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Chapter 631: The Three of Them Are Here for Your Breakfast

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When it was almost 9 a.m., they started queuing up a few minutes beforehand to have their tickets checked. Surprisingly, when they formed two lines, there were a total of 167 of them.

Lin Huang took a glance at the queues and realized that two teams were going on a trip!

The leaders of both of the teams were the immortal-levels, and he guessed that they were on the rank-3 or rank-4. Both of them were holding red flags with white words printed — A day trip to the Abyss Brink.

The holy fire-level young men that followed them were chatting with each other.

‘How could they develop the tourism industry in the forbidden land? The people in the core zone are really geniuses…’ Lin Huang thought to himself.

Looking at the time, it was already 8.57 a.m. He then put the cup down and slowly made his way towards the queue.

A young man was queuing up in front of Lin Huang. Because he saw that Lin Huang had lined up behind him, he asked curiously, “Bro, are you from our group? Why didn’t I see you just now?”

The man was one of the team members on the trip.

“No, I’m going on my own.” Lin Huang shook his head.

“You’re just on crimson flame-level, yet you have the guts to enter the Abyss Brink on your own? You’re kind of brave, aren’t you?!” He exclaimed. In fact, he felt that Lin Huang was eager to die. However, he was not close to Lin Huang and felt that if he were too direct, he would undoubtedly offend him.

“Is it safe to go on a trip in a group?” Lin Huang was curious.

“It’s quite safe. Although it’s a vacation, we actually follow the tour guide and walk along the safe route for only half a day. We’ll take photos and kill two monsters in the Abyss Brink so that we can experience how it feels like to hunt monsters in the forbidden land. After we return, we can share the photos on our social networks,” the man explained honestly.

“Can’t you guys stay overnight?” Lin Huang asked.

“Of course we can’t. Doing so is dangerous. The monsters will be rather active at night compared to during the daytime. Most of the predators are active at night.” The man explained further, “However, there’s also an overnight package which costs a lot more and signing a waiver is necessary. If anything happens, the tour company and the tour guide aren’t going to bear the responsibility. It’s less likely for anyone to sign up for that tour package. They can’t even get a single business transaction for that package in a month. Most of the day trip tour guides are immortal-level rank-3 or rank-4. As for the tour guides of the overnight trip, they are immortal-levels of higher ranks, possibly immortal-level rank-6 or rank-7.”

“Is there any limit on the combat strength of the people who join the travel program?” Lin Huang made a guess as he noticed that none of the holy fire-levels joined the team.

“They must be at least on white flame-level. Also, they must’ve completed building their flying forcefield so that they can master the flying skills. Otherwise, they won’t be able to escape if anything happens.”

“It sounds interesting.” Lin Huang felt that the person who came up with the idea of the tour program was intelligent. “I suppose it’s not cheap to go for a trip like this, is it?”

“It’s quite expensive! It costs 3,000 Life Crystals, and there’s no refund or transfer allowed. We have to pay for everything that we prepare for the trip as well as the traveling tickets through the dimensional portal.” The man looked upset. “I regretted right after paying for the tour program. Oh well, since I’ve already paid for it, it’ll go to waste if I don’t go.”

“This is considered the cheapest package among all. There’s the overnight package, the three-day trip, and the seven-day trip. The overnight trip costs more than 10,000 Life Crystals. As for the three-day trip, it costs 50,000 Life Crystals, and the seven-day trip costs 100,000 Life Crystals.”

After chatting for a while, the portal was activated. Both of them then stopped talking.

Soon, both of the teams entered after scanning their entrance tickets.

Lin Huang was the last one to enter the portal. After he stepped into the portal, the door gradually closed.

A few moments later, the crowd cautiously strode out of the dimensional portal and appeared at the border of the deep entrance.

