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Chapter 581: Third Underground Floor

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was six in the evening when Lin Huang and the rest cleared the twelve rooms on the second underground floor. In the presence of blue and purple flame-level monsters, they gave their all without holding back. Besides their ultimate move, Yi Zheng and Yi Yeyu had used almost all of their skills.

Lin Huang noticed that Yi Zheng was the most powerful among the four of them where he was almost at the standard of someone at immortal-level rank-1. Leng Yuexin, on the other hand, was slightly weaker than Yi Zheng. Although she was not at immortal-level, she was not far from him and much more powerful than gold flame-level monsters. Yi Yeyu and Li Lang’s combat level was restricted as they were merely at the purple flame-level. If Yi Yeyu were to use her ultimate move that Lin Huang claimed to be a ‘lighter’, her ability would be comparable with Leng Yuexin.

As they cleared the twelve rooms, Lancelot did not get to fight much. The couple of times he got involved was to kill sneaky monsters for Yi Yeyu and Li Lang. Under Lancelot’s protection, the both of them managed to fight the monsters one-on-one. It was the perfect opportunity for them to train their abilities. However, Lin Huang did not get to fight at all. All of the monsters that broke through their defensive circle to take an attempt at attacking Lin Huang were killed by Lancelot.

The entrance to the third underground floor was in the fourth room in the second underground floor. After clearing the twelve rooms, they returned to the fourth room and walked down the stone staircase.

“Xiao Yu, Xiao Li, you guys won’t be able to join in the battle on the third floor. You guys can watch.” Yi Zheng reminded the both of them.

“I can use my flames…” Yi Yeyu was keen to help.

“Xiao Yu, our main purpose in these ruins are to upgrade our abilities. Obtaining any treasures would have to come after that. It would be your loss if you rely on your flames instead of upgrading your abilities. Upgrading your abilities are similar to improving your foundation, the flames should only be used as your survival skill.” Yi Zheng hardly spoke like that to his sister but he could not help himself as he saw Yi Yeyu exploring her talent.

Yi Yeyu went into silence as she heard that, she noticed that she had been depending on her flames recently.

“There are four gold flame-level monsters downstairs. Your brother and Miss Leng should be able to handle them. Don’t worry, if they aren’t able to, I’m here.” Lin Huang said as he noticed the awkward atmosphere.

“How do we do this? Two monsters for the each of us?” Leng Yuexin looked at Yi Zheng as they were near the end of the stairs.

“I’ll take three monsters, you can come and help me after killing one. It’ll be more efficient.” Yi Zheng suggested.

As they got to the end of the stairs, they arrived in a ma.s.sive room. the size was more than twice bigger than the rooms in the second underground floor. Just when they arrived in the room, pairs of eyes were looking at the six of them from different directions. The four monsters located at the four corner of the room while they arrived in the middle of the room.

“It seems like we’ll have to kill two monsters each.” Yi Zheng smiled awkwardly and dashed toward the two monster ahead.

Without saying a word, Leng Yuexin disappeared as she turned around and appeared behind them, das.h.i.+ng toward the two monsters that were coming for them. The four monsters was the Crimson-Eyed Scorpion, the Violethaze Spider, the Spiky Helminth and the Scavenger Horseshoe.

There were all venomous, and none of them were easy to handle especially the Spiky Helminth. It gave Yi Yeyu gooseb.u.mps when she looked at it.

The Crimson-Eyed Scorpion was more than five meters long with a crystal clear body. Its eyes and tail were b.l.o.o.d.y red like a precious stone. It was not ugly but rather, it looked like an exquisite art piece. However, it would naturally be difficult to place this monster at home as an art piece. The Crimson-Eyed Scorpion would be at the gold flame-level one it became an adult and was extremely fast and venomous. Immortal-level humans who were at a low rank would not dare offend it. The venom stored in its tail could kill an immortal-level rank-3 human.

The Violethaze Spider had long legs and a purple, venomous haze surrounding it. Humans that was below immortal-level might die from just breathing in the haze. Besides, as its fangs and legs were surrounded in a venomous haze all year round, the venom would be able to kill humans that were below immortal-level rank-2. The Violethaze Spider could also release a venom that could penetrate the pores on any creature. Within seconds, the venom-contaminated area would decay, bones and all. That was the reason why even an immortal-level human would not want to offend it.

Meanwhile, the Spiky Helminth was a worm-like monster that was seven to eight meters long with colorful thorns on it. This monster had up to thousands of different venoms in its thorns. Once one came into contact, it would almost be incurable as the venom was a combination of an entire range of venoms. Although it moved slow and weak in attack, it was tough to handle. Aside from its venomous thorns, it could divide its body hundreds of times once it was separated. It would be hard to handle especially in the limited s.p.a.ce that they had.

Lastly was the Scavenger Horseshoe that was almost 10 meters long. It fed on and minerals of all sorts. Consuming minerals would change its body differently. Consuming sufficient elemental minerals would give it elemental strength while consuming sufficient metallic minerals would give it an extraordinary defensive ability. It applied to other minerals where it would be able to obtain various abilities from consuming different minerals.

The Scavenger Horseshoe they were looking at must had consumed metallic minerals which caused it to look a darker shade of silver. Its defensive ability must be terrifying. Naturally, it was venomous as well. As soon as one was bitten, one would die from the decay that would happen on one’s body. As Lin Huang looked at the four monsters, he knew that it would be a tough battle for Yi Zheng and Leng Yuexin.

“Lancelot, be ready to help.” Lin Huang spoke to Lancelot telepathically. The four monster were venomous and would spell trouble for the duo so Lin Huang got Lancelot to back them up.

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