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Chapter 609: Mr. Fu’s Ident.i.ty

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Liu Ming must not be joking as he had sent him so many messages. Lin Huang immediately called him back.

The video call was answered after it rang once.

“Brother Liu, are you looking for me?” On the screen, Liu Ming looked distraught.

“I’ve been looking for you for a month. Finally, I got in touch with you.” Lin Huang was curious as to why Liu Ming was looking for him. “Just as I opened the communication page, I saw more than 20 messages from you. What happened?”

“Go home first. I’ll talk to you face to face.” Liu Ming did not say what had happened.

“Okay, I’ll send you the address.”

“I have your address. You don’t need to send it to me. I still have some work to do. I’ll be there in about three minutes.” Liu Ming hung up the call straight away.

As he closed the communication page, Lin Huang immediately pushed against the dimensional relic, stepping into it.

As he returned home at the Winter City, Lin Xin was not home. The doors and the windows were closed and the house was clean and tidy. She had started school half a month ago at the Martial Hunter College. She must have gone back to the White Capital.

After changing his clothes in his room, Lin Huang heard a knock on the door. He immediately ran down the stairs to open the door.

Liu Ming was standing at the door, wearing a grey wind coat. He looked more distraught than he was in the video call.

As Liu Ming went into his house and sat on the sofa, Lin Huang went to the kitchen. He wanted to brew a cup of tea for Liu Ming. However, he realized that there was no hot water at home. Lin Huang then made him a gla.s.s of fruit juice.

“Brother, why are you looking for me?”

Liu Ming took over the gla.s.s of fruit juice and simply put it on the tea table. He nodded his head at Lin Huang and said, “Sit down first.”

Lin Huan then sat on the comfy chair. Looking at the serious expression on Liu Ming’s face, he knew that something serious must have happened.

“It’s about Mr. Fu.” After finis.h.i.+ng his words, he stared at the tea table and remained quiet for a while, organizing his thoughts before proceeding.

‘Something happened to him?’ Lin Huang was shocked. However, he did not ask that, patiently waiting for Liu Ming to continue with his thoughts.

“I wanted to tell this to you face to face because it might involve some of the top management from the Union Government. Our conversation might be tracked if we communicated through the Emperor’s Heart Ring.” Liu Ming told him the reason that he wanted to meet him.

Lin Huang nodded and did not interrupt him.

“At the end of the year, Mr. Fu visited one of the ruins and he came back last month. He could not get to you when he came back so he asked me to get in touch with you as soon as possible and bring you to him.” Liu Ming explained.

“What’s wrong with him?” Lin Huang asked.

“He’s injured but his life is not at risk.” Despite saying that, Liu Ming did not stop worrying.

“That’s great…” Lin Huang felt relieved, “So should we go now?”

“I’ll bring you there later. However, I have something else to tell you before that.” Liu Ming paused for a moment and proceeded, “Although you’re Mr. Fu’s true apprentice, I guess that you don’t have a good understanding of him. Perhaps he won’t tell you about his past but let me do it for him.

Lin Huang nodded his head, patiently waiting for Liu Ming to proceed.

“We’re not from the same generation. Mr. Fu is born in ancient times. Not only did he partic.i.p.ate in the war due to the opening of the Virtual Eye that happened more than 800 years ago, he’s also one of three commanders in the human world. He’s also one of the three Virtual G.o.ds that’s still alive…”

Lin Huang was stunned. He actually wondered if Mr. Fu was a demiG.o.d. However, he never expected Mr. Fu to be the Virtual G.o.d.

“Despite the fact that monsters had been sealed, humans suffered greatly in the war that happened 800 years ago. Mr. Fu was severely injured and his G.o.dhead was damaged. The other two Virtual G.o.ds died and half of those on the demiG.o.d-level were either injured or dead as well. The human race has indeed suffered a major loss.”

“Although the monster hordes have subsided and the Virtual Eyes have closed, the world we now know has become the ruins. Mr. Fu and humans that survived were forced to establish the Union Government. They then gathered all the residents that were still alive and built the No.0 Safe Zone which is now so-called the Land of Origin.”

“They recuperated at the Land of Origin for decades before humans were able to have a stable life after the war. They slowly expanded after hundreds of years, constructing the safe zones one by one. That’s how we came to have the three core zones with the other safe zones.”

“Mr. Fu was the first president of the Union Government in the new era. He took up the position for more than 50 years right until the Land of Origin became prosperous. He then offered the position to the second president. This is also the reason why many of the organizations respected Mr. Fu, including those from the underworld. Not only are they afraid of Mr. Fu’s abilities, they also know that without Mr. Fu, the human race might’ve gone extinct 800 years ago.”

Lin Huang was shocked when he heard this. He had never expected that would be Mr. Fu’s actual ident.i.ty and status. He finally understood why Liu Ming, Teacher Li and the rest of them from the Hunter a.s.sociation would become Mr. Fu’s biggest fans.

“You mentioned that his injury might be related to some of the top management from the Union Government. What’s that about, then?” Lin Huang asked.

“The ruins that Mr. Fu went into were the place where the war happened 800 years ago. It’s also the place where the monster is sealed. He went to the ruins previously because the Union Government informed him that the seal has loosened and they requested him to reseal the monster.”

“However, as he entered the ruins, Mr. Fu realized that the seal has obviously been broken by someone else. Fortunately, the monster was not completely unsealed. After that, he only managed to seal it with a great amount of effort. Once the seal on the monster was complete, a few demiG.o.ds clad in black robes took the opportunity to attack Mr. Fu as a large portion of his Life Power has already been drained.”

“After a fierce fight, Mr. Fu managed to escape from the ruins. He went to look for the keeper of the ruin key and discovered that the demiG.o.d who’s the keeper of the key has gone missing. He was angry and looked for the president of the Union Government. However, after the investigation, they came up with a conclusion, saying that n.o.body has actually informed Mr. Fu that something was amiss with the ruins. They even told him that the keeper of the ruin key was on leave a week ago as the keeper was going into one of the ruins. n.o.body could find him in a short period of time.”

“Mr. Fu suspected that there’s a spy from the Union Government who’s at the senior executive level. There has to be one of them who masterminded the attack and even covered the truth.”

“He’s now injured and dares not reveal his location. Therefore, he asked me to contact you. Not many know about the relations.h.i.+p between us both. He secretly came to my house that day and n.o.body even knew.”

“I understand. Bring me to his house.” After listening to what Liu Ming said, Lin Huang did not want any further delays as he nodded his head.

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