Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 656 – Kill All The Bugs!

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Chapter 656: Kill All the Bugs! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Although Lancelot was only an immortal-level rank-2, he was a triple mutated G.o.d’s blood monster after all. He was like a ferocious tiger prowling into herds of goats. All of the monsters were killed wherever his sword swung. Although his nine sword servants were only on double mutated immortal-level rank-2, they were no slower than Lancelot as they fought together. In less than a minute, Lancelot and the nine sword servants were deep into the monster horde and had left Lin Huang’s sensing coverage.

Lin Huang was not worried about Lancelot as he had his Dark Mirror, so the monsters could not break through his defense at all. After summoning Lancelot, Lin Huang got busy himself as he planned to kill the Velocious Swordfiends to relieve the teams of their stress. He greeted Zhao San and circled the team while killing the Velocious Swordfiends that were hiding around. He then proceeded to help the next team.

Although the Velocious Swordfiends’ mimicry ability was powerful, Lin Huang’s ocular skill was just as terrifying as the Velocious Swordfiends could not escape from him. The next hunting team was less than 300 meters away from Zhao San’s team, and three Velocious Swordfiends were attacking them. They were suffering as the monsters surrounded them. Once attacked, The Velocious Swordfiends would usually back off. If they missed their strike, they would hide and find another opportunity to attack again.

The eight members of the hunting team had their guards up against the three Velocious Swordfiends as they were busy killing the Tentacle Beetles. As soon as Lin Huang got to them, he headed straight towards the Velocious Swordfiends that were hiding among the monsters. With his ocular skill, the Velocious Swordfiends that were cloaking themselves were like candle lights in the dark.

His three telekinetic flying daggers shot out in three silver glows. The Velocious Swordfiends that thought were invisible did not expect the three silver bolts of light to a.s.sault them in an instant. However, it was too late when they sensed the danger upon them as the silver glows slashed right through their heads. Their faded into pieces and disappeared.

The eight members of the hunting team did not even see the three Velocious Swordfiends that were being cloaked. All they saw were the disappearing monster after witnessing the silver flashes. They then realized that it was Lin Huang who had helped them.

“Bro, thanks!” A person shouted at Lin Huang while the rest looked at him in grat.i.tude. Lin Huang nodded at them and looked around. He then killed another two Velocious Swordfiends before leaving for the third hunting team.

In less than a minute, Lin Huang had helped the third hunting team kill the Velocious Swordfiends that were surrounding them before heading to the fourth and fifth hunting teams. As the 28 teams were not too far apart from one another, he spent around half an hour killing all of the Velocious Swordfiends that were hiding. Most of the teams were grateful for his help as they would not have been able to hold on for long if not for his support.

Without the Velocious Swordfiends, the killing efficiency climbed up again. Lancelot and the sword servants seemed to be doing well. In the next hour, the 28 hunting teams soon cleared all of the monsters on the branch. It was their first time managing to kill all of the monsters on the branch as they would usually only last for half an hour and leave the virtual world or hide amongst the leaves when it got too overwhelming.

After clearing the branch, there were not that many monsters left on the main branch. The 28 hunting teams charged into the monsters, and the third monster horde was over in 20 minutes. That night saw the highest number of kills that most of them achieved on the 21st checkpoint. Zhao San and his team were excited as they had never obtained so many points at once before. Lancelot then recalled his sword servants and returned to Lin Huang.

Many were envious of the handsome human-form summoning monster in dark red armor. Lin Huang did not recall or compliment Lancelot. Instead, he handed him a packet of dried vegetables. Lancelot took the dried vegetables blissfully and started eating while he stood where he was. The onlookers pitied Lancelot as they thought he had decided to follow a cheapskate master who rewarded him with dried vegetables instead of dried meat.

“Erm, is that dried vegetables?” Zhao San, who was watching, could not help but to ask. He was hoping to hear something else such as it actually was some other food that resembled dried vegetables.

“Yes.” Lin Huang nodded, but he soon noticed that the people were looking at him like he had done something wrong, so he explained further, “That’s his favorite.”

“Yeah, right!” All of them had the same thought when they heard what Lin Huang said.

Lin Huang noticed their doubtful expressions, but he did not bother to explain and changed the subject instead.

“What’re the monsters in the fourth monster horde?”

“I don’t know. n.o.body knows.” Zhao San shook his head helplessly.

“Ever since the Stairway Tree existed, n.o.body on the 21st checkpoint managed to witness the fourth monster horde. Not only this branch, but it’s also the same with the other five branches. Everyone was either disqualified in the third monster horde or logged out of the virtual world. The fourth monster horde won’t come if the third one isn’t completely cleared, so even the people hiding in the isolation bubbles in the leaves have no idea what the fourth monster horde is like. We’re not even sure if there’ll ever be one.”

“We shall wait and see then. I’ll log out to sleep if nothing happens in ten minutes.” It was 12.30 a.m. when Lin Huang checked the time. He planned to get a good night’s sleep and proceed to climb the tree tomorrow. All of the other hunting teams did not log out as well. It was not that they were confident of beating the next monster horde, but they wanted to witness how would the fourth monster horde looked like. After all, n.o.body had ever seen that before. Staying here would make them witnesses of history.

After they waited for two to three minutes, the monsters’ roar was finally heard. They craned their necks to look in the distance, trying to see how the fourth monster horde looked like. Lin Huang activated his ocular skill and soon saw the so-called fourth monster horde. To his surprise, the monsters that were coming were still Tentacle Beetles and Velocious Swordfiends. However, there were many more Velocious Swordfiends this time. During the third monster horde, there were only one or two occasionally, but they now occupied half of the mob.

The Velocious Swordfiends no longer hid themselves among the monsters. Instead, they formed an army. Their black eyes were blood red, and even their four sword arms were carmine, seeming like they were splashed in blood.

“The Velocious Swordfiends are infuriated as well…” Lin Huang turned serious. The average Velocious Swordfiend was already fast, but now that they were infuriated, their speed must be accelerated. Perhaps not many among the teams would manage to hold up for long with this horde.

“Let’s retreat. There’s no way that we can win this time,” Lin Huang said to Zhao San. From a distance, Zhao San and the rest noticed that the Velocious Swordfiends were infuriated. They were concerned while the other teams were attempting to retreat too.

“Retreat!” Zhao San nodded and made his decision.

They then logged out of the virtual world one-by-one.

“I shall leave too. I’ll see you tomorrow morning then,” Zhao San said to Lin Huang and logged out.

The other hunting teams noticed that many teams had retreated, so they logged out as well because it would be meaningless for them to stay. Soon, only Lin Huang was left on the branch. He smirked as he looked around.

“I shall get all the points this time!”

His summoning monsters were summoned one by one in front of him — Bai, Charcoal, Tyrant, Kylie, Clown, b.l.o.o.d.y…

“Our mission today is to kill all the bugs!”

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