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Chapter 66: Mission Card Has Been Activated

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Lin Huang checked in into a nice hotel in Carefree City and he had specifically asked for a suite with a bigger living room. It was for sword training.

He had four days before he exploring the w.a.n.gyou Forest and so Lin Huang wanted to acc.u.mulate skill card pieces. It would be perfect if he got a complete skill card before he left for w.a.n.gyou Forest. However, things did not go the way he imagined them to.

Lin Huang checked into the hotel around two o’clock in the afternoon. Apart from the 20 minutes he spent having dinner, he practiced until 12 midnight. He had lost the momentum he had before. Even after 10 hours of practice, he did not obtain even one card piece.

For the next three days, apart from eating and sleeping, Lin Huang had spent all his time on practice. He started at eight in the morning and practiced all the way to 12 midnight. In total, he practiced more than 15 hours every day.

However, what he obtained within the three days were not up to his expectations.

He only got hold of the rhythm of the sword twice and obtained two skill card pieces in three days.

On the third night, he laid on his bed, exhausted. He was upset, “It’s not easy to mimic the rhythm after watching the demonstration once. If Li Yanxing was to show me more of his thunder sword or even a couple more times of the same technique, I would have more reference to practice and probably not seem as pathetic as I do now with the few card pieces I have.”

He then went to bed, tired.

The next morning, he washed up and then had a buffet breakfast on the second floor of the hotel. He then ordered a monster car and headed straight to the south door.

A monster car was a transport similar to a carriage. In this world, it was only used for traveling within the city as the distance between one foothold to another would be too time-consuming as they were really far apart.

The monster used for the monster car would usually be a creature that lived in the snow. It was a tamed hoofed creature with white hair, it looked like a horse but it was much bigger than a horse. Its body length was usually around three meters long and it had silver sharp teeth with a tremendously strong bite. It was an omnivore that loved meat.

Lin Huang chose to ride on a monster car as it would attract too much attention if he rode on his Sand Monster or Ox Devil. Also, his monsters walked on two legs, they were not meant to be ridden on and it was uncomfortable to ride on them.

It was cheap to ride on a monster car as it would only cost him one credit point for one kilometer. It cost Lin Huang 12 credit points to ride from the hotel to the southern door of the foothold.

It was 8:50 a.m. when he arrived at the south door of the foothold. Just as he got off the monster car, he saw a familiar tall young man.

“Li Yanxing? Why is he here?” Lin Huang found it strange, he thought about it and realized that since he was a VIP, he should have used the exclusive path for VIPs. That was perhaps why he did not see Li Yanxing when they got off the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.

There were three other young men with him. Lin Huang hardly left his room when he was on the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p. He had only seen Li Yanxing. He figured that the other three men could be royalty just like Li Yanxing was.

As Lin Huang was checking them out, Li Yanxing looked at him and waved out of a sudden. Lin Huang thought that was odd. He looked around himself and realized that there was n.o.body else there and in response, Lin Huang pointed at himself.

Li Yanxing nodded and gestured at him to go over.

“Don’t tell me he’s the one leading the team…” Lin Huang mumbled while walking towards the four of them.

“Hi, my name is Li Yanxing. You must be the Lin Huang who is following our team, am I right?” Li Yanxing smiled to Lin Huang while he walked closer to them.

“Hi there, I’ve seen you on the news.” Lin Huang smiled and nodded, “I’m the one who is joining your team to w.a.n.gyou Forest, nice to meet you.”

“Bro Lin Huang, as we have a mission in w.a.n.gyou Forest, our schedule is pretty tight. We usually never have anyone else follow our team. We made a mistake by accidentally picking someone from the application form and now you’re on our team…” Li Yanxing seemed troubled.

“It’s our mistake. We can give compensate you sufficiently so that you can hire an adventurer team. We do suggest that you withdraw from our team because we really do not wish to bring an outsider with us.”

Though Li Yanxing sounded sincere, Lin Huang hesitated. He thought he could secretly learn Li Yanxing’s sword skill during the trip. But now that Li Yanxing insisted him to withdraw from his team and was willing to compensate him, it was hard for him to reject Li Yanxing’s offer.

Seeing that Lin Huang was not quite happy, Li Yanxing added, “Actually the highest wild zone in w.a.n.gyou Forest is only a grade-3 and therefore, a silver-level adventurer would be sufficient. There would be less risk if Bro Lin Huang hired a silver adventurer. If you follow us, we will have to part ways when we arrive in w.a.n.gyou Forest. If you hire a team, you could get them to bring you into the forest and they might even hunt for you.”

The more Li Yanxing explained his position, the more convinced Lin Huang was. He did not choose to hire a team earlier as he did not have that kind of money. To hire an adventurer team, he would need 100,000 credit points for a day. The journey into w.a.n.gyou Forest would cost him 100,000 credit points and upon return, another 100,000 more. If there was a delay in the forest, he would be broke.

Just when he was going to reply Li Yanxing, a notification came up and a communication box popped up in front of him.

“Mission card activated due to special circ.u.mstances.”

A mission card then popped up.

The blonde lady dressed in a black maid attire on top of the card started to speak.

“Congratulations, your mission card has been activated due to special circ.u.mstances!”

“Now, let me announce your mission!”

“Your mission is as follows: Follow Leng Yuexin into w.a.n.gyou Forest. After you have leveled-up to iron-level, follow Leng Yuexin back into Carefree City! Mission time limit: 15 days.”

“Mission Award: One Advance Card.”

“If you failed to complete the mission within given time, you will be punished: One of your monster cards will be randomly removed!”

“Mission announcement has been completed; you can read the description of the card.”

After the mission announcement was done, the blonde lady became stood still again.

Lin Huang was doubtful as he did not see Leng Yuexin here at all. Why would his mission include following Leng Yuexin into w.a.n.gyou Forest if they were not there?

As Lin Huang was thinking, a lady’s voice spoke from behind him.

“You must be Lin Huang who is following the team, is that right?”

Lin Huang turned around; it was a poised woman standing behind him. She had black, short hair that covered half of her neck. She seemed very cold.

“My name is Leng Yuexin, I am the team leader of the mission,” she said.

“Hi, I’m Lin Huang who is following the team.” After confirming her name, Lin Huang finally understood the reason why the mission card was activated.

As the mission was confirmed, Lin Huang was not thinking of withdrawing himself from the team anymore.

Seeing Lin Huang talking to Leng Yuexin, Li Yanxing frowned.

The other royalty young man spoke too, “Bro Lin Huang, I thought you mentioned that something came up and that you won’t be following us anymore?”

Lin Huang looked at the young man and pretended not to know what he was talking about, “Did I say that? Oh, I don’t remember.” Lin Huang said shamelessly.

No matter what, he would not leave the team or else he would lose a monster card if he failed the mission. It would be a great loss if he were to lose Bai or Tyrant.

Leng Yuexin noticed that there was something transpiring between the both of them. She interrupted the young man who was attempting to speak again and said “Since he’s here, let’s go together. You can always handle your stuff when you’re back, Lin Huang”

“There’s nothing else I have to do apart from this mission.” Lin Huang mumbled innocently.

Although his voice was soft, the rest heard him loud and clear.

“Then it must be my mistake…” The young man let out an awkward smile and did not speak again.

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