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Chapter 580: Bladefoot Worm

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The monsters in the second room on the second underground floor were the Bladefoot Worms.

The monsters looked like praying mantes. However, they had six pairs of long legs. Four of their hind limbs under their abdomen possessed an incredible jumping ability and grip which allowed them to climb anywhere. They would attack with eight of their forelimbs and each of them was as sharp as a sword, even comparable to an expert-grade relic.

Most insects would have a blind spot on their back. However, the Bladefoot Worm did not have any. Even if somebody attacked them from the back, they would be able to twist their bladefeet to defend against the attacks. They could twist like a professional yogi.

One of the abilities of the Bladefoot Worms that were often neglected was their wings. The pair of wings on their back were actually bladed wings that had a sharpness that was on par with their bladefeet. To be precise, there were not only eight blades on their body, there were ten of them instead. Many of the hunters were deceived by its name and were killed by their wings.

It was a monster that had speed, explosive power, and an incredible killing ability on their side.

The body of the adult Bladefoot Worm measured a length of about five meters with most of them on the blue flame-level. A small minority of their population managed to achieve the purple flame-level and were one of the top predators among monsters of the same level. Put simply, their personal abilities were a rank higher than their actual rank.

The moment Yi Zheng and the rest saw that the monsters in the second room were Bladefoot Worms, their faces turned grave.

This was especially so for Li Lang because he knew that it would be difficult for him to kill even a single monster like that.

“Xiao Yu, Xiao Li, be careful.” Yi Zheng reminded both of them. Unlike the Bat Demons, they might be killed if the Bladefoot Worm’s attack struck them.

Lin Huang and Lancelot were standing behind four of them looking relaxed. They were not interested in such monsters.

“Lin Huang, be careful. Ask your summoning monster to pay attention to the other monsters since they’re exceedingly fast.” Leng Yuexin was unsure of Lin Huang’s abilities so she frowned as she reminded him. She was curious as to why Yi Zheng did not remind Lin Huang about this. She then thought that it could be that Yi Zheng was of the opinion that Lancelot was strong enough to protect Lin Huang.

In fact, Yi Zheng felt that even if Lin Huang was weaker than him, he would not that much weaker since they had done battle before Lin Huang leveled-up to the holy fire-level. Yi Yeyu was one of the members in the audience of that battle and she knew how strong Lin Huang could be. As for Li Lang, he had earlier witnessed Lin Huang’s abilities at the Volcanic h.e.l.l and had no idea how much stronger Lin Huang could be but there was one thing he knew for sure — Lin Huang was much stronger than him. Leng Yuexin was the only one who had yet to witness Lin Huang’s abilities during the time when he was still at the complete gold-level. This was the reason she was worried about him.

“Don’t worry. Lancelot won’t let the monsters to come near me.” Lin Huang answered with a smile, without further explanation. He then told Yi Yeyu and Li Lang, “Yeyu, Old Li, be the doorkeeper. Don’t go too far.”

Li Lang knew that he was not strong enough and dared not enter rashly.

Yi Yeyu was reluctant to do so as she wanted to activate her flames again. However, she knew that the effect of her flames would not be similar to what it could achieve during a battle drill and she gave up after thinking carefully about it.

Soon, the Bladefoot Worm sensed the presence of Lin Huang and the rest as it immediately pounced on them.

Yi Zheng and Leng Yuexin were on the frontline, so they immediately made their way through the monster horde while Yi Yeyu and Li Lang were guarding the door not far away from them. Each of them had a monster coming after them.

Under such circ.u.mstances, there was a big gap between four of their abilities.

Li Lang’s long spear had transformed into a large spear that was about three meters in length. His abilities were on par with the Bladefoot Worm.

Yi Yeyu on the other hand, ignited her blood-colored sword as the both of them were similarly locked in their own battles.

As for Leng Yuexin, she held a sword in each hand. The swords were made up of the ice and fire elements respectively. She rushed towards the monster horde as an explosion occurred due to the opposing elements. The monsters retreated the moment she pa.s.sed by.

