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Chapter 636: The Devil’s Psykid’s Secret

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Lin Huang had been staying in the Abyss Brink for six days.

Other than the first two days, he practiced the Army Attack Tactics in the next four days.

One of the reasons that he did so was Mr. Fu had advised him to before. Another reason was that his Sword Dao was stuck. He had to find a way to improve his abilities via other methods.

Lin Huang achieved level eight in his Army Attack Tactics two years ago. However, he had neglected it since then. It rotated on its own with the use of his Life Power. He would use it occasionally during a fight to increase the speed of releasing his Life Power.

It would require 810,000 card pieces to level up to level nine. However, he had only managed to collect 600,000 pieces over the past two years.

When he activated his Life Power at full speed, he could complete a skill rotation cycle in a second. On the first day of his training, he managed to collect more than 50,000 card pieces in about ten hours.

He did not do anything else in the next few days. Other than eating and sleeping, he spent almost 15 hours practicing Army Attack Tactics. Four days later, he finally collected 810,000 card pieces, and a notification from Xiao Hei arrived.

“810,000 Army Attack Tactics card pieces detected. You have fulfilled the requirement to level up. Would you like to use 810,000 Army Attack Tactics card pieces to level up?”

“Yes!” Lin Huang decided without a moment of hesitation.

“Using Army Attack Tactics card pieces x810,000… Army Attack Tactics is being leveled up…”

“Congratulations, Army Attack Tactics has leveled up to level nine!”

“You’re required to collect 10 million Army Attack Tactics card pieces for the next level!”

“Eh, 10 million? I can finally understand why there are so few of them who practiced this in the past.” Lin Huang was speechless right after he saw the figure.

Even he, who had a Goldfinger, would need 10 million card pieces to level up to Army Attack Tactics level 10. It was the standard to become a cultivator. However, to gather 10 million card pieces, even if he did not do anything else and just trained Army Attack Tactics for 15 hours a day, he would need 200 days to complete the collection, let alone ordinary people that had no Goldfinger. They could not obtain the complete skill set just by collecting card pieces. Forget leveling up from level one to level nine, to upgrade from level nine to level ten alone, they would not be able to achieve it without practicing for several years.

In Army Attack Tactics, for every six levels there would be a low threshold, and for every eight levels, there would be a high threshold. From the ninth level to the tenth, it was a bottomless pit. Anyone without talent, ability, and determination would have given up halfway through. However, by achieving level 10, only then they could practice The Twisted Fate Scripture and become a true cultivator. This was the reason why there were so few cultivators in the old epoch.

However, there would not be much improvement in Lin Huang’s ability when he leveled up to level nine. The only difference was that the speed of his recovery of Life Power was a few times faster than before, which enabled Lin Huang to have better control over his Life Power.

In the afternoon of the sixth day, Lin Huang gradually opened his eyes after leveling up to Army Attack Tactics level nine.

“Master, I’ve found a chance to kill the Devil’s Psykid.” Sensing that Lin Huang had regained his consciousness, b.l.o.o.d.y spoke, “Tomorrow is when the Rakshasa Mother gives the kids free time. Free time is only given to them once a month. That’s the only day when the Devil’s Psykid and the rest of the monsters will leave the Rakshasa Mother’s lair.”

“Tomorrow? I shall quickly think of a way to kill it,” Lin Huang said. The news came at the right time as he had just completed his upgrade in the Army Attack Tactics.

“The Rakshasa Mother will leave its lair early in the morning. So, it’s a workable plan. However, their bodies may be monitored,” b.l.o.o.d.y reminded.

“Therefore, right after I’ve completed the kill, I’ll have to leave immediately with the carca.s.s. I can’t extract its tinder first.” Lin Huang nodded.

After the monster died, the Life Fire in its body would go through a slow process of collapsing. He had an hour to extract the tinder. After an hour, when the Life Fire had disappeared entirely, he would have no way of obtaining it. Lin Huang did not have much time.

“Yes, since we have no idea how strong the Rakshasa Mother is, we’ll have to be prepared for the worst and a.s.sume that she can perform dimensional travel,” b.l.o.o.d.y confirmed. “Therefore, you have to leave right after you’ve completed the kill.”

After communicating with b.l.o.o.d.y, they then confirmed their murder strategy. At about 1 a.m, Lin Huang went to bed.

Early in the morning, before 6 a.m, Lin Huang was awake.

After waiting for so many days, he finally had the chance to extract the tinder.

Lin Huang then recalled Bai, Lancelot, and the Eclipse Boa into their card forms after having his breakfast. b.l.o.o.d.y was not recalled as he needed its guidance.

Sitting at the entrance of the cave, he waited patiently for the chance to strike.

At slightly after eight o’clock in the morning, as shown in b.l.o.o.d.y’s monitoring screen, the Rakshasa Mother carried a monster that looked like a baby and left.

In just a short while, a few of the monsters that it had adopted were released from the building. Lin Huang’s target, the Devil’s Psykid, was the last one to be released.

The monsters soon headed in their own directions. The Devil’s Psykid sized up the surroundings, then it flew in a random direction of its choice. It seemed like it was flying towards where Lin Huang was.

“Why is it coming towards our direction?” Lin Huang asked curiously.

“It’s not coming after us. Perhaps it’s going back to its own lair,” b.l.o.o.d.y guessed.

“It’s going back to its lair? Does it miss home?” Lin Huang felt that only humans had emotions, but he was unsure if a triple mutated monster would be emotional.

“I don’t think so. Most of the monsters have different ways of thinking compared to humans. They know nothing about home. Their lair is just a temporary habitat to them. The concept is the same as humans’ short-term tenancy, and they won’t miss home. It chooses to go back to its own lair probably because there’s something it cares for over there.”

“Something that’s caught a triple mutated monster’s attention? It must be something valuable!” Lin Huang laughed, “Can you confirm the exact location of its lair?”

“I confirmed it two days ago. Other than the cave that we’ve been staying in, there’s only another cave around us that’s vacant.”

“Let’s wait for it at its lair!” Lin Huang grinned wryly.

A few minutes later, Lin Huang and b.l.o.o.d.y appeared outside the lair.

“Here it is. Are we going in?” b.l.o.o.d.y asked. “It’ll need more than half an hour to arrive. Although I found nothing inside its lair by using my Leech Pods, we can still search.”

“There’s no need to do so. Let’s wait outside.” Lin Huang shook his head. They then hid in the forest nearby, restraining their aura.

In fact, the Devil’s Psykid was indeed heading back to its lair. It appeared outside its den after about half an hour. It stopped for a moment and looked around before entering the cave.

After the Devil’s Psykid entered the cave, b.l.o.o.d.y projected the situation inside the cave immediately.

The Devil’s Psykid went deep into the cave. Before reaching the wall, it pressed a portion of it. A few moments later, the wall started cracking and becoming stone chips. Black that looked like strands of hair appeared. The cracks were like vines forming all over the wall. Countless small fissures started extending slowly.

Black mist was gus.h.i.+ng out of the wall, entering the Devil’s Psykid’s nose and mouth…

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