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Chapter 583: Kaiserpede

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang and the rest stopped once they arrived at the corridor of the last room on the third underground floor.

“Don’t come in.” Lin Huang knew that Yi Zheng and the rest would not be able to handle the next battle.

“Lancelot, stay here and protect them,” he turned around and instructed Lancelot.

“Don’t you need my help?” Lancelot asked.

“No.” As he replied, his supreme sword relic appeared in his hand. He did not use his ancient relic Air Slicer as it would drain too much of his Life Power.

Yi Zheng and the rest were surprised to see his sword.

“Do you plan to fight by yourself?” Leng Yuexin asked. She thought Lin Huang would summon one of his summoning monsters to kill the immortal-level monster instead of fighting himself.

“Don’t worry, just watch.” Lin Huang shook his head and smiled. He knew he was underestimated by them.

Lin Huang leaped with his sword and appeared in the last room. In the dark, twelve red lights lit up like twelve red lamps hanging ten meters off the ground. Then, chirping sounds were heard in the air like there was something crawling about and soon, a giant appeared less than twenty meters from Lin Huang. They finally saw how the immortal-level monster looked like. It was a gigantic black centipede, and aside from its black head, the twelve red lights that were similar to streetlamps were its twelve eyes. It was hundreds of meters long and had black, spiky legs attached to each joint. That aside, venomous spikes also protruded from its purplish-black back.

“Kaiserpede!” Yi Zheng and the rest had their pupils shrink when they saw the monster. The Kaiserpede was a gigantic arthropod that was not unlike a centipede. It was a giant insect monster. Such monster would have a hundred pairs of legs when it reached adulthood and achieved the immortal-level. It would grow a pair of legs each year so when it lived until it was a thousand years old, it would have more than a thousand pairs of legs and would possibly at the imperial-level by then, making it a king. That was how the name Kaiserpede came about.

The Kaiserpede was ferocious. When it was hungry, almost every living thing in the room would fall prey to its hunger. It also had terrifying venom, and the longer it lived, the more venomous it would become. A Kaiserpede that had just reached adulthood would usually be at immortal-level rank-1 but its venom would still be sufficient to kill a human at immortal-level rank-3. Its poisonous teeth was even more venomous, as a single bite could kill a human at immortal-level rank-4, possible even posing a huge threat to someone at immortal-level rank-5.

b.l.o.o.d.y could not identify its combat level as it was sleeping earlier. Looking at its 300 pairs of legs, it was obvious that it was at immortal-level rank-3. It was clear that immortal-level rank-6 and rank-7 monsters would not want to fight it in these ruins. Yi Zheng and the rest were shocked when they saw the monster’s appearance.

“Hehehe… It’s been a long time since I last ate a human.” The Kaiserpede did not attack them when it noticed them but uttered those words instead.

“It’s my first time seeing a living Kaiserpede!” Lin Huang looked up at his opponent.

“It seems like you’re not afraid of me.” The Kaiserpede did not sense even an inkling of fear from Lin Huang at all. Instead, he was calm and he did not seem like he was pretending.

“Kid, you’re only at the white flame-level, why aren’t you afraid of me? Do you have some hidden card that I don’t know about?”

It seemed like it was not the first time the Kaiserpede had encountered humans. It had its guard up when it noticed Lin Huang’s odd behavior, possibly due to the fact that it might have fallen into a human’s trap before.

“I’m not afraid of you because your ability isn’t at a level where it can make me fear you.” Lin Huang answered.

The Kaiserpede then looked at the people behind Lin Huang. It peeped at Yi Zheng and the rest but stopped when it saw Lancelot.

“A triple mutated gold flame-level monster… It might really pose a problem to me but that’s about it. If that’s all you got, I’m sorry to say that you guys might become my appetizer tonight.” The Kaiserpede figured that Lin Huang was an imperial censor.

“It’s almost time for me to hunt for food outside after eating all of you.”

“Too bad you won’t be eating dinner tonight.” Lin Huang smirked.

Hearing Lin Huang and the Kaiserpede talking about dinner, Lancelot recalled the dried vegetable that he had in his hand and began munching on it. He seemed like he was unafraid of the battle that was about to begin. Yi Zheng and the rest glared at Lancelot, speechless. They could not understand how it was possible for him to be so casual about it.

“Lancelot, does Lin Huang have summoning monsters that are more powerful than you?” Yi Yeyu could not help but ask.

“With my current ability, he does.” Lancelot gave a short answer and did not want to reveal more.

His answer surprised Yi Zheng and the rest, making them doubtful at the same time.

“Why doesn’t he summon them now?” Leng Yuexin frowned, she thought Lin Huang was being careless.

“Because he doesn’t need to.” Lancelot said that and proceeded to eat his dried vegetable.

Lin Huang remained standing less than twenty meters from the Kaiserpede, not seeming like he was about to summon any of his monsters.

“There’s a human saying that goes — the naive ones are fearless. I can finally understand what it means today. It’s great that your naivety would cause you to become my appetizer tonight.” The Kaiserpede learned about humans in the past but it did not think that Lin Huang was showing off before it. Instead, it thought he was being naive. Just as it said this, the Kaiserpede dashed toward Lin Huang, not unlike an agile baby snake as it appeared before Lin Huang in an instant.

Yi Zheng and the rest were shocked when the Kaiserpede moved. It was so fast that they could not even respond in time. Suddenly, a white glow flashed in the air — it was the glow of a sword at the Pinnacle, level-5 Sword Dao and came from the sword in Lin Huang’s hand. That single swing of the sword had stopped the immortal-level rank-3 Kaiserpede. Lin Huang smirked as he looked at the giant monster before him.

“You asked why am I not afraid of you. The reason is simple, it’s because I’m more powerful than you!”

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