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Chapter 590: Puppet Vine

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Out of the seven sites, only site No.5 site was the safest one. Lin Huang and the rest did not have any other option apart from that. The five of them and Lancelot stepped into the dimensional relic without hesitation. They arrived at site No.5 which was on the second underground floor 6,000 kilometers away. There were only two floors beneath this small site, and the size was only a quarter of the size of a medium site.

b.l.o.o.d.y projected the battles when they arrived at site No.5. The imperial-level gigantic bear that was near site No.7 began to attack other sites. Meanwhile, the battle in the No.3 site was over. The imperial-level ant monster had killed all of the monsters thousands of meters around it. The battles were still going on in other sites.

Soon, the battle ended in site No.5 where they were located. As expected, the immortal-level rank-4 parasitic vine won. It was controlling its parasites to invade other monster lairs.

“The parasites will come to this small site in an hour,” b.l.o.o.d.y said.

“We’ve got an hour, please be prepared. This should be a tough one.” Lin Huang pa.s.sed b.l.o.o.d.y’s message to the rest.

“It’s a parasitic monster, can we fight it?” Yi Zheng frowned.

They had seen the parasite monster fought in the projection, it seemed to be even more powerful than the Ghoul Spider that Lin Huang killed not long ago with its seamless parasitic ability.

“I’m not sure since I haven’t fought it.” Lin Huang could not guarantee if he could kill the parasite monster without the help of his cards. However, he was not afraid. If he could not handle it, he could use a Transformation Card to level-up to gold flame-level.

“You’re not sure! We might be the monster’s parasites if we lose, that would be worse than dying.” Li Lang complained.

“I mean I’m not sure about my ultimate move.” Lin Huang smiled.

“What if you use your ultimate move? Are you confident?” Li Lang asked.

“I’d only need a swing of the sword.” Lin Huang smirked and looked confident.

They looked at him with their eyes wide opened.

“Stop messing around, just tell us if you have the confidence to win. If not, we’ll have to think of other ways.” Yi Yeyu was stunned and thought Lin Huang was not being serious. He might have said that just to tone down the tense situation.

“What the h.e.l.l you got me.” Li Lang realized Lin Huang might be kidding when he heard what Yi Yeyu said.

“I’m not messing around.” Lin Huang looked at them calmly.

Although it did not make sense for a white flame-level to kill an immortal-level rank-4 monster with merely one sword swing, looking at how serious Lin Huang was, they did not doubt him anymore. There were secret skills in this world that could increase a person’s ability tremendously in a short period of time. It was possible for Lin Huang to master such secret skill, his master was Mr. Fu after all. In reality, Lin Huang planned to use such secret skill to mask the effect of his activated Transformation Card.

After confirming that how powerful Lin Huang’s ultimate move was, they stopped dwelling on the question. Time was pa.s.sing by as they stared closely at the projections. The battles sites No.1 and No.4 ended soon. One was taken over by a human skeleton monster while another was won by a Black Boa King. Both of them were imperial-level, and were just slightly weaker than the gigantic bear in site No.7. All the winners were tough to handle.

Meanwhile, the killing spree of the immortal-level rank-4 parasitic vine in No.5 site went on. It did not drain its energy, on the contrary, it was getting more and more powerful and it had more and more parasitic hosts following it. In less than an hour, it already had five immortal-level hosts following it, including two immortal-level rank-3 monsters. What Yi Zheng and the rest were concerned about was the hosts that the parasitic vine was controlling. They seemed to not feel any pain as they killed endlessly.

“This parasite is much more powerful than a normal immortal-level rank-4 monster.” Yi Zheng exclaimed as he peeped at Lin Huang, waiting for his response.

“Definitely a tough one.” Lin Huang remained calm as he responded with a smile.

“I’ve seen this monster on the monster encyclopedia, it’s called something vine and it’s rare. There’s nothing much about this monster on the monster encyclopedia.” Yi Yeyu said.

“It’s called the Puppet Vine, it has never appeared in the Division7 before. This monster can secrete a type of thread into the host’s body and control them like puppets. The host can be living thing or dead It could even be fleshless skeletons. This monster has powerful parasitic abilities.”

“But it has obvious weaknesses too. Its parasitic thread is made of Life Power with means the amount of host is limited to its Life Power. Looking at this vine’s combat level, the largest number of hosts it can get would not exceed 4,000. Moreover, if the hosts are living things, the combat level of the hosts has to be lower than the vine itself. Besides, the Puppet Vine doesn’t have the Supreme Intelligence skill so it can only control the hosts at the basic level. Most of its hosts are like puppets that wander the area fearless but they don’t have their own abilities. Only minority of the hosts that were synced with the vine for a long time would have their own abilities.”

“Such plant monsters are afraid of fire, but most of the Puppet Vines that have evolved for many times would be immune toward fire to a certain level and were unafraid of fire. However, their biggest weakness is that they were afraid of lightning!”

As compared to b.l.o.o.d.y, the Puppet Vine was far behind. Yi Zheng and the rest were stunned as what Lin Huang told them were the weaknesses that the Puppet Vine had.

“Most of the things that you said aren’t on the monster encyclopedia, where did you get that from?” Leng Yuexin could not help but ask. She had memorized the entire monster encyclopedia but she had no idea the Puppet Vine had so many weaknesses.

“The monster encyclopedia that you guys read wasn’t complete.” Lin Huang explained. In reality, the monster encyclopedia that he had was incomplete as well. However, the edition that Mr. Fu gave him that was all on the parasite monsters.

They knew what Lin Huang meant by incomplete edition. They were the royal families and they know there was a forbidden edition of the monster encyclopedia that could not be found in the market. The reason being the content was too scary where only imperial-level humans had the right to read it.

“The Puppet Vine is coming to us now!” b.l.o.o.d.y said before the rest could speak.

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