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Chapter 592: The Immortal-Level Monster Has Arrived

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After minutes of hesitation, the Puppet Vine seemed to have made its decision. Its body that was on the ground stood up without making any noise, less than 10 meters away from the well. The parasites that were controlled with the threads jumped into the well one after the other. Lin Huang and the rest held their weapons tight when they saw the first monster in the bottom of the well on the first underground floor from b.l.o.o.d.y’s projection.

The projection in front of Lin Huang faded away. Next second, a few monsters landed at the bottom of the well at the same time. The fight had started! Red glows flashed through the air, the monsters that had just landed had their heads chopped off. Their powerful bodies were now Blood completely absorbed the qi-blood in the puppets when it attacked. To it, it was nothing different compared to chopping off their heads. A body without qi-blood was equivalent to a dead human body that was oxidized for thousands of years. Even a three-year-old could crush the body with a toy hammer.

However, b.l.o.o.d.y’s ability had shocked Yi Zheng and the rest. As the first batch of monsters was killed, the second batch was sent next second. It was Lancelot who attacked this time, the monsters’ heads were chopped off with a swing of sword. There was dark red mist coming out of Lancelot’s body, Yi Zheng, and Leng Yuexin were fearful of his aura. Soon the third batch of monsters were sent, it was b.l.o.o.d.y who attacked again. The fourth batch was then handled by Lancelot. The both took turns as they agreed before so that they got to show their abilities according.

As the well was small, there were just small amounts of monsters come to each of them. Sometimes there were six to seven of them, sometimes there were just three monsters.

Lin Huang did not have to move at all while Bai and Lancelot did not seem to be tired at all. Lin Huang chose the both of them due to their special physique. To b.l.o.o.d.y, its energy was endless as long as it was provided with sufficient qi-blood while Lancelot could gain energy from killing.

Meanwhile, as Lin Huang’s Life Wheels were connected to his monsters, as long as they did not stop killing and absorbed Life Light, the Life Power within his body would be refilled endlessly. Of course, that did not mean the three of them were invincible just because their energy was not drained. They would be tired eventually. Lin Huang did not fight as he did not have to while another reason was he wanted to save his energy for later.

Bai and Lancelot did not give their all as monsters below immortal-level were nothing to them. They basically killed all of the monsters within mere seconds. After losing hundreds of puppets, the Puppet Vine saw what was happening at the bottom of the well through the puppets’ eyes.

“Human… Be my puppets!” The Puppet Vine said when it saw Lin Huang and the rest.

To many parasite monsters that could retrieve memories, the higher the intelligence of host the better as it could read more information and learn more from the host. The parasitic monsters loved hosts like humans as they had exceptional learning abilities as there were many things in the human world that they could not learn from monsters. The Puppet Vine was over the moon when it found out there were human in this site. However, it soon realized that it would be a tough battle.

After carefully thinking it over, the Puppet Vine made its decision. Five of its immortal-level puppets shrunk themselves and jumped into the well. Since holy fire-level monsters could not fight them, the Puppet Vine thought it would have to use immortal-level puppets instead.

“There’re five immortal-level puppets coming our way!” b.l.o.o.d.y said to Lin Huang, Bai and Lancelot.

Soon, the five immortal-level puppets landed at the bottom of the well. Two of them were human but their combat level was low with one at immortal-level rank-1 while the other was at immortal-level rank-2. Meanwhile, there was a fiend, a mutated beast that looked like a lizard and a colorful monster that looked like a snake, seemingly venomous. Aside from the two humans, the other three puppets shrunk themselves before entering.

However, the two humans clad in a black robe, making Lin Huang and the rest think that they were human-type monsters. They only found out that they were human when they saw the relics that the two humans were holding. Monsters could not activate human’s relics.


As Lin Huang shouted, Bai, Lancelot and himself attacked the five monsters without hesitation. Bai was fighting the mutated beast and the human while Lancelot fought the other human along with the snake. Lin Huang fought the fiend on his own.

Among the five monsters, the fiend was the most powerful as it was an immortal-level rank-3 monster. It was a Terraflame Fiend, completely red without legs but had four other limbs instead. Its eyes were flaming while its body levitated less than ten centimeters from the ground. It might not be able to enter the well if it did not shrink itself. Lin Huang did not hold back and dashed towards the Terraflame Fiend with his sword. A white Life Power glow covered his sword and transformed it into a gigantic sword as it collided with the Terraflame Fiend’s punch.


A light cracking sound was heard, Yi Zheng and rest saw a crack on the Terraflame Fiend’s first. Lin Huang could do this to an immortal-level rank-3 fiend with just a simple swing of the sword without a sword skill?! They learned something new about Lin Huang’s ability. However, Lin Huang did not care about what the attack did as he swung his sword again and again, seemingly so fast that they could only see his afterimage.

They could not tell how many times had Lin Huang swing his sword. Soon, he kept his sword and backed off. Just when they were thinking what Lin Huang was doing, the Terraflame Fiend’s body collapsed and exploded. Blood that seemed like lava spilled all over the ground.

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