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Chapter 610: Three Years to Live

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The place where Mr. Fu was hiding in was a forbidden land called the Peaceful Ocean.

It was the largest ocean in the war, with an area that covered eight out of the twelve safe zones. Division 7 was one of them.

Aside from that, the opening of the first Virtual Eye that happened 800 years ago was in the sky above the Peaceful Ocean.

The danger level of the ocean was ranked third on the world’s forbidden land board. Not only were there a large number of imperial-level monsters in the ocean, even those who were on the demiG.o.d level were present there.

As Lin Huang and Liu Ming stepped into the dimensional portal, Lin Huang regained his senses as they appeared on a s.h.i.+p.

As usual, Mr. Fu was fis.h.i.+ng leisurely at the edge of the s.h.i.+p.

“Sir.” Lin Huang gradually walked towards him.

“My good apprentice, you’re here.” Mr. Fu smiled, squinting his eyes. He then turned his head around to look at Liu Ming to say, “Thank you. Stay here for dinner tonight.”

“Sure.” Liu Ming nodded his head respectfully. He did not want to interrupt the conversation between them so he turned around and left for the cabin of the s.h.i.+p.

“Sir, are you okay?” Lin Huang was worried. After knowing Mr. Fu’s ident.i.ty and achievements, his respect for the elder grew.

“They’re just some minor injuries. I’m fine.” Mr. Fu waved his hand and patted the deck, “Have a seat. I’ll get you a big fish.”

“Do you still have another fis.h.i.+ng rod?” Lin Huang sat with his legs crossed and asked with a smile.

“Yes, I do but this place is not for you. You’re my only apprentice. I don’t want you to be eaten by the fish.” Mr. Fu smiled, shaking his head.

Lin Huang then recalled that he was at the Peaceful Ocean. All the regions in the Peaceful Ocean in Division 7 were cla.s.sified as forbidden land as imperial-level monsters were present there. It was indeed not suitable those on the holy fire-level like him to fish there.

“You just wait for the food to be served today.” Mr. Fu then noticed Lin Huang feeling embarra.s.sed so he said, “We haven’t met each other for a long time, let’s have a chat.”

“Alright.” Lin Huang nodded.

“I heard it from Xiao Liu that you’ve resigned from your job at the Martial Hunter College a year ago?” Mr. Fu asked.

“Yes, I did. I’ve read most of the resources available in the library. I’ve even downloaded the reading materials that I haven’t read before I left.” Lin Huang nodded his head. “It’s difficult for me to look for a Life Fire monster in Division 7. Therefore, I’ve already made plans to go to Division 3 by the end of March or sometime at the beginning of April after I’m done with things in Division 7.”

“Great minds think alike. The main reason why I asked you to work as a teacher at the Martial Hunter College is to hope that you can gain some experience there. You’ve been leveling-up too quickly and that’s why you’ll be less experienced than those from royalty. You’ve been doing pretty good over the first half-year. I’ve been watching the videos of your lectures. I can see that in order to give a good lecture, you’ve been exploring different areas. In certain areas, you even have your own understanding of the subject matter. There’s indeed no longer a need for you to stay in the Martial Hunter College as you’ve achieved your goal of being a teacher.”

“The plan I previously had for you was to be a teacher for one semester. I’d then send you to Division 3. However, I didn’t think about the issue regarding the Life Fire monster. I feel that n.o.body in Division 7 who’s in your generation that can go against you. You’ll meet many young geniuses in the core zone. By then, you’ might be even more motivated to train.”

“I’ve planned it out for you earlier. I’d send you to Division 3 as my apprentice, and the people over there will take care of you. However, it seems like all this is unnecessary now. You’ll have to disguise yourself if you’re going to the core zone. You’ve to change into an ident.i.ty that has got nothing to do with me as well.” Mr. Fu said with an apologetic look.

“Does it have to do with the people in the black robes who attacked you?” Lin Huang knew that Mr. Fu did not want him to get involved in that issue.

“Xiao Liu has told you about that?” Mr. Fu frowned as he asked. He was not surprised though.

“Yes.” Lin Huang nodded his head. He briefly told him what they had talked about earlier. “Do you have any clues regarding who the demiG.o.d in black robes are?”

“No, I don’t for now but one thing I can confirm is that there must be a spy in the Union Government. Otherwise, they won’t be able to set a trap for me.” Mr. Fu frowned and said, “Since they have the guts to provoke me, you won’t be safe as well. Therefore, if you’re going to the core zone, you have to fake an ident.i.ty which has nothing to do with me.”

“Regarding the incident that you’ve been attacked, the Union Government found nothing from their investigation?” Lin Huang asked again.

“It has been a month but yet they have no clues regarding the matter. This is also the reason why I can confirm that the people who attacked me must be connected to the Union Government. Somebody has interfered with the result of the investigation.” Mr. Fu was helpless.

“Could they be your enemies?” Aside from seeking revenge on him, Lin Huang could not think of any other motives. Supposedly, Mr. Fu no longer held the public’s attention. He no longer has a beneficial relations.h.i.+p with anyone else. Lin Huang could not think of a better reason other than them wanting to take revenge on Mr. Fu.