On the other hand, Yi Zheng’s sword had already slipped out of his hand but he moved his hand slightly, manipulating the sword like the wind. By doing so, his sharp, long sword pierced through the body of the monsters.

Leng Yuexin and Yi Zheng had also finally shown their true power. As Yi Yeyu and Li Lang could not help out at all in the fight, both of them could no longer retain their abilities.

To be honest, Leng Yuexin’s dual attributes and Yi Zheng’s Sword Manipulation were out of Lin Huang’s expectation as he had never seen them using such skills.

Leng Yuexin’s current attacks were effective. She would freeze the monsters with ice and kill them with fire. Also, her ice sword could be used as a defensive weapon and she could launch an attack with her fire sword. However, Lin Huang knew that it was actually the simplest skill of the dual attributes. Leng Yuexin must have some other skills up her sleeves that were even more powerful.

Since he had seen the Sword Dominator’s skills, he had nothing to say about Yi Zheng’s Sword Manipulation. Right when Yi Zheng was about to unleash his Sword Manipulation, Lin Huang felt curious as to why did he not create few more swords. However, once he saw that Yi Zheng could not even control a single sword smoothly, he instantly understood that he had been expecting too much from him. Yi Zheng’s Sword Manipulation was obviously different from the one obtained from the monster. Instead, he practiced it on his own.

Lin Huang who had fought Yi Zheng before clearly knew that it was not Yi Zheng’s strongest skill. However, it was currently the most effective skill that he had. The speed of the Bladefoot Worm was fast and they could hardly be killed by a regular sword attack.

All of a sudden, one of the Bladefoot Worms gave up on its attack against Leng Yuexin. It changed its target and pounced on Li Lang instead.

With the strong explosive power of its hind limbs, it appeared in front of Li Lang in a blink of an eye before Li Lang could pick up his large spear in time.

“d.a.m.n it! I’m doomed!”

Scenes of how he would be cut into pieces flashed through his mind. Right this moment, a dark red glow flashed through the air and the Bladefoot Worm that attempted to attack Li Lang immediately exploded. It looked like a bullet that had penetrated through a watermelon, casusing it to explode.

Seeing the Bladefoot Worm’s dead body fell onto the ground, Li Lang then turned back and caught a glimpse of Lin Huang. As usual, Lin Huang was still watching the battle at the corridor, folding his arms across his chest. Lancelot took out a dried vegetable and put it in its mouth as if nothing had happened.

“Hey, don’t get distracted during a fight.” Lin Huang’s languid voice was soon heard.

Li Lang then s.h.i.+fted his gaze from them to the battle. Still, he could not calm himself down even after a long while. Despite the fact that he already knew that Lancelot was strong, he had never witnessed its strength before. However, the fact that Lancelot managed to kill in a split second frightened him. Not to mention that he had no chance to fight back at all, he could not even dodge its attack. He could only react to it when Lancelot’s attack had penetrated the Bladefoot Worm’s head. That being said, he would be killed by Lancelot within seconds.

“Could Lin Huang himself defeat Lancelot?” Li Lang doubted it. The next second, he denied his own doubt and thought to himself, “Lin Huang is only at the white flame-level. He’s definitely incomparable to Lancelot.”

The battle in the second room finally ended after half an hour.

A few of the monsters that attempted to attack Li Lang and Yi Yeyu were killed by Lancelot within seconds, the rest of the Bladefoot Worms seemed to have felt that there was something unusual so they dared not attack them any longer.

After fighting for about half an hour, more than sixty of the Bladefoot Worm were killed by Yi Zheng and Leng Yuexin.

The feet of the Bladefoot Worms were the most valuable parts of their bodies. They were one of the main materials used to make sword-type relics. Eight of its bladefeet could be sold at a price of two expert-grade relics. Heck, they could actually make some money from this.

After collecting the, they headed towards the next room.

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