Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 644 – Joining The Sweep Alliance

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Chapter 644: Joining the Sweep Alliance

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“Don’t hold back. Attack me with all you have. It’d be best if you could show me all of your techniques,” Huanggu Hao said to Lin Huang.

“Should we do this somewhere else?” Lin Huang studied the room in the restaurant and looked at Yao Lan. Although the restaurant was a demiG.o.d relic itself, he was not sure if the building structure was stable. After all, the restaurant was the property of the Yao family. With the daughter of the Yao family there, it would be bad to destroy the restaurant in front of her.

“Don’t worry, the restaurant is a demiG.o.d relic. There are special defenses in the rooms that make it indestructible to people below imperial-level. There’s nothing valuable in this room anyway, and we can always replace them.”

Yao Lan then mumbled to herself, “Luckily, the dishes have yet to be served…”

After confirming that the battle would not annihilate the restaurant, Lin Huang then stared at Huangfu Hao. A silver glow flashed in the air and appeared in front of Huangfu Hao at an instant.

“That’s fast!” Yao Lan, who was watching, exclaimed.

Huangfu Hao’s pupils shrunk as a gold s.h.i.+eld appeared in front of his body when he extended his hand. The silver glow collided with the s.h.i.+eld and sliced through the s.h.i.+eld at an odd angle.

Huangfu Hao did not have the time to avoid the attack. All he could do was watch the silver glow glide by his arm, leaving a light trail. Yao Lan was shocked to see that happen. Lin Huang then retrieved his flying dagger and said to Huangfu Hao, “Is that enough?”

“Was that all you’ve got?” Huangfu Hao disabled his s.h.i.+eld and fronted Lin Huang.

“Almost there.” Lin Huang nodded. Neither did he release his Life Power nor his Sword Dao in his attack. However, he had given 90% of what he had in terms of speed and strength.

“Your speed is almost at the immortal-level rank-7 standard,” Yao Lan concluded before Huangfu Hao could say anything, “But I can’t determine your attack strength.”

“Your attack strength is on immortal-level rank-7 as well. Most immortal-level psychics wouldn’t be able to switch the attack angle just like you did. If we were on the same combat level, your attack just now could definitely kill me.” Huangfu Hao made a fair comment.

“I would like to apologize for my absurdness earlier. Welcome to the Sweep Alliance,” Huangfu Hao said and extended his hand for a friendly handshake. Lin Huang shook his hand.

“Your defense is terrifying. My flying dagger couldn’t break through it,” Lin Huang smiled when he said.

“My inherited ability is special. Although I’m only an immortal-level rank-4, n.o.body below imperial-level can break my defense.” Huangfu Hao’s poker face was long gone.

“Xiao Lan, why didn’t you tell me that Lin Xie is a psychic? You only told me that he’s a powerful Imperial Censor,” Huangfu Hao turned around and asked Yao Lan.

“How would I know that he’s a psychic? He never used any telekinetic power in front of me.” Yao Lan glared at Lin Huang as his biodata did not state that he was a psychic; not even his Imperial Censor ident.i.ty was revealed.

“Didn’t you know that?” Huangfu Hao realized that it was a surprise to Yao Lan that Lin Huang was a psychic.

“How many flying daggers can you control?” Yao Lan questioned Lin Huang, perking Huangfu Hao’s interest as well.

“More than 300.” Lin Huang did not tell the truth since controlling 300 flying daggers were terrifying enough.

“You’re crazily talented as a psychic! I’ve met a couple of immortal-level psychic geniuses. The most they could control were 280 psychic weapons. Most of them could only control within 180 to 240 weapons.” Huangfu Hao could not be any happier that Lin Huang was joining the alliance.

“Let’s scan your ident.i.ty.” Yao Lan was worried that Lin Huang might take his words back, so she protected the scan page immediately.

“Don’t you want to eat first? I thought you’re hungry!” Lin Huang teased.

“I’m not hungry anymore. Hurry!” Yao Lan urged.

Lin Huang projected his ID while Yao Lan and Huangfu Hao scanned theirs to apply for Lin Huang’s members.h.i.+p together. In less than ten seconds, his application had been approved. An offer letter was sent to Lin Huang’s Emperor’s Heart Ring.

“Have a look now. Sign your name if everything is fine and you’ll be one of us.” Yao Lan was impatient.

“Take a look first. Let us know if there’s anything that you find unreasonable and we can get it amended,” Huangfu Hao added.