“Right through this entrance is the Abyss Brink. Please fly according to the white dotted line drawn on the cliff and make sure that you don’t stray from the flight path as you’ll get lost easily over here. If you’re flying off track, you might accidentally wander into places that you shouldn’t enter, and you’ll have to bear the responsibility.” After explaining, the staff summoned his dimensional relic and left.

Lin Huang set the location in his dimensional relic as well so that he could come the next time again.

Many of them jumped into the entrance.

“Good luck, bro.” The man who had chatted with Lin Huang patted his shoulder, then followed his team and entered. He wondered if Lin Huang would survive.

Many of them had left. Lan Yao, the girl who had talked to him earlier, was there as well. He did not bother about her and took a leap towards the entrance.

“I’d like to see if the guy is actually going to the second layer!” Yao Lan hesitated for a while when she saw Lin Huang leap towards the entrance. Still, she chose to follow after him.

After Yao Lan had left, three of the men exchanged glances with each other.

“She’s so pretty!”

“But she has small”

“What’s wrong with having small She’s still pretty! Do you want her? If you don’t, she’ll belong to both of us.”

“Yes, I do. Of course, I do!”

The three of them entered as well.

As Lin Huang flew along the white dotted line, he saw many other black ripples that might possibly be the entrance to the other parts of the Abyss Brink. Some of them allowed direct access deep into the Abyss Brink whereas some of them were temporary entrances that n.o.body knew when would close. If anybody happened to enter the Abyss Brink through those, it would be difficult for them to leave.

After moving down for about five minutes, Lin Huang finally arrived at the end of the dotted line. There was a giant arrow pointing downward at a large, blue-black ripple.

It was the actual entrance to the Abyss Brink which would lead them to the periphery of the first layer.

Seeing that the people in front of him had entered, Lin Huang followed after them as well.

As he pa.s.sed through the blue-black ripple, he could see a yellowish sky that looked somewhat like the weather during a sandstorm in the city on Earth.

They could not see the Sun although it was now daytime. Only the sound of the wind howling could be heard.

The ground had become desolate with a few clumps of withered gra.s.s. The place did not look like it had entered spring at all. Apparently, the weather over here was different from the outside.

Not far away from Lin Huang, two of the small teams rested for a while, and soon, they left with the four immortal-level leaders acting as their guide.

The rest of them left in groups of at least three.

Only a minority of them left on their own, and they were on immortal-level.

Just as Lin Huang was about to leave, he was blocked by four people. The four of them were on gold flame-level.

“Little brat, give us your Emperor’s Heart Ring, and you may leave,” one of them threatened.

Still, Lin Huang placed both of his hands in his pockets and said, “Why don’t the four of you give me your Emperor’s Heart Rings and leave?”

“I hate those who’re weak but arrogant.” A flicker of fury flashed through his eyes, and he snarled, “I’ve changed my mind. I want to kill you and cut you into 18 pieces to feed my pet monster.”

“I hate those who’re weak but arrogant too.” Lin Huang grinned at the man. “Therefore, I’ve also changed my mind, and I want to kill all of you.”

Yao Lan, who had just pa.s.sed through the entrance, saw this. She grinned as she stood nearby and watched what had just happened. From her sister, she knew that Lin Huang was strong. It would be easy for Lin Huang to defeat the four gold flame-levels that were trying to get him into trouble. However, she wanted to know how strong Lin Huang exactly was.

Right at that moment, the three men, who had followed her, approached her.

“Hey girl, let’s have some fun.”

Yao Lan rolled her eyes at the three of them. Soon after, a snake the size of her thumb appeared on her palm.

“A Braineater Serpent?” Their eyes flashed with fear. “Sister, it’s our fault…”

“Green Scale, the three of them are here for your breakfast.”

A second later after Yao Lan finished her words, a sage green glow streaked across the sky and penetrated through their heads. Their bodies immediately became limp and collapsed.

After Yao Lan recalled her little snake, there were already four dead bodies in front of Lin Huang, and he was searching through the body of the corpses rather rudely.

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