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Chapter 616: Lin Xuan’s Ident.i.ty

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Lin Huang’s training went on from mid-March to mid-April just like that. Mr. Fu managed to come out with something new every day during the one-month training. It was proven that the two Dragon Whales on the first day was really an appetizer. Before the training, Lin Huang could only fight an immortal-level rank-6 monster with brute strength. After the training ended, he could break free from being surrounded by five immortal-level rank-6 monsters and kill all of them within 24 hours. He even did that without activating any Function Cards.

Throughout the 30 days, Lin Huang had gone through no less than 100 battles. Besides the first one, he gave his all for the rest of the battles to fulfill Mr. Fu’s request. Mr. Fu would point out his problems without holding back after each battle every day and got Lin Huang to think of a solution to improve himself, then plan the training according to Lin Huang’s issues. If he did not manage to improve or amend his mistakes, the training would focus on his mistake until he managed to overcome it.

He went through h.e.l.l for the entire month, but his ability had transformed. Liu Ming had visited once during his training period to return Lin Huang’s sword that he had fixed. Lin Huang used his temporary Emperor’s Heart Ring to contact Yi Zheng and the rest to give out the rewards that they had obtained from the ruins. On the night of the 30th day, Mr. Fu brought him to the restaurant on the first floor of the demiG.o.d-level s.h.i.+p after concluding his performance of the day.

Lin Huang figured that it was time to say goodbye when he saw that the spread on the table was more scrumptious than usual.

“Your performance has exceeded my expectations through the past month. Actually, I gave you some difficult tasks most of the time during the training, and I didn’t think you would manage to complete them, but you completed all of them. You’ve managed to surprise me again and again.

“I’ve basically taught you everything about battles throughout the month. The rest I’ll leave you with are my memories,” Mr. Fu said and smiled at Lin Huang.

“Close your eyes and enjoy.”

Lin Huang closed his eyes as Mr. Fu asked him to, then he felt Mr. Fu place a finger on his forehead. In the next second, Mr. Fu’s memories played in his mind. Under his guidance, the memories were fast-forwarded.

“I’m bringing you through my cultivation journey as well as storing a memory seed for you. Although my cultivation path doesn’t suit you, you may keep it as a reference. You can take a look at it when you have time in the future.”

Lin Huang opened his eyes slowly as he heard Mr. Fu’s weak voice.

In reality, he had only closed his eyes for less than ten seconds, but he had already watched Mr. Fu’s thousands of years on his road to cultivation.

“Sir, are you alright?” Lin Huang could tell that bringing him through his memory lane had drained Mr. Fu much of his energy from his apparent exhaustion.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine after some rest.” Mr. Fu waved his hand and picked up his chopsticks.

“Let’s eat!”

They took a long time to enjoy the dinner as they were chatted while eating. They started talking about Lin Huang’s family. Lin Huang told some of the funny things that Lin Xin had done and some interesting stuff about Lin Xuan. Mr. Fu would occasionally laugh when they talked about Lin Xin, but he was quiet when they talked about Lin Xuan. Lin Huang noticed it, but he had no idea why Mr. Fu was quiet, so he stopped talking proceeded to eat.

After a moment of silence, Mr. Fu spoke again, “My apprentice, I’ve been keeping this a secret from you.”

Lin Huang was stunned as he looked at Mr. Fu after swallowing the food in his mouth.

“It was I who made Lin Xuan leave…” Lin Huang was confused when he heard what Mr. Fu said.

“Why would you do that?” Lin Huang asked after calming himself down.

“I suspected he was my first apprentice, Mo Kui, when I first saw him. Mo Kui was an orphan that I looked after since he was young, and Lin Xuan looked exactly the same as Mo Kui when he was young,” Mr. Fu told the truth.

“I gave him a drop of Mo Kui’s blood, and he managed to integrate the blood. He left the place where you guys live, which proved my estimation to be true.”

“So, is this reincarnation?” Lin Huang frowned.

“I don’t think so. Reincarnation is just some hearsay that’s pa.s.sed around among the people. n.o.body knows if that really exists.” Mr. Fu shook his head.

“I remember you told me that his name was a serial number when you found him. I suspect somebody cloned him with some genetic technique.”

“I know normal people can be cloned, but can Virtual G.o.ds be cloned too?” Lin Huang thought it was bizarre.

“Theoretically, every living thing can be cloned using genetic technique including the True G.o.d and even the more powerful beings.” Mr. Fu nodded.

“The Scarborough Workshop did a similar experiment before. They used some of the demiG.o.d’s genes to clone, but due to the lack of technology, the experiment kept failing. They then focused on genetic modification as well as man-made humans.”

“It’s been hundreds of years, and the genetic technique is much more mature than before. Perhaps the laboratory can really clone Virtual G.o.ds now.” Mr. Fu was sure that his guess was accurate.

“Lin Xuan could have only integrated Mo Kui’s blood if they share the same genes.”

“I’ve no idea where they got Mo Kui’s genes. I preserved his body well, and buried it somewhere n.o.body knows apart from me.” Mr. Fu frowned.

“If the cloning technology is advanced enough, I’m sure that a single strand of hair will be enough for them to clone.” Lin Huang tried his best to grasp the bizarre idea.

“Sir, do you know where Lin Xuan is right now?”

“He’s in the Origin Continent, which is the No. 0 Safe Zone. I’ve been following him ever since he left home. He went directly to the Origin Continent, probably looking for his memory.” Mr. Fu seemed apologetic.

“I would like to apologize to you and Lin Xin. I couldn’t help myself but test him with Mo Kui’s blood. I didn’t know that he would leave home. I should’ve discussed with you before doing that. I wasn’t prepared to tell you about Mo Kui that time.”

“It’s all in the past now. It’s good that he’s alright now.” Although Mr. Fu had crossed his boundaries, as his apprentice who loved him dearly, Lin Huang chose to forgive him.

“I have one last favor that I need to ask of you before you leave.” Mr. Fu looked at Lin Huang in all seriousness.

“I’m only left with three years to live. I’ll contact you before I die. I hope that you’ll come to Division 7 and bury my body at the Three Lifetime Mountain.”

“Three Lifetime Mountain?” Lin Huang was surprised to hear that.

“I owe my life to these two persons. One would be Mo Kui, the other would be Jingyue. I owe Mo Kui my life, but I owe Jingyue my heart…” Mr. Fu sighed.

“The person that demiG.o.d Jingyue waited for at the Three Lifetime Mountain was you?” Lin Huang was shocked.

Throughout 200 years, n.o.body knew who the man demiG.o.d Jingyue was waiting for was. Lin Huang did not expect Mr. Fu, his master, to be the answer.

“I’ve already known that I wouldn’t live long 800 years ago. I met Jingyue 200 years ago. She’s a very special lady who loves deeply. I didn’t want to waste her time, so I decided to let her go. I didn’t expect that silly girl to wait for me at the Three Lifetime Mountain for ten years… I’ve no baggage in this world, so it doesn’t really matter where I’m buried at. Perhaps being buried at the Three Lifetime Mountain could be deemed as giving back her love for me.”

Lin Huang was silent after hearing that.

“Sir, don’t think too much, alright? Take care of yourself within these three years. I’ll look for a cure for you as soon as possible.” Lin Huang knew Xiao Hei must have a card that could heal Mr. Fu, but he was not authorized to use it yet.

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