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Chapter 635: Rakshasa Mother

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The transparent Life Power pods were spreading out in all directions, and b.l.o.o.d.y started combing through the surrounding area.

10 kilometers, 20 kilometers… 50 kilometers, 100 kilometers…

Time had pa.s.sed, but still, he did not receive any news from b.l.o.o.d.y regarding the Devil’s Psykid.

“Could it be fake news?” Lin Huang frowned but soon, he shook his head and excluded the possibility. He had made three trades with the woman from the black market that day. They even agreed for him to sell her monster after that. The woman could not possibly fool him with fake news.

As he thought about it carefully, the woman had gotten the information about the location from someone else more than two months ago. Perhaps the Devil’s Psykid had been attacked within the two months and was forced to leave. It might even have been killed by other monsters or humans.

If it were the former one, it would take him some time to find it again. However, if it were the latter, his efforts to go into the Abyss Brink were in vain.

“Please don’t be killed by the others…” Lin Huang thought to himself as he did not want to go home empty-handed. It was not easy for him to choose a suitable Life Fire monster. If he could not find it, he would have to select another one again. If there were no other suitable monster, he would have to wait for the latest news of the monster up to a few months.

“I’ve found it!” After about an hour, b.l.o.o.d.y’s voice was suddenly heard.

“Is it far from here?” Lin Huang immediately asked.

“It’s not too far. It is approximately 1,500 kilometers away,” b.l.o.o.d.y answered. “However, it’s not easy to kill it.”

“Has it leveled up?” Lin Huang immediately asked. According to the information he had, the Devil’s Psykid was originally an immortal-level rank-6. If it were now an immortal-level rank-7, it would be beyond Lin Huang’s capabilities. He would have to use the Transformation Card to increase his combat strength.

“It’s not about its combat strength, but it’s been captured by a Rakshasa Mother.” b.l.o.o.d.y sounded helpless.

“A Rakshasa Mother?!” It was not Lin Huang’s first time coming across this monster name.

The Rakshasa Mother was a fiend. It was a humanoid monster which was born an immortal-level. As it grew up, it would upgrade to imperial-level. The Rakshasa Mother liked kids, especially boys. It was said that if it happened to into boys aged below 16 years old, it would catch them to its lair and raise them. Due to its maternal instincts, it would treat them as its own child. However, as they grew up and became an adult, they would then be killed. Therefore, some of the monsters that looked like kids would surrender to it so that they would be protected for their whole life.

Of course, Lin Huang had only heard of such legendary monsters before. There was just a brief description of this monster in the monster guide as it was not clearly recorded. He had never expected to encounter one on his own.

“Does it really catch monsters that look like kids?” Lin Huang asked curiously.

“I guess it does,” b.l.o.o.d.y said while projecting a picture that it had managed to capture through its Leech Pods.

It was a building with dim lights. Not only did Lin Huang see the Devil’s Psykid that he wanted to kill, but there were also two other monsters that looked like kids and a monster that looked like a baby.

However, it seemed like the Rakshasa Mother was not present.

“It seems like we’re in big trouble…” Lin Huang never expected this to happen.

The Devil’s Psykid had been adopted by the Rakshasa Mother which made killing it much more difficult.

“b.l.o.o.d.y, do you have any good ideas?” Lin Huang felt that he had a slight headache.

“There are three ways to kill the Devil’s Psykid,” b.l.o.o.d.y suggested, “First, kill the Rakshasa Mother. Secondly, sneak into the building when the Rakshasa Mother isn’t there and kill the Devil’s Psykid. Thirdly, try to lure the Devil’s Psykid out and destroy it.

“The first way will prevent any future trouble, but that costs us too much. As for the second way, it’s difficult to ensure that we won’t be discovered by the Rakshasa Mother while sneaking in. It must’ve set up some monitoring systems in the building. The third way will be the safest one, but we have to think of a way to lure the Devil’s Psykid out.”

