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Chapter 596: Doomed

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Among the six immortal-level monster, the most powerful one was the immortal-level rank-7 Onyx Rat. To be exact, it was monster that looked like a rat with black hair. Naturally, it was much bigger than the normal rats. Excluding its tail, it was over two meters long after it was being shrunk. It was at least seven to eight meters long when it was above the well. It was a mutated beast rat, a monster that was cruel where it would eat almost everything and it was violent. It would eat all preys within its field of vision no matter what type of monster the preys were.

Although it looked ordinary with its black hair, its ability was terrifying and it was a dangerous monster. Meanwhile, the remaining immortal-level monsters were a snake monster, a blue scorpion, a red spider, a spirit monster in a white robe and the Puppet Vine that they encountered earlier. the snake and the spirit monsters were both immortal-level rank-6 while the scorpion and the spider were immortal-level rank-5. The Puppet Vine was the least powerful one among them which was only immortal-level rank-4. However, it had two immortal-level puppets with it. Although it had yet to summon them, their combined abilities would be nothing lesser than an immortal-level rank-5 monster. The imperial-level snake’s followers were all powerful.

Under the well in the No.5 site, Lin Huang who had transformed into gold flame-level held a sword with golden lightning on it. As the six immortal-level monsters landed at the bottom of the well, Lin Huang moved.

“Thunder Eclipse!”

His body seemed to merge with his words as he dashed like golden lightning. Within seconds, a golden glow flashed at the bottom of the well and a golden arc was produced. The attack was so fast that even Li Lang and Leng Yuexin did not catch Lin Huang’s movement. All they saw was the golden arc in the air.

Lin Huang performed his ultimate move as soon as he attacked. Thunder Eclipse was a merged skill that he came up by combining many sword skills such as Thunder Sting including sword skills from his monsters. It was an exceedingly fast sword skill. Although he had yet to complete the integration, its speed and power were dozens of times faster than Thunder Sting. The reason why he used this was simple, he wanted to kill the monsters as soon as he could. All six monsters were immortal-level with the least powerful of them being an immortal-level rank-4 monster. If any of them managed to break their formation, Yi Zheng and the rest would not be able to handle the monsters.

The snake and the dragon skeleton were watching from above the well. The dragon skeleton’s iced blue pupils shrunk when it saw Lin Huang’s attack, even the snake showed a shocked expression that looked like a human. It did not expect the human that was hiding underground to have such an ability. As the golden glow was slashed in the air, besides the immortal-level rank-7 Onyx Rat, the remaining five died immediately. Suddenly, blood of varying colors splashed on the ground, the bottom of the well was now colorful.

“How great would it be if I didn’t come to them a few hours back…”

Puppet Vine looked at its body that was chopped into pieces in regret. It accidentally offended a mad killer which now ended its life. The other monsters were in shock as they were killed before they could even do anything. The Onyx Rat lowered its body as it looked at Lin Huang in death. Although it did not die, there was blood coming out of its abdomen.

Yi Zheng and the rest were stunned when they saw Lin Huang killing five immortal-level rank-4 to rank-6 monsters while injuring an immortal-level rank-7 monster with a swing of the sword. It was not because his opponents were weak but instead, it was because Lin Huang was too powerful! He was possibly the most powerful person ever!

“Such stunning effect after his secret skill upgrade. Does this mean there won’t be any immortal-level monsters that can fight him if he reaches the gold flame-level in the future?!” Yi Zheng and the rest thought to themselves.

Yi Yeyu would think that it was a lie if somebody were to say that a gold flame-level person could kill an immortal-level rank-9 monster. However, she definitely thought Lin Huang could do that now. Lin Huang frowned as the rat was still alive, as his attack did not live up to his expectations.

“Looks like the skill need to be polished, it’s still not powerful enough.”

Above the well, the snake was impatient as it watched its five immortal-level followers killed. If it did not attack itself soon, the rat would die and the only immortal-level follower that it would only be left with would be the dragon skeleton.

As it thought about that, it used its tail and patted the dragon skeleton’s head. The dragon skeleton shrunk its body and entered the well. Lin Huang was still in the battle in the rat so he did not see b.l.o.o.d.y’s projection, but Yi Zheng and the rest were watching it. Yi Yeyu took out the G.o.d Crashed that she prepared without thinking twice.

“Lin Huang, move!” Yi Zheng stood behind the G.o.d Crasher as he shouted, adjusted the cannon and aimed at the bottom of the well.

Lin Huang pulled Bai and Lancelot as he teleported behind the G.o.d Crasher. Almost right after Lin Huang moved, the snake who rode on top of the dragon skeleton’s head landed at the bottom of the well. Yi Zheng fired the G.o.d Crasher without hesitation. There were sparks that looked like meteors in the air, they drowned the rat that was dying together with the snake and dragon skeleton.


A loud thud exploded, the ground was shaking like it was an intense earthquake.

The ground where Lin Huang and the rest were standing cracked, it felt like it would collapse at any moment. They did not have the time to worry whether the site was going to collapse as they watched the direction where the cannon was fired. They wanted to know if the imperial-level snake was skilled. Soon, a red glow shot among the spark and dashed towards Lin Huang directly before the spark faded away. They did not see what happened but Lin Huang saw that the snake was still alive. Although it had blood all over its body and it was burnt, he was sure that it was still alive!

As the snake dashed out of the spark, it shot a deadly glare at Lin Huang and the rest. Eventually, its eyes stopped at Yi Zheng who fired the cannon and dashed towards him.

“We’re doomed…”

Lin Huang’s back had cold sweat when he realized that the imperial-level snake was still alive. He knew that Yi Zheng and the rest would be killed immediately as they could not fight the snake. He then blocked in front of Yi Zheng with his sword and swung it at the snake with Thunder Eclipse…

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