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Chapter 660: The Heaven Alliance Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang received a notification when he woke up the next morning. It was the Genius Union who sent the notification, Lin Huang read it out of curiosity and found out that it was sent to the and was related to him.

“Dear members, we’ve investigated and reviewed our member ‘Lin Xie’ who was heavily reported recently due to an allegation of him cheating on the Stairway Tree, and we’ve concluded that he did not cheat. Lin Xie went through the checkpoints and obtained the points with proper methods which are aligned with the conditions. End of notice!”

Lin Huang grinned as he shook his head after reading the message. He figured that would be the verdict as well. Besides Lin Huang, all of the members of the Genius Union received the same notification at the same time.

“He didn’t cheat? How is that even possible?!”

“How could a blue flame-level manage to get more than eight million points overnight without cheating?”

“Even with strategies, it’s difficult for a blue flame-level person to get from the 21st to the 30th checkpoint in one afternoon. What I don’t understand is how did he manage to get more than eight million points overnight.”

“I think either the Emperor’s Heart is faulty or this Lin Xie really is something.”

“We’ve been slapped by Emperor’s Heart! My cheek hurts. Someone, please comfort me…”

“Please, your a.s.s! I have a 21-centimeter steel rod that could comfort you!”

“Oh no, the ride has departed. Please buckle up guys.”

“This is not my ride to the kindergarten. Pull over!”

On the 63rd checkpoint was the Heaven Alliance from the foothold of Division 1. Three immortal-level rank-9s had promised to meet in the morning. They received a notification on their Emperor’s Heart Rings when they were just starting to chat. They read it immediately when they realized that it came from the Genius Union. The three of them frowned after reading the notification. The allegation about Lin Huang was the hottest topic for the past few days. While they knew about it, they did not follow the case. On the 63rd checkpoint, everyone was occupied with how to break through the checkpoint, and they were not really interested in what was happening below the 60th checkpoint.

The three of them had briefly discussed how Lin Huang managed to get more than eight million points overnight yesterday and they were convinced that he had cheated. Besides cheating, there was no other explanation for Lin Huang’s achievement. They were surprised to see the verdict as they read the notification.

“A blue flame-level got more than eight million points overnight, and the Emperor’s Heart said he did it without cheating. The Emperor’s Heart must be broken!” A man wearing a long-sleeved printed tee guffawed.

“Have you ever heard about the Emperor’s Heart being broken throughout the 800 years of history?” A man in a white s.h.i.+rt raised his eyebrow.

“So, you think that Lin Xie achieved what he did just with his own ability?” A man in a trench coat asked in all seriousness.

“Stop messing around. You and I can kill immortal-level rank-4 monsters like we’re killing dogs when we’re only blue flame-level, but we can’t kill tens of thousands of monsters overnight and get eight million points. Even if we drain all the Life Power that we have, we can only kill hundreds of monsters at once. Furthermore, we have special Life Power columns with extra Life Wheels in our bodies. It’s pretty impressive for an ordinary person to be able to kill more than 100 monsters overnight,” the man in the t-s.h.i.+rt disagreed.

“What we’re unable to do doesn’t mean that others can’t. What if he has unlimited Life Power as the legend says? Or maybe he has the ability to clone himself? What if he has a demiG.o.d relic that can attack within a wide range?” The man in the white s.h.i.+rt voiced out the possibilities. The both of them were speechless.

“Of course, he might have his own way to cheat that escaped the investigation of the Emperor’s Heart.” The man in the white s.h.i.+rt did not fully believe in the conclusion that the Emperor’s Heart had announced.

“So, you’re not sure if he cheated or not.” The man in the t-s.h.i.+rt laughed.

“Even if he did and he escaped the G.o.d’s relic Emperor’s Heart, don’t you think this guy is really something?” The man in white s.h.i.+rt grinned amusedly as he asked.

“If he didn’t cheat, that proves how powerful he really is.”

“Do you want to recruit him?” The man in the trench coat looked at the man in the white s.h.i.+rt gravely.

“It’s been almost two years since we recruited anyone. This guy’s combat level is too low.”

“Don’t forget that he’s not from Division 1 like us,” the man in the t-s.h.i.+rt added.

“Low combat level is something temporary. Are you worried that such a person will be stuck below immortal-level?” The man in the white s.h.i.+rt supported Lin Huang.

“It shouldn’t be a problem that he’s not from Division 1. It’s not like we don’t have any members that come from Divisions 2 and 3.”

“Of course, that’s just a suggestion. Whether or not my suggestion becomes action depends on you guys. The recruitment follows our usual way of voting. I’ll get everyone online later.” The man in white s.h.i.+rt seemed to have made a decision.

“Let’s wait until the voting session later.”

Lin Huang had no idea that he was being picked to be on the waiting list of the No. 1 organization among the genius organizations, the Heaven Alliance. Yao Lan called again when he was having his breakfast. He picked up her call helplessly as he knew that she would definitely call back later if he avoided her.

“What’re you up to?” Yao Lan chirped.

“Breakfast.” Lin Huang put a spoonful of salad into his mouth.

“Congratulations, you’re not a suspect of cheating anymore.” Yao Lan smiled naturally. She was shameless even to call him as she had been sure that Lin Huang was going to be suspended.

“I’ve told you that I didn’t cheat. It’s you who doesn’t believe me.”

“Are you kidding? I’ve always believed you.” Yao Lan did not even blush when she said that.

“Thanks. I’ve finally understood what shameless means today.” Lin Huang wiped his mouth with a piece of serviette.

“You’re the shameless one…”

A message popped up when they were bantering. Lin Huang ignored Yao Lan and read the message instead.

“Hi, Mr. Lin Xie. My name is Chan Dou, and I’m from the Heaven Alliance. I’m representing the alliance to invite you to join us officially. I hope to hear from you within the next three days.”

Attached with the message was a delicate invitation letter. As long as he signed his name and stamped his thumbprint on it, he would officially be one of the Heaven Alliance members.

“Hey, why aren’t you speaking? Who sent you the message? You look so serious!” Yao Lan spoke again.

“Nothing.” Lin Huang turned off the message page.

“Oh yeah, I’m calling to tell you that Huangfu Lin will be in Sweep City tomorrow. Let’s meet for dinner.”

“Sure!” Lin Huang agreed immediately.

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