“Most of my enemies have died 800 years ago. Newer enemies would only backstab me.” Mr. Fu knew that Lin Huang was trying to identify the reason why Mr. Fu’s enemy would attack him. “There are indeed many of them who wanted to kill me but that’s not because of hatred.”

“Many of them want to kill me because I’m the last Virtual G.o.d in the world. Despite the fact that my G.o.dhead has been broken, I’m still a genuine Virtual G.o.d.” Mr. Fu said as he lifted his head and stared at one of the clouds in the sky, “They wanted to know how to become a Virtual G.o.d and that’s why, they attempted to kill me. My dead body means a lot to many of the organizations and people. It’s an extremely important research material.”

Lin Huang kept quiet as he heard that. He suddenly recalled the character, Xuanzang in the story of the Journey to the West. All the monsters wanted to eat Xuanzang’s meat. It was not because he had done something wrong but it was because the monsters desire longevity. The desire could only be fulfilled by eating Xuanzang’s meat. For this case, Mr. Fu was like Xuanzang. The people attacked him to satisfy one simple yet selfish desire — to become a Virtual G.o.d.

“Why did they choose to act now?” Another question flashed through Lin Huang’s mind. Mr. Fu had never encountered a problem like that over the past 800 years. Lin Huang wondered why he was attacked at this juncture in time.

When he heard the question from Lin Huang, Mr. Fu remained silent for a long while. After two to three minutes, he then turned his head around, looked at Lin Huang and said disappointingly, “It’s because… I have only three years to live.”

Lin Huang was stunned when he heard Mr. Fu’s reply. He was immersed in his thoughts for a long while.

“My G.o.dhead was broken during the battle that happened more than 800 years ago and I was severely injured. It’s not easy for me to live until this very day. It’s actually not a secret as many of them know that I’m going to die soon, so most of them are waiting for that day to come. The reason they attempted to trap me this time was probably because they’re afraid that they won’t be able to get to my dead body after I’ve pa.s.sed on. They might also choose to kill me before that happens due to some other reasons.”

“I’m sure that the incident of those people attacking me has something to do with the Union Government. It can’t be kept secret from the public eye. Once they spread the news to the public, many of them will have the desire to do so. The people do understand that a strong tiger won’t be able to defeat its enemies in an outnumbered fight, let alone a strong tiger that’s about to die.”

“Sir…” Lin Huang had no idea what he should say to comfort Mr. Fu so he secretly contacted Xiao Hei through his mind.

“Xiao Hei, are there any cards that can be used to repair Mr. Fu’s G.o.dhead?”

“No. Due to the restriction placed on your authorization, all the Function Cards will only work on the second level creatures. Any creature that possesses a G.o.dhead belongs to third level creatures. These creatures are of higher level than the second level creatures.”

Lin Huang was helpless when he got Xiao Hei’s opinion. After keeping quiet for a moment, he suddenly thought of the items he had that might be able to help Mr. Fu. He immediately took them out.

“Sir, please take the G.o.d Crashers with you. If you’re attacked by the demiG.o.ds, these weapons might be able to save you some energy.” Lin Huang took out five of the six G.o.d Crashers, reserving one for himself for emergency use.

“I don’t need the G.o.d Crashers.” Mr. Fu smiled, shaking his head. “Thank you for your concern. However, these weapons aren’t effective on the demiG.o.ds. It can only slow them down but it can do no harm to them.”

Mr. Fu caught a glimpse of the G.o.d Crashers that Lin Huang took out as he said. He was startled, “Is this the third generation G.o.d Crasher? Where did you get it?”

“It’s one of the items that I got it from the ruins.” Lin Huang explained.

“What kind of ruins was that?” Mr. Fu asked curiously.

Lin Huang hesitated for a moment and decided to tell him everything that happened in the grade-5 ruins.

Mr. Fu remained silent for a long while as he heard that. He then said, “I didn’t know that the ruin key of the war ruins would have been taken by the Saint members…”

“The war ruins?”

“The war that happened 800 years ago broke the ground into pieces. It was not the protoss who caused this to happen. It was caused by one of the servants of the protoss and a few of his subordinates. We ended up not being able to kill them as they had the blood of the True G.o.d in their body. We could only seal them.”

“A few of the Virtual G.o.d and I sealed the subordinates in one of the spiritual volcanos. The volcano now belongs to Division 3.”

“As for the servant who’s the strongest among them, I chopped his head, limbs, and chest into six parts. They were sealed in six different battlegrounds. Soon after, a few of the demiG.o.ds who possessed good dimensional skills and I joined to make six of the battlegrounds into the ruins.”

“The ruins that you’ve been to must be one of the ones where his limbs were sealed in. The Union Government has lost two pairs of keys through all these years. One of them was the one where his left arm was sealed while the other was the ruins where his right leg was sealed. The ruins where I was trapped was the one where the servant’s most powerful part was sealed. Because his G.o.dhead could be found in his chest, so it took me a great amount of effort to reseal it.”

Listening to what Mr. Fu said, Lin Huang finally knew whose arm was sealed by his Seal Card.

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