Demon.

“Name of Monster: Six-Armed Demon”

“Type of Monster: Undead”

“Combat Level: Iron-level rank-3”

“Common skill: Heart Seizure, Spirit Catcher”

“District distribution: w.a.n.gyou Forest, Demon Burial Ground”

“Remark: This is one of the most dangerous iron-level monsters. Not recommended to be chosen as Life Seed prey.”

Lin Huang found the image of the monster after reading the description about it.

It was a creature in a red dress, floating in the sky. She had no legs and only six weird-looking arms. Each of her arms was around two meters long with two joints. She had a terribly pale grimaced mask on her face that seemed to also have been doodled on intentionally. Her face was then framed with long, black hair that fell down to her waist. There was no sense of beauty to her at all, only savagery.

She was a ferocious ghost with six long arms.

Lin Huang was speechless at the sight. “If this monster happened to exist on Earth, I’ve no idea how many people would have been frightened to death…” He said aloud, the thought running a chill down his spine.

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