Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 647 – God Relic — Emperor’s Heart

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Chapter 647: G.o.d Relic — Emperor’s Heart

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“It’s snowing?” Lin Huang frowned as he looked at the nebulous cloud that was getting thicker on top of him. As the Mighty Ape was climbing higher, the cloud got darker. In less in than a minute, the sky was so dark that it looked like it was dyed in black ink. The day became night in an instant. Lin Huang realized that the absurd change of weather was not natural at all.

“This should be the second checkpoint.”

The higher they went, the lower the temperature became. There was a layer of white frost on the tree bark.

“It’s a little cold up here.”

Soon, he felt a chilly breeze penetrate his body. The cold breath that he exhaled became frost. He opened the thermometer on his Emperor’s Heart Ring. It measured -80 degree Celsius and was still descending.

Although Lin Huang’s body was immune to the cold since he had a layer of Life Power covering him, the cold was draining his Life Power. In less than half a minute, he had drained almost one Life Wheel of Life Power. The Mighty Ape had frost on its body too. However, it did not affect it as much as the Mighty Ape was an immortal-level. It started climbing slower as the surface was getting slippery. However, the wind was blowing strongly, and the snowfall was getting heavier as they ascended. The Mighty Ape missed its steps a couple of times as its vision was affected.

Noticing that, Lin Huang recalled the Mighty Ape and summoned the Frost Flame Ape. Because the Frost Flame Ape was a monster with frost attributes, the weather could do nothing to it. With its thick, white fur, every breath it took absorbed the cold around it, and every exhalation released heat. It was like a giant air conditioner that absorbed and release heat. It felt like spring in winter as Lin Huang rode on its shoulder as his Life Power that had been draining went back to normal.

The Frost Flame Ape was excited to be summoned. It started climbing as soon as Lin Huang instructed it and it was no slower than the Mighty Ape. It did not have to climb using the cracks as frost formed on its palms and feet that clung onto the bark as soon as they touched its surface. Climbing was like walking on flatland to it. The chilly wind that was blowing on top could do nothing to the Frost Flame Ape that was exhaling heat.

In less than five minutes, the Frost Flame Ape brought Lin Huang to arrive at the dark cloud. The black fog lingered around the ape and still could not defeat the heat that it was breathing out. Suddenly, the Frost Flame Ape slowed down its pace and said to Lin Huang, “Master, the black fog is beneficial to me. I would like to stay here for a while to absorb the cloud.”

Lin Huang know that he could not deny the Frost Flame Ape’s request.

“This is a virtual world. Theoretically, your real body won’t be affected if you absorbed the cloud here. Give me a minute. Let me ask someone about this.” Lin Huang then contacted Yao Lan.

As soon as the video call was connected, the first thing Yao Lan noticed was the change of color of the ape.

“Eh, how come your ape’s color has changed? Wasn’t it gold earlier? Does it have color-changing abilities?”

“This is another ape that I have…” Lin Huang answered helplessly. “Let’s not talk about that now. I have a question.”

“Do tell.”

“Whatever that we get from this virtual world will lose its effect in the real world, right?” Lin Huang asked.

“Why are you asking this? Did you get anything worth keeping?” Yao Lan asked with her eyes wide open.

“No, my monster would like to stay in the second checkpoint,” Lin Huang said and switched the angle of his question. “If it doesn’t work in reality, I shan’t stay here any longer.”

Yao Lan was shocked when she saw where Lin Huang was. She suppressed her curiosity and answered his question, “The cultivation in the virtual world will be the same as in reality. Everything that you get, including items, can be brought into existence.

“It can’t be. I can understand the projection of items from the real world into this world, but not virtual items into reality. Is that even possible?” Lin Huang thought he would just confirm with Yao Lan, but she gave him an answer that he never expected.

“Are you messing with me?”

“I might mess with you on other matters, but not this as it will affect your Stairway points and our acc.u.mulated Sweep Alliance points.” Yao Lan did not look like she was joking.

“All of us have an Emperor’s Heart Ring with us, but most of the people don’t know that the ring was made of a G.o.d relic called the Emperor’s Heart. The virtual world of the Genius Union is also made of the Emperor’s Heart. The power of the Emperor’s Heart isn’t the Heart Network that’s used by all humans, but the ability to make virtual items into reality. All of the items that we obtain here are real. All of the things that we consume here will work on our bodies in reality. All of the ancient relics and demiG.o.d relics will become real in reality!”

“Making virtual items into reality… That’s too mind-boggling even for a G.o.d relic.”

Yao Lan’s explanation made Lin Huang’s jaw drop. He thought such an ability was even more powerful than Xiao Hei his Goldfinger.

“The Emperor’s Heart shouldn’t be a G.o.d relic. It’s impossible for an ancient G.o.d relic to make virtual items real. Even I can only use part of the virtual world to make a slight s.h.i.+ft in reality. There is a 99.998% possibility that the Emperor’s Heart is a Goldfinger that was manufactured from the same place that I was.”

Xiao Hei’s notification popped out of Lin Huang’s eyes all of a sudden.

“Then, how about the 0.002%?” Lin Huang asked secretly.

“The 0.002% could possibly be a relic that’s gone through an advanced evolution either on its own or through the powerful people that owned it and eventually were got rid of, but the likelihood of this is almost impossible.”

“However, there’s a condition to bringing virtual items into reality. You must place the items into the storage s.p.a.ce in your Emperor’s Heart Ring. If you hold the items in your hands or hide them in your clothes as you exit the virtual world, the items won’t be brought into reality. The next time you log in, the items that you didn’t place in your Emperor’s Heart Ring would have disappeared,” Yao Lan added.

“So, whatever that you got in the virtual world… either use them immediately or keep them in your storage s.p.a.ce. Don’t bring the items that you’d like to trade with you. Only bring them out from your Emperor’s Heart Ring when you’re ready to trade.”

“Alright, I understand now. Thanks for reminding me,” Lin Huang said.

Lin Huang was shocked to find out about that from Yao Lan. He took a while to calm himself down after hanging up the call and said to the Frost Flame Ape, “You can stay here to absorb the cloud then. I’d love to conduct an experiment as well.”

As soon as getting Lin Huang’s permission, the Frost Flame Ape started absorbing the black fog around it. Lin Huang then left its shoulder and climbed down to leave the dark cloud. Under the snow, he found a crack in the bark and hid in it. He activated his Army Attack Tactics to recover his Life Power. The experiment he was trying to conduct was to give himself pressure in the cold weather to see if he could accelerate his cultivation in the Army Attack Tactics as his Life Power was rapidly draining.

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