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Chapter 614: Come Out, Charcoal!

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Due to Mr. Fu’s underestimation of Lin Huang, he would have to make changes to the training programme that he had planned earlier. He left Lin Huang on the deck and advised him before leaving, “Don’t worry if demiG.o.d-level monsters appear as I’ve already activated the s.h.i.+p’s defense system. The s.h.i.+p will fire at such monsters if they ever come close. Monsters below demiG.o.d-level won’t be able to break through the s.h.i.+p’s defense layer. Also, settle your own lunch and dinner.”

Mr. Fu disappeared for the entire day and only got back in the middle of the night.

“You should’ve had enough rest today. The new training programme is ready. I believe it’ll give you a memory that you won’t forget for the rest of your life,” Mr. Fu smirked.

“That one month was memorable enough. I don’t want any more unforgettable memories as my brain capacity is limited,” Lin Huang really wanted to say, but he restrained himself as Mr. Fu looked excited.

The next morning, Mr. Fu prepared breakfast that was even more scrumptious than the day before’s.

“Gobble it and let’s start early.” Mr. Fu beamed happily at Lin Huang as he sat at the dining table.

“Is this a special breakfast for those who’re going to be sentenced to death?” Lin Huang noticed that Mr. Fu’s smile was odd. He had his guard up as he figured that the training that Mr. Fu had planned for him would not be as simple as he thought.

After breakfast, the s.h.i.+p appeared on top of an ocean through a s.p.a.ce warp. However, there was nowhere that they could land this time. There were no islands, not even a piece of coral.

“Is there something wrong with the location?” Lin Huang mumbled to himself as he looked around.

“There’s nothing wrong with it. The targeted monster this time isn’t on the island, but 12,000 meters below sea level.” Mr. Fu grinned.

“There’s a Dragon Whale’s lair right under the s.h.i.+p with two immortal-level rank-5 Dragon Whales. One’s a male while the other’s a female.

“In this training, you’ll kill the two Dragon Whales within 24 hours and bring the two monster back. You’ll be considered to have failed if you don’t bring the back within the time frame given no matter what the reason is. For each failed training, I’ll take 10% of the items in the four storage s.p.a.ce rings that you gave me earlier,” Mr. Fu leered.

“I remember you said that you’re sharing the rewards with another four people. If you fail more than twice, you won’t be getting any of the rewards and you’ll have to pay your friends instead!”

“I knew something was up behind that scrumptious breakfast!” Lin Huang was speechless. He did not expect Mr. Fu to be so cunning.

“Oh yeah, there’s something that I would like to remind you. This training is just an appetizer as it’s the easiest one. The training later on will get more and more difficult.” Mr. Fu grinned so widely that his eyes looked like they were slits.

“I’m looking forward to you losing all of your rewards.”

Looking at Mr. Fu’s irritating expression, Lin Huang finally understood why the students in the Martial Hunter College hated him so much in the beginning. It was not an uneasy feeling to have Mr. Fu treating him like that.

“This supreme relic is a monitoring ring. I want to witness everything in your battle. Besides your Sword Dao, you can show me everything that you’re not afraid to reveal. Just don’t use those tricks that you want to keep a secret.” Mr. Fu tossed a black ring to Lin Huang. He knew that Lin Huang had his own secrets, but he did not want to dwell on that.

“Alright, it’s 7:47 a.m. now. You’ll complete your mission as long as you bring back the monster before 8 a.m. tomorrow.” Mr. Fu gave Lin Huang an extra 13 minutes.

Lin Huang caught the monitoring ring and wore it on his left index finger. He nodded to Mr. Fu and leaped into the ocean. As Lin Huang was diving in the water, he formed his plan. There were three challenges in the mission. The first one would be fighting in the water which would be an advantage to the monster. Although he could adjust his oxygen requirement since he had reached transcendent-level, that did not mean that he could breathe underwater. He could stay for two to three days in the water without oxygen if he were not moving, but he would need more oxygen if he were fighting underwater. If he could last a couple of hours in the water, that would be considered amazing.

The second difficulty would be the high water pressure 12,000 meters underwater where he would have to face intense pressure around him all the time. Besides suppressing his ability, his movement and attacks would be affected by the water pressure. However, the water pressure would not affect the monsters at all as they had adapted to such an environment.

The third test would be killing the Dragon Whales that were sky dragon monsters whereby their ability was above most immortal-level rank-5 monsters. Moreover, such a monster had a gigantic body, measuring tens of thousands of meters long. They had remarkable defense abilities as well due to the fats under their skin. As long as the attacks did not penetrate its skin, it would not be harmed at all. They could also heal by eating flesh, so it was difficult for them to be killed. Most of all, he would have to kill two of them within 24 hours.

Lin Huang frowned as he dove deeper. The water pressure was getting more and more overwhelming. He could feel each cell in his body under tremendous pressure, and it was getting more than just uncomfortable. He realized that at least 20% of his ability was suppressed when he was 10,000 meters underwater.

“This is just irritating. I must get a waterproof relic in the future.” Just as Lin Huang thought of that, he saw a ma.s.sive monster under him.

A ma.s.sive Dragon Whale immediately noticed Lin Huang who had invited himself underwater. As they locked eyes, the Dragon Whale opened its jaws wide. A terrifying energy ball like a tsunami came at Lin Huang. He knew that it was one of the Dragon Whale’s skills called the Water Command. Such an ability allowed the Dragon Whale to control the speed and direction of the water flow. It could even complicate the water flow and was also how the Dragon Whale terrorized the piece of ocean for itself.

Looking at the water energy that was hurtling at him in all directions, Lin Huang activated his secret Seraphic Speed skill and managed to escape the a.s.sault. He turned around and looked at where he had been standing. It was entirely engulfed by the water, becoming a gigantic frost whirlpool with many sharp teeth.

“What a ruthless skill…” Lin Huang imagined himself being minced meat for dumplings had he been engulfed by the whirlpool earlier.

“If that’s how you want to play the game, I shan’t show you mercy then!”

“Come out, Charcoal!” Lin Huang shouted to summon Charcoal.

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