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Chapter 600: Leveling to the Crimson Flame-Level

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The sun rose in the ruins when it was past 5 a.m. The monsters that were fighting hard throughout the night returned underground while the ground was filled with and blood. A b.l.o.o.d.y shadow appeared not far above the collapsed site as Lin Huang and the rest returned underground for less than five minutes. The shadow seemed like a human that was made of a b.l.o.o.d.y mist, but n.o.body could tell if it was a human or some other creature.

The b.l.o.o.d.y shadow floated in the air as it was looking at the burnt ground, seemingly looking for something. In less than five seconds, another shadow appeared less than twenty meters from it. It was a human corpse with part of its skeleton was showing. There was no skin left on its body, it was like a dead body that was ripped off its skin and dried before decaying. It was a disgusting thing to look at.

“You’ve crossed the line, this is my territory.” The corpse sounded husky.

The b.l.o.o.d.y shadow looked at the corpse and ignored it as it continued to look around. Suddenly, another two undead appeared next to it. One was a dragon while another was a bird. Three of them were in an odd condition as their bodies seemed to show part of their skeletons.

“You shouldn’t be here.” The bird flapped its wings that were left with a couple of feathers and warned.

“The blood sacrifice has ended and the sun is rising. We don’t have much time left, I’m sure you don’t want anything to go wrong now. Am I right?” The undead dragon said to the b.l.o.o.d.y shadow.

The b.l.o.o.d.y shadow looked up into the sky and did not say a word before disappearing.

“Why did that person come to our territory?” The bird asked the corpse.

“I have no idea, I sensed its aura when I woke up. It seems to be a fight between it and an imperial-level earlier…” The corpse looked around.

“Let’s not bother about it, it’s not the first time the fella invaded our territory. We don’t have much time left, let’s eat.” The dragon looked at the sky that was getting bright.

The dragon and bird faded away, the human corpse was the only one left. It floated into the air and opened its mouth. The qi-blood of the monster on the ground turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist and was soon swallowed by the corpse. It was quite a majestic scene. If Lin Huang and the rest were still on the ground, they would see the flesh of the monsters, even those that were hiding underground being shredded away from their bodies. All that was left were their bones.

However, the remains did not stay. Within seconds, they turned into a white mist, engulfed by the human corpse in the air. If one observed it closely, one could see there was flesh growing on the human corpse’s exposed ribs. It lasted for three to five minutes until all the qi-blood in the surrounding thousands of kilometers were gone. It then teleported to another area and began another round, engulfing the qi-blood…

Lin Huang and the rest had no idea what happened on the ground. After a near-death experience, all of them hid quietly in the second underground floor while waiting for Lin Huang to level up patiently. They were chatting as they guarded the place while Lin Huang focused on leveling up.

“Lin Huang’s secret skill is just too ridiculous, he can even upgrade his combat level twice!” Li Lang was envious. If only he could learn the secret skill himself. Although he would not be able to fight an imperial-level monster, he could definitely fight a few immortal-level monsters.

“It’s mainly because he’s a supreme genius himself, and he has stunning abilities. We might not even be able to handle the boa’s attack even if we leveled-up to immortal-level rank-3. I’m sure I would’ve heard if there were immortal-level rank-3’s who could manage an imperial-level in the core zone, but n.o.body could even imagine doing that in Division 7. At least I’ve never heard of it.” Yi Zheng shook his head.

“There are such geniuses in the core zone. I heard from my grandfather that there was a holy fire-level human who killed a demiG.o.d in Division 1 before. I’ve always thought it was just a myth until I found out it really happened when I traveled to Division 3. I heard the holy fire-level mastered a higher power that doesn’t belong on our life level. There had only been one genius like that who ever existed in the world. Naturally, there’s no one in our generation who can go against such a genius but there are a few immortal-level geniuses who could definitely kill an imperial-level monster.

“There are people in the core zone that are so powerful?” Li Lang was skeptical.

“The population in the core zones are more than tenfold of that in our division. They have better resources as well. It’s not out of this world that they managed to train such powerful people.” Yi Zheng explained.

Lin Huang had finally completed his level-up to the crimson flame-level when it was past 8 a.m. Aside from having a major upgrade in his body, his Life Power transformed as well. The Life Fire in his ten Life Wheels changed from a pure white to a crimson red, the first Life Fire that burned three hundred meters high was now burning at its original height at only a few centimeters, almost the same with the second Life Fire. Both of them were now parellel, not unlike two tea leaves.

The Eclipse Boa’s skill was amazing. Lin Huang obtained an engulfing secret skill that was similar to Moon Engulf. That aside, Lin Huang also learned something new. The ruins were categorized into four parts with three demiG.o.ds and a mysterious monster. The mysterious monster terrorized the last half of the ruins while the three demiG.o.d remnants had their own share of the remaining area. Even so, their territories were similar to half the size of the earth

Every time the blood sacrifice ended, the four monsters would engulf the qi-blood in their territories, never once invading any of the other three other territories. The three demiG.o.ds remnants were no longer remnants as their bodies were now semi-recovered from the blood sacrifice. Meanwhile, n.o.body had ever seen how the mysterious monster that managed to conquer the three demiG.o.d remnants looked like. Apart from the blood sacrifice, the four monsters would hibernate, only waking up during the blood sacrifice.

Another piece of information was there was a large site in the central zone of the ruins. There would be white-robed people who would come in once in a while to gather around in that area…

Lin Huang opened his eyes slowly as he digested the boa’s memories. Yi Zheng and the rest were having breakfast, while Bai and Lancelot joined them later. Lancelot was eating fried vegetable as usual while Bai rank a red, sweet and sour drink. The both of them had broken through the gold flame-level and had leveled-up to immortal-level rank-1 automatically.


Lin Huang coughed as he realized that n.o.body noticed that he had woken up. Yi Zheng and the rest turned around and looked at him.

“You’re finally awake!” They laughed.

“Go wash up, we’re going to the next site after breakfast!”

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