Lin Huang nodded and started reading the offer letter. The terms of the offer letter were clear. It was basically the same as what Yao Lan had sent earlier.

After confirming that everything was fine, Lin Huang signed his name ‘Lin Xie’ on the offer letter and sent it back. Soon, an ident.i.ty token was sent. There was a huge ‘Sweep’ engraved on the golden token. From the projection, the token was breathtaking. It was obvious that it was the work of a master.

“Here you go.” Yao Lan flicked her finger and a golden ball fell into his hand. He opened his hand and saw that it was the physical version of the token that was half the size of a palm. It was almost exactly the same as the one that had been projected.

“It’s just a collectible. Most of our activities are carried out on the Heart Network. Since the design of the token is pretty, many members wanted the physical one, so it was made later on,” Yao Lan smiled as she explained.

The token was really beautifully designed with good material, Lin Huang observed for a while before keeping it into his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

“Let’s eat. We’ll talk about the Sweep Alliance later while we eat.” Yao Lan started ordering as she browsed the food menu.

After ordering food, Yao Lan spoke again, “Lin Xie, about the Abyss Brink, the Union Government will send the rewards within these two days. I’ll bring them to you. As promised, you’ll get the rewards and I’ll get the points.”

“What happened at the Abyss Brink?” Huangfu Hao asked.

“It was Lin Xie who found out about the cracks on the second layer of Abyss Brink and I reported it,” Yao Lan explained.

Of course, Huangfu Hao knew about the cracks as every transcendent-level person knew about it since a few days ago. He did not expect that it was Lin Huang who had discovered it.

“You found out about the cracks?”

“It was just a coincidence. I was hunting a Life Fire monster and found out about the Abyssal Mist that was coming out of the cracks on the wall. However, I thought it was just a normal wall crack which might be connected to the ground, and that was how the Abyssal Mist came about.” Lin Huang nodded as he explained.

“There will be a catastrophe coming in five years. All of the transcendent-levels are worried about their own lives. Many organizations are recruiting members to train more people to prepare for the war. The same goes for genius organizations. We need more resources to level up our abilities. This is the reason why the Sweep Alliance started the recruitment early this time.”

“Nevertheless, we usually make an exception to recruit supreme geniuses even if the war isn’t happening,” Yao Lan smiled as she said.

“We don’t have many members. Including you, there’re only 36 of us and there’re only four supreme geniuses. Besides the three of us, the other supreme genius would be Hao Zi’s sister, Huangfu Lin. You’re the second member that I managed to recruit.”

“Aren’t you shameless? The ridiculous list that you have are all supreme geniuses. It’s your luck that you managed to get two,” Huangfu Hao teased Yao Lan.

“Why would I want to waste my time if it’s not for supreme geniuses?!” Yao Lan rolled her eyes.

“So, the first one that you recruited would be…” Lin Huang interrupted.

“Him.” Yao Lan pointed at Huangfu Hao.

“Well, this girl insisted that I must join for the honor of Sweep City. After I rejected her, she followed me everywhere we went, even to the toilet. She even told me that the way I pee is wrong…” Huangfu Hao was p.i.s.sed as he talked about it.

“I thought your sister got you to join.” Lin Huang did not expect Huangfu Hao had such a terrible experience.

“This girl got me to bring my sister in as well. There was nothing that I could do, so I begged my sister. If I had known her well, I wouldn’t have slapped this b*tch since the beginning.”

Lin Huang was glad that he agreed to join, or else similar consequences would happen to him.

“Oh, right, you said there are only 36 members at the moment. Did they quit? We’re there many of them?” Lin Huang asked.

“They didn’t quit. They retired,” Yao Lan shook her head and explained.

“All of the members of genius organizations will have to retire when you’re above 40 or arrive on imperial-level. This rule came about as most of the members would be at immortal-level rank-9 when they’re 40. Those who can’t level up to imperial-level would waste the organization’s resources if they stay while imperial-level people would need resources to sustain themselves. Since they have the ability as well as enough resources on their own, it would affect the resources for the new members if they continue to stay in the organization…”

The conversation with Huangfu Hao and Yao Lan went on until past 11 p.m. The dishes were amazing. There was even a soup made of an immortal-level rank-9 monster. However, Lin Huang focused more on the information that was provided by the both of them. The conversation had given him a better understanding of the genius organization and the Sweep Alliance. He had officially stepped into a brand new community.

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