Lin Huang then shook his head slightly. “If the Rakshasa Mother is only an imperial-level of black- or crimson gold-rank, I might be able to win the battle with my cards. However, if its combat strength is on yellow- or white gold-rank, I’m simply seeking for death. Moreover, it’s not worth wasting a card that can protect my life for the sake of obtaining tinder. As for the second method, it’s too risky to sneak in. We know nothing about the Rakshasa Mother’s abilities. If it possesses abilities like dimensional travel and I’m detected by its monitoring skill, it’ll probably kill me in the next second. Let’s follow the third suggestion and find a way to lure the Devil’s Psykid out.”

“If you were to choose the third way, we might possibly have to stay in the Abyss Brink for a few more days,” b.l.o.o.d.y answered. “I’ll need a few days to monitor their activities so that I can come up with a plan.”

“Sure. Let’s stay here for another few days.” Lin Huang nodded in agreement. “Let’s look for somewhere to stay.”

“There’s a Humanoid Spider in a cave that’s 120 kilometers away. The Humanoid Spider is only an immortal-level rank-3.” b.l.o.o.d.y extended its antenna, pointing towards the two o’clock direction.

After several minutes, Lin Huang appeared outside of the cave as directed by b.l.o.o.d.y.

Before Lin Huang could even instruct it, the Eclipse Boa then transformed into a b.l.o.o.d.y glow and entered the cave. A moment later, it returned victoriously.

Lin Huang cleaned up the cave and set up his tent. Since he was going to stay there for several days, he had to make sure that the environment was conducive.

After cleaning up and setting up his tent, it was about 6 p.m. The sky was turning dark.

Lin Huang then summoned Bai and Lancelot, and they had their snacks together in the cave.

As usual, Lancelot was in love with its vegetables whereas Bai was drinking its fruit juice that was bright red in color. It did not bother to eat any of the solid foods. b.l.o.o.d.y was munching on sweets happily whereas the Eclipse Boa was taking a small bite of the dried meat.

Lin Huang and his summoning monsters lived peacefully in the following few days.

Although they were on the second layer of the Abyss Brink which dangerous, he could still live a happy life.

There were no strong monsters in the place where he was living. The strongest monster would be an immortal-level rank-5 or rank-6. After he had occupied the cave of the Humanoid Spider, Bai and Lancelot fought an immortal-level rank-6 invader on that day itself. After that, the both of them had risen up to become one of the bosses in the area as they had gained considerable prestige. Many of the monsters did not dare to approach the cave where Lin Huang was.

Lin Huang was afraid that they would be discovered by the Rakshasa Mother which was more than 1,000 kilometers away. Otherwise, he would have organized a barbecue party each night. He had been eating snacks in the past few days and was soon bored with the food.

Something that Lin Huang did not know was that Yao Huanhuan who was at Sweep City had created trouble for her parents.

“Daddy, it has been a few days. Do you have news about Lin Xie?” After knowing that her sister had gone to the Abyss Brink to get Lin Huang into trouble, Yao Huanhuan had been asking for permission to go to the Abyss Brink every day.

Of course, her parents would not let their daughter take the risk. They could only help her ask about Lin Huang.

“He hasn’t gotten out after so many days. Did Sister kill him?”

“Huanhuan, your sister has her limits.” Father Yao was speechless.

“Could he have been eaten by monsters?” Yao Huanhuan asked again.

“I’m not sure about that since it is the Abyss Brink…” Before Father Yao could finish his words, Mother Yao stared at him and said, “He might be able to survive.”

“Even if one day isn’t enough, he can definitely hunt for tinder in two days. Why hasn’t he got out of the Abyss Brink?”

Father Yao wanted to reply, “He has most probably died there.” However, seeing his wife, who was standing next to him glaring at him, he dared not say that.

“Something might have slowed him down. Your sister is still there. Let’s ask her when she comes back. Perhaps she has met Lin Xie there.” Mother Yao comforted her again.

After consoling her, Father Yao and Mother Yao frowned. They were not worried about Lin Huang but about Yao Lan instead.

Yao Lan had gone into the Abyss Brink for three days, but she had not come back yet. If it were a hunting mission, she would have completed it in a day or two. However, it was already the third day.

As for the young man called Lin Xie, they did not care at all. For a crimson flame-level young man, who had not returned after entering the Abyss Brink for three days, her parents considered him dead.

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