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Chapter 587: Coming To An Agreement

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The five of them activated their supreme relics to hide their aura before leaving the well. They had prepared the relics before entering the ruins, to be used to sneak away and escape. The relic could be used to hide the aura of those below imperial-level, but even those at the imperial-level could hide their aura to certain extent. As they got out of the well, the five of them followed the path of the wreckage and arrived at its entrance.

The five of them needed to get out from the wreckage. The sun had set, and the sky was dark. There were many monsters wandering around, at least hundreds of them within their field of vision.

“There are a couple of immortal-level monsters.” Yi Zheng did not bother about the holy fire-level monsters as he scanned for more powerful monsters among them. Soon he noticed four immortal-level monsters.

As the sky was getting dark, more and more monsters appeared in the ruins. Many of them crawled out of the cracks on the ground. There were all sorts of monsters in the ruins. Aside from flesh monsters, there were many skeleton monsters that ranged from those at the holy fire-level to immortal-level as well. To top it all off, there were monsters in human form as well. However, the skeleton monsters seemed to be the rivals of the flesh monsters as they would fight when they encountered one another.

“These spirit-type skeleton monsters must be the civilians who used to stay in this war ruins. The flesh monster should come later from the Virtual Eye.” Leng Yuexin observed and gave a guess. Lin Huang nodded as he knew that from the Kaiserpede’s memories since the beginning. The spirit monsters did not only kill the flesh monsters, there seemed to be a rivalry between human skeletons and monster skeletons as well. Meanwhile, the flesh monsters killed mainly for food while the skeletons fought to survive.

“It seems like they don’t dare to come near this ruins that we’re at.” Yi Yeyu thought that was odd.

“Perhaps this used to be the Kaiserpede’s territory. Although the Kaiserpede was only immortal-level rank-3, its venom was terrifying as monsters below immortal-level rank-6 wouldn’t even dare to offend it. It was considered to be the boss of these ruins.” Yi Zheng voiced his guesses.

“The number of monsters are increasing now…” Li Lang was concerned as he watched the wandering monsters. Aside from holy fire-level monsters, there was a growing number of immortal-level monsters as well. They could see almost ten immortal-level monsters within their field of vision.

“Although we haven’t seen any imperial-level monsters, looking at the number of immortal-level monsters, b.l.o.o.d.y’s investigation shouldn’t be wrong. This really is a grade-4 ruin.” Leng Yuexin frowned.

“I think we’re done watching, let’s go back underground.” Lin Huang was relieved as they now knew the danger of the ruins.

They nodded and began retreating. Suddenly, Li Lang accidentally stepped on a withered branch which caused a cracking sound. All of them stopped moving and looked far away, as a couple of monsters looked in their direction. Some of them hesitated but they did not come near. However, two gold flame-level monsters walked carefully towards them after some hesitation.

“Busted!” All of them thought.

Before Lin Huang did anything, Lancelot stepped outside showing himself. He shot a deadly stare deadly at the two monsters that were coming close. The monsters stopped walking but without waiting for their response, Lancelot swung his sword and two monster heads flew, causing blood to spurt everywhere. The monsters nearby looked at Lancelot in fear, including the immortal-level monsters. Lancelot scanned the surroundings and dragged the two monster back to his location.

The monsters around started walking away from the area. The immortal-level monsters that were looking at them, looked away immediately, no planning to fight them anytime soon. Aside from Lin Huang, the rest of them were trembling. It was b.l.o.o.d.y who asked Lancelot to do that. If humans exposed themselves here, the monsters would definitely attack them without hesitation. However, it was a different case if it was Lancelot. The monsters would only think that a powerful monster had appeared in the vicinity. The territory used to belong to the Kaiserpede, so the appearance of Lancelot would mean that the Kaiserpede had a powerful guard with it. That was the reason why the immortal-level monsters ignored the incident earlier. They were not afraid of Lancelot but were afraid of the Kaiserpede instead.

