Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 642 – A Massive Crisis

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Chapter 642: A Ma.s.sive Crisis

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The telekinetic division was a difficult task whereby it required detailed control ability in telekinesis. Before obtaining the Devil’s Psykid’s ability, training Seamless would be as tricky as a kindergarten child being asked to solve a high school academic question. However, it was not difficult for Lin Huang to train that now. Within a single morning, he managed to use his Divine Telekinesis power to divide a strand of thread into two, two into four, and so on… Eventually, he managed to divide the thread into 300 of them, completing level-1 of Seamless. Later on, he started practicing the controlling of the 300 threads.

When it was past 10 p.m., Lin Huang managed to control the 300 threads to dissect and sew monster The poor White Night Wolf that he used to practice on was dissected more than 1,000 times. It was so disgusting that even the Eclipse Boa refused to eat it and Lin Huang had to dispose of it. The next morning, he began training level-2 of Seamless and dividing threads using Divine Telekinesis. Since he was now more in control of the mastery of his power, his speed of dividing accelerated. By the time it was past two in the afternoon, he had completed level-2 of Seamless and had managed to split 1,000 threads. He then began practicing the control of those 1,000 threads.

Just after five in the afternoon, Lin Huang’s communication device rang. It was a message from Hu Lu with three doc.u.ments attached.

“Mr. Lin, we’ve found three supreme telekinetic weapons in different forms for you. One is conical, one is star-shaped while another is in a flying dagger-form. You can take a look at the details of the three weapons. I’ll arrange the purchase for you once you’ve decided.”

Lin Huang looked at the three doc.u.ments as soon as he read Hu Lu’s message. The first one was the conical telekinetic weapon. It was made of 180 spikes that looked like beaks. The weapon was the fastest as well as the most penetrable one among all. Therefore, most of the psychics used weapons in such form. It cost 9.8 million Life Crystals.

The second doc.u.ment was of the star-shaped weapon made of 108 meteorites. The attack of this weapon was like the falling of meteorites, which required minimum control of telekinesis. It was easy to be mastered as it was mainly operated by the speed of telekinesis control as well as the weight of the meteorites. It cost 8.5 million Life Crystals. Each of the meteorites cost was higher than the spikes.

Finally, the third doc.u.ment was the telekinetic weapon in flying dagger-form which was made of 360 flying daggers. It required a high control of telekinesis. If one controlled his power well, the speed and penetrability were just as powerful as the conical weapon. Besides, it had more modes compared to the latter. However, if one could not master the power well, the impact would be worse than the star-shaped weapon. This was the most expensive one, costing 21.9 million Life Crystals.

Lin Huang picked the most expensive one without thinking twice as the flying dagger one would match his Sword Dao.

“Too bad it’s too little. It’d be great if there are thousands or even tens of thousands of flying daggers in one of those.” He thought of the time when the Sword Dominator controlled more than 3,000 flying daggers. The scene still impressed him until now.

After picking his weapon, Lin Huang called Hu Lu immediately. Hu Lu picked up his call with a smile in her voice.

“You’ve made your decision?”

“Yes, I would like the flying dagger one.”

Hu Lu was not surprised at all. “Sure, I’ll order it for you.”

“No news on the ancient relic?” Lin Huang asked.

“Ancient relics are rare, let alone telekinetic weapons which hardly appear in a few years.” Hu Lu shook her head.

“I’ll keep an eye on that for you and inform you as soon as there’s any news. The one you’re ordering is a supreme one. You can use that first. Is there anything else that you need?”

“Erm…” Lin Huang hesitated before nodding. “Let me know if you can order more of this supreme flying dagger weapon. I’d like to get more of them.”

“More?” Hu Lu was skeptical. She thought that Lin Huang wanted to resell the item. “If you’re planning to resell them, you’re not going to make much profit as the price is quite transparent. Moreover, such a supreme weapon is expensive. You’d be lucky if you could make 10% from it.”

“That’s none of your business. Just order it for me.” Lin Huang did not bother to explain.

“Alright then, how many do you want?” Hu Lu asked unwillingly.

“Get me nine more to round it up to ten.” Lin Huang smirked.

“10?!” Hu Lu thought Lin Huang had gone crazy.

“Mr. Lin, you can get two of them to test the market if you’re really planning to resell them. If you buy ten of them, you might lose 200 million!”

Hu Lu had never expected that Lin Huang would buy all the weapons for his own use as most of the psychics could only divide 100 threads and even fewer of them could split more than 300 threads. The weapon was amazing enough for most of the psychics out there.

“That’s my problem. I won’t look for you if that happens. Just order them for me.” Lin Huang smiled. “Let me know the price. I’ll pay the deposit.”

Hu Lu did not want to say any further since Lin Huang insisted. She did not understand how spoilt brats spent their money. After the call ended, Lin Huang transferred the 21.8 million Life Crystals to Hu Lu for the first weapon that he had ordered.

The next afternoon, Hu Lu dropped by the hotel Lin Huang was staying at just before he was ready to train level-3 of Seamless. She was there to pa.s.s the weapon to him.

After confirming that he wanted to order the other nine weapons, Hu Lu left full of doubts while Lin Huang stayed in the hotel to train his Seamless skill. Just as he wrapped up in the evening, he managed to divide more than 1,800 threads. He could clearly feel that he was getting better at controlling the threads as a whole. Three days pa.s.sed, and Lin Huang had mastered 90% of the Devil’s Psykid’s ability. He figured he would achieve the Devil’s Psykid’s standard when he completed level-3 of Seamless and could control 3,000 threads.

Lin Huang began reading the news after was.h.i.+ng up. It was a habit of his before he went to bed. Just when he opened the black market’s page, the top news caught his attention immediately. The headlines were ‘Mysterious Case in the Level-2 Abyss Brink’. Lin Huang frowned as he read the news. The mysterious case was actually the wall with Abyssal Mist in the cave where Devil’s Psykid had entered. After Yao Lan had reported that to the Adventure Paradise a few days ago, besides the imperial-level people that were sent to investigate, even the Union Government and the Hunter a.s.sociation had a.s.signed more imperial-level people to check the case out.

The report showed that the cracks on the wall was nothing ordinary, but was a gap connecting to an unknown s.p.a.ce. The cracks were slowly expanding. The Abyssal Mist that was seeping from the cracks was a level-5 contamination. Two imperial-level people had become fiends in less than ten minutes after accidentally touching the mist. It was irreversible, and what was worse was that the mist seemed to have an instinct whereby it would go for non-fiend creatures.

The incident had caught the attention of a couple of demiG.o.ds who speculated that there was a perilous world on the other side of the cracks since they learned about the report. As the fissures enlarged, the creatures from the other side might head to the Abyss Brink and even access the humans’ world from there. The humans’ world might encounter a ma.s.sive crisis that was just as catastrophic as the Virtual Eye opening 800 years ago

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