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Chapter 591: Fight!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Be ready to fight, it’ll only take 10 minutes for the Puppet Vine to get here.” Lin Huang said to them as he heard what b.l.o.o.d.y said.

“Let’s follow our plan of killing the monsters at the entrance.” Yi Zheng nodded at them.

They then returned to the entrance on the first underground floor and stood in formation that they discussed while waiting for the Puppet Vine patiently.

Lin Huang and Lancelot stood in front while Leng Yuexin and the rest stood behind while Yi Zheng stood last in the formation.

“Remember, attack the Puppet Vine’s puppets. We must chop off their heads, other attacks are redundant. These puppets don’t feel pain so it’s useless to attack any parts of their bodies. Chopping off their head would cut off the puppet thread.” Lin Huang reminded them again.

Lin Huang had mentioned that to them before but he wanted to emphasize that before the battle started. All of them nodded at him with all seriousness as they knew the battle would be a tough one. On their side, they only had six of them including Lancelot while the Puppet Vine had more than 3,000 puppets with five immortal-level monsters among them.

b.l.o.o.d.y removed the projection on the first underground floor, it was complete silence in there. They could even hear Li Lang and the rest’s nervous breath.

“They’re here!”

As Lin Huang said that, they looked at the entrance while holding tight to their weapons. In less than three seconds, there were buzzing sound coming from the well on top. Within a second, there were insect monsters that looked like mosquitoes appearing at the bottom of the well. They had a low combat level as two were at the crimson flame-level while another was at the blue flame-level. It was obvious that these three monsters were just pathfinders.

Before the three monsters could see them clearly, Lin Huang attacked first. A white glow flashed in the air, and the monster heads were chopped off, falling onto the ground before they could even make a sound. Lin Huang was so fast that they were shocked, even Leng Yuexin did not see him swinging his sword. He then kept the monster wearing an expressionless face while waiting for the next monster to come.

“Usually the Puppet Vine would have its guard up when its pathfinders are killed so it would send more pathfinders later to find out what happened. To prevent it from finding out what happened, I’ll kill the pathfinders as soon as I could so it won’t know what happened. It would definitely attack us without a doubt if it finds out that there are only six of us.” Lin Huang told them the reason why he killed the three monsters in one hit earlier.

As expected, the Puppet Vine send more pathfinders without showing itself. The pathfinders this one were still insect monsters but they were five different types of them. All of them could fly and the most powerful one was gold flame-level. However, all five of them were immediately killed by Lin Huang as soon as they got to the bottom of the well. The sword in his hand was now not unlike white lightning. It was so quick that even Yi Zheng did not see the attack and the battle had ended.

Lin Huang’s performance shocked all of them.

“The third wave won’t be this easy anymore…” A man with silver hair appeared next to Lin Huang as he spoke. The man looked like he was in his early twenties. He had silver hair and wore a black robe, good looking but cold. He gave the impression that he was hard to talk to. Lancelot who had been expressionless looked at the silver-haired man as he appeared while the rest looked at him too.

“This is Bai, he’s my partner.” Lin Huang did not say too much. Bai looked at them and nodded lightly.

“This guy looks exactly the same as a human…” Yi Yeyu and the rest knew what Lin Huang meant by ‘partner’, they realized that Bai was no different than humans after observing him.

“No matter how many monsters are coming in the next wave, you and Lancelot will help me kill them as soon as possible. Also, these monsters are all puppets. You’ll have to chop off their heads, attacking other parts of their body wouldn’t do anything.” Lin Huang instructed.

“Hmm.” Bai nodded.

As Lin Huang had yet instructed them, they were buzzing sound coming above. It sounded like there were more than ten flying monsters on top. As the entrance was small, the pathfinders could not come all at once so they came down one by one. As the two monsters landed at the bottom of the well, Lin Huang, Bai and Lancelot attacked together.

A white glow, a couple of b.l.o.o.d.y glows and a dark red glow flashed in the air. As soon as the two pathfinders were killed, a couple of red glow crawled up the well and strangled the ten monsters that were above the well. Their heads were separated from their bodies in the next second, and the annoying buzzing noise stopped as all the headless monsters fell to the bottom of the well.

“The Vine Puppet would have known we’re tough by now so it might retreat together with its puppets or it might be furious and attack us.” Lin Huang said.

“Perhaps this is the biggest difference that we have with an imperial censor. We don’t usually think of what the monsters would think during battles. All we know is to think about the monster’s weakness and how to fight now.” Yi Zheng realized that Lin Huang’s way of thinking was different from others.

“Don’t underestimate the intelligence of monsters. Many of them are as intelligent as human and some of them are even smarter than humans.” Lin Huang did not explain much. Most of his summoning monsters were comparable with humans while b.l.o.o.d.y and Clown who possessed Supreme Intelligence were far smarter than a regular human.

“The Puppet Vine is intelligent too. It’s highly possible that it would retreat as its pathfinders are killed continuously. But looking at the special circ.u.mstances like the blood sacrifice, it might choose to fight instead.” Lin Huang frowned.

The entrance was silent once again. After a long time, there was nothing coming to the well.

“Did they retreat?” Lin Huang asked b.l.o.o.d.y. b.l.o.o.d.y then projected the scene on top of the well. The Puppet Vine stood not far away with all sorts of puppets around it. Thousands of monsters surrounded the well, they had never left. The Puppet Vine seemed to be thinking whether it should retreat. Yi Zheng and the rest were concerned as they looked at the number of monsters in the projection. They knew that if the Puppet Vine decided to fight, Lin Huang and his two summoning monsters would not be able to handle them while the rest of them could not just watch the battle like they did earlier.

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