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Chapter 627: Yao Family’s Reaction

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Early morning in the Yao residence in Sweep City, Yao Huanhuan walked to the dining room while humming after was.h.i.+ng up. Her mother, father, and sister were seated. The three of them were peeking at her as they ate slowly.

“Sis, when did you come back?” Yao Huanhuan was surprised to see the young lady home.

“This morning,” Yao Lan replied.

“So early? Don’t you always come back during lunch? So, you’ve decided to come back during breakfast now?” Yao Huanhuan giggled.

“I had a last-minute mission in the middle of the night which was just near home, so I dropped by.

“Oh.” Yao Huanhuan chatted with her sister before joining them for breakfast.

“Huanhuan, where did you go last night that you had to come home so late?” Her mother asked a while later.

“Didn’t I tell you that I bought my friend a meal? We ended up shopping in the afternoon, so I bought him dinner before coming home.” Yao Huanhuan skipped the part where she went to the black market.

“You bought someone a meal?” Yao Lan thought it was odd.

“Yeah, I told you about the guy who blocked my Dumb Dumb yesterday morning,” Yao Huanhuan said with a smile.

“Dumb Dumb?” Yao Lan thought that she could not understand her own sister anymore.

“The dragonkin that you got her earlier,” her mother explained helplessly.

“Didn’t you call it Hong Hong?” Yao Lan frowned.

“I changed its name yesterday. It’s so dumb!” Yao Huanhuan explained.

“I suppose you rode on it before even coming to an agreement with your summoning monster?” Yao Lan glared at her.

“Didn’t I tell you many times that you need to train your summoning monster for at least three months before bringing it out in public?!”

“But it behaved well when it was at home!” Yao Huanhuan denied.

“That’s just the preliminary training. You’ll need more training such as anti-interference. You’ve always brought your summoning monsters out in public after finis.h.i.+ng the preliminary training and ignored the other training. It’s normal for it to go crazy when it sees so many people and flying mounts all around it!” Yao Lan gave her a lesson, knowing how reckless Yao Huanhuan was.

“So, how many streets did it destroy yesterday?

“Not many. Less than two streets,” Yao Huanghuan chuckled.

“All thanks to my friend. If he didn’t slap Dumb Dumb to make it pa.s.s out, I’ve no idea how much compensation I’d need to pay. So, of course, I had to buy him a meal to thank him.”

“He made your gold flame-level triple mutated dragonkin pa.s.s out with one slap?” Yao Lan raised her eyebrow.

“Your friend is an immortal-level?”

“Hehe, he’s only crimson flame-level,” Yao Huanhuan said excitedly.

“Sis, you might not be able to fight him even if the both of you are on the same level. He didn’t only slap Dumb Dumb, he even killed…”

Yao Huanhuan then realized that she had said something that she should not have, so she stopped immediately.

“What did he kill?” Her father, who had been quiet, frowned and asked when he heard that.

“No… Nothing.” Yao Huanhuan looked down and shoved a bread into her mouth.

“Did he kill people in front of you?” Her father demanded.

“No, no,” Yao Huanhuan denied. She knew that if her parents found out what Lin Huang had done, they would ask her to stop being friends with him.

Her parents looked at each other. They knew how she behaved like when she was lying, and it was obvious that she had just lied.

“You’re not allowed to see this person anymore!” Her father said furiously.

“Huanhuan, try not to get close to people like that. Since you’ve already bought him a meal, you’ve already paid your deed.” Although her mother’s tone was gentle, the message she was trying to send was the same as Yao Huanhuan’s father.

“Huanhuan, the triple mutated gold flame-level dragonkin that I got you actually has the ability of an immortal-level rank-2. Your friend is just on crimson flame-level, but he managed to settle the dragon that was a level higher than him. That proves that he’s a real supreme genius. I would’ve lost to an immortal-level rank-2 monster if I were to fight one when I was on crimson flame-level, let alone settling it in a single blow. Such a person must be trained by a powerful organization, and there are only a few such organizations in Division 3 besides underground members. I know most of them, but I’ve never heard of such a person. That possibly mean he’s a member of an underground organization, most probably one of the top ones,” Yao Lan a.n.a.lyzed Lin Huang’s ident.i.ty.

Yao Huanhuan did not say a word as she already knew that Lin Huang was a member of an underground organization. It was not difficult to conclude that from the way that he had killed and how familiar he was with the black market. However, she did not think that Lin Huang was a bad person.

“I’m full. You guys go on.” Yao Huanhuan put the bread down on the table and left. The three of them looked at her leave without stopping her.

After Yao Huanhuan left, Yao Lan spoke to her parents, “You guys have spoiled her. I think the guy didn’t know who Huanhuan is, so he wasn’t interested in her. Now that it’s all over the news, it’s too risky to let her get close to that guy.”

“Old Yao, get something to find out who that guy is.” The mother looked at her husband desperately.

“Whether it’s related to Huanhuan or not, this person must have some kind of intention. We must find out what he’s doing in Sweep City.”

“Yes, we should. The father nodded and glared deadly.

“If he’s coming for the Yao family, no matter which organization he’s from, I won’t let him live.

Lin Huang, who was tens of kilometers away, had no idea that he was being targeted by the Yao family After hanging up on the call from the lady, he looked at the doc.u.ments that she had sent immediately. The first one was of the organizations in all footholds of Division 3. It detailed the records from grade to C-grade footholds and even included the contradictions between the organizations as well as the fights that had happened in the past.

He had a rough skim through and started looking at the second doc.u.ment. The second one held the information of severe danger zones and forbidden lands as well as where the monsters were. Lin Huang noticed that the number of severe danger zones in Division 3 were more than thrice the number that they had in Division 7. There were 18 forbidden lands, which was almost triple what Division 7 had.

He then looked at the last doc.u.ment about holy fire-level and immortal-level triple mutated monsters in Division 3. It was the most important doc.u.ment to him at that point. He then started looking for the Life Fire monster that suited him the most…

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