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Chapter 598: He Must Win!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang gave his all in this battle. After activating a Transformation Card and three Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Cards, he managed to get himself from white flame-level to immortal-level rank-3 temporarily. The ancient relic sword that he was holding was the highest level relic that could be obtained by killing a triple mutated imperial-level monster.

As he held the Air Slicer, he looked at the snake in all seriousness. The snake was only the size of an adult’s middle finger. Its base color was black with red patterns all over its body with eyes that were ruby red. It looked like an art piece that was placed on an office desk when it was not moving. Although it seemed harmless, Lin Huang knew about this monster.

It was called the Eclipse Boa, a triple mutated monster with the ancient mutated beast Sky Boa’s bloodline. It maintained one size from birth to death and would not experience any changes to its body size. When it became an adult, its combat level would automatically be at the imperial-level and it would have powerful abilities. It would be quadruple mutated if it could create G.o.dhead for Virtual G.o.d and become Solar Boa where it would be more powerful than most monsters of the same level.

The Eclipse Boa that Lin Huang was looking at should have just turned adult not long ago. The Eclipse Boa’s body would transform for the third time when it reaches adulthood. The first transformation would give its black body red patterns. The second would cause blots of red spots to appear, not unlike ones that were drawn using a paintbrush while the last transformation would cause red spots all over its body, turning it into a red boa. The Eclipse Boa would reach its pinnacle when it completed its third transformation but the one before him was just at the first phase of adulthood.

There were five ranks to imperial-level which were the black gold, crimson gold, white gold, and purple-glow rank. The Eclipse Snake should be at the crimson gold-rank now. Since it was injured by the G.o.d Crasher earlier, its ability should only be as powerful as one at the black gold-rank now. Lin Huang had the confidence to fight it as he knew the facts well. Since he was able to kill a weaker immortal-level rank-4 monster when he was at the white flame-level, he could definitely take on an imperial-level monster since his combat level was now upgraded to immortal-level rank-3.

The Eclipse Boa had its guard up when it saw the ancient relic that Lin Huang was holding. What it was fearful of was the relic but not Lin Huang’s ability. What could an immortal-level rank-3 do to it? Even a supreme genius would not be able to fight an immortal-level rank-9. Although the imperial-level black gold-rank was only a rank higher than an immortal-level rank-9, the difference was more like two ranks instead of one. Even a supreme genius would need to be at least an immortal-level rank-6 to fight the boa so there was nothing to be worried about since Lin Huang was only at immortal-level rank-3 now. The Eclipse Boat thought that only thing it had to be wary of was the ancient relic sword.

As the monster and human looked at each for a few moments, they were a.n.a.lyzing each other in the heads.

“Thunder Eclipse!”

Lin Huang shouted and purple lightning surrounded his sword, to the extent that even his body was covered by a layer of purple lightning.

“I thought you would have something new to show me so I can feel refreshed after your combat level has been upgraded. It’s the exact same thing as before, seems like I won’t have to waste my time anymore. Go to h.e.l.l!” The Eclipse Boa teased.

The Eclipse Boa then dashed towards Lin Huang in a red glow. It was like an arrow shooting into the air. Meanwhile, Lin Huang moved like purple lightning. A hundred meters long purple glow was seen in the corridor. As the two glows collided, the middle of the corridor was filled with the two colors, seeming like n.o.body was winning. The intense collision created shockwaves that shook the already collapsing ground that was. The walls that were initially cracked were now worse as the shockwaves rippled towards the corridor.

Lancelot held his Dark Mirror without hesitation while Bai pulled the four of them under the well. As the force wave hit, Lancelot was thrown out onto the wall of the well. The Dark Mirror was barely defending them against the shockwave but Lancelot was determined to fight it as Li Lang and Yi Yeyu would not be able to live under such a strong shockwave. They might actually die if they were hit by the wave at such short distance.

Bai noticed that and created a defensive layer with his Vampire Particles covering the inside of the Dark Mirror. The initial single layer of defense was now doubled. However, the situation did not seem to be better.

“It’s not working, we’re not going to last long!” Bai frowned.

Yi Zheng and the rest were concerned.

“Let’s go out!” Leng Yuexin looked at the well.

“But outside…” Yi Yeyu attempted to say something but she was interrupted by Yi Zheng.

“Miss Leng is right, we have no other option that escaping the well.” Yi Yeyu and Li Lang no longer voice their disagreement after Yi Zheng said that.

Suddenly, Lancelot’s Dark Mirror broke. He leaped and activated the Dark Mirror again but this time, he was aiming at the bottom of the well. As the shockwave hit on the Dark Mirror, Lancelot was throw out of the well a few times faster than what Bai encountered. The thousands of monsters looked at them as they appeared above the well with Bai and Lancelot.

Lancelot blocked the Dark Mirror in front of them without hesitation. A black sphere floated in the air, no matter how the monsters attacked, they were not harmed at all. Instead, it reflected the monsters’ attacks. Some of the monsters did not manage to escape the attacks that were reflected and were killed immediately.

“We’re finally safe now, that was scary.” Yi Yeyu was relieved as she knew that Lancelot’s Dark Mirror, now a black sphere could completely block out the attacks.

“Imperial-level monsters are just too powerful. That was just the shockwave from the fight and it’s already enough to kill us.” Li Lang was traumatized as he thought about what they just witnessed.

Yi Zheng and Leng Yuexin were silent as they looked at the well.

“I wonder if Lin Huang would win…” Yi Zheng voiced his concern a while later.

“He must win! If he doesn’t, all of us would die in this ruins.” Leng Yuexin looked at them and said.

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