“It’s okay now, let’s go.” Lin Huang brought them underground after confirming that everything was okay. Within the span of a few minutes, Leng Yuexin froze the entire room in the first underground floor. They took out mats from their storage s.p.a.ce and sat together after getting rid of the odor in the room.

“Now we can confirm that this is at least a grade-4 ruin.” Lin Huang was the first one who spoke.

“At least?” They looked at him.

“Not seeing a demiG.o.d doesn’t mean that there aren’t any demiG.o.ds in these ruins. So, we can only identify it as a grade-4 ruin at the moment.” Lin Huang explained.

“Lin Huang, is there something that you didn’t tell us? If you treat us as your friends, you shouldn’t keep secrets from us.” Leng Yuexin could not help but ask him as this was not the first time she noticed his odd behavior.

“Alright then, I’ll tell you all about these ruins.” Lin Huang nodded after a moment of silence. Leng Yuexin managed to force Lin Huang to tell them about the ruins. They were excited when they knew about the existence of demiG.o.d remnants and mysterious monster in this ruins.

“This is such important information, why didn’t you tell us since the beginning?” Li Lang questioned him.

“I didn’t know this in the beginning, I’ve only found out about this after encountering the Kaiserpede. I read its memories after killing it…” Lin Huang felt helpless.

They were shocked to hear about his ability to be able to read a dead monster’s memories as it sounded too bizarre. Now they understood why Lin Huang kept it a secret.

“Then… Can you read inherited memories as well?” Li Lang was curious.

“I can’t read information that’s sealed.” Lin Huang hid part of the truth as b.l.o.o.d.y’s ability was too stunning as it was able to unseal memories that were below demiG.o.d.

“Such a powerful ability…” Yi Zheng paused, organized his thoughts before proceeding.

“We’ll keep the secret, there won’t anyone else who’ll know this aside from us.”

“I found out about these ruins from the Cavernous Devil but it didn’t have anything about the Kaiserpede.” Lin Huang explained.

“We won’t ask further about your ability. What we should talk about now is that whether we should explore this ruins any further. After all, it was you who said that there’ll be a blood sacrifice three days later and that no living thing would be able to escape from this war.” Yi Zheng said.

“No monster would dare invade this room. Firstly, is due to the fact that the Kaiserpede used to live here, and secondly, we hid our aura so no monsters are able to sense our existence. However, we can’t head out at night as it’s the monsters’ hunting time so we can only hunt for monsters during the day.”

“About the blood sacrifice three days later, monsters would definitely come here so I think it’s wise to stay here. The entrance is only this big so there’s only a limited amount of monsters that can come in each time. That aside, this underground area is made of special materials, so even an imperial-level monster wouldn’t be able to destroy it. As long as we get through this the first time, we’re safe for the entire month.” Lin Huang voiced out what he thought.

“But what should we do if an imperial-level or one that has an even higher rank than an imperial-level monster come in? There’s only one exit, there’s no way we can run if powerful monsters come in!” Yi Zheng was concerned.

“That’s why I’m thinking we should conquer a few more sites for the next two days and pin the location of the sites on the dimensional relic. If powerful monsters come into any of the sites, we could go to another site using the dimensional relic. If the second site was invaded, we could go to the third site!” Lin Huang got that idea from b.l.o.o.d.y.

Their eyes lit up.

“There’re a limited number of imperial-level monsters in the ruins, it’s impossible that we have such bad luck that all the imperial-level monsters will come to us. Moreover, we have b.l.o.o.d.y to observe if there’s any foothold that has monsters that aren’t out of our league.” Lin Huang proceeded to convince them, hoping they would stay to go through this together.

“That’s a great idea, I’m standing on Lin Huang’s side this time!” Li Lang was excited.

“I think it’s worth the risk. We will have one month of safety if we get through this one night.” Yi Yeyu agreed as well.

“I think this plan is workable. It’s a grade-5 ruin after all, as long as we get through this, we’ll have great rewards for the following month.” Leng Yuexin nodded.

“Alright then, although it’s a little risky, the plan sounds workable. We should discuss the details.” Yi Zheng was silent before nodding.

After some discussions, the five of them finally came to an agreement.

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