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Chapter 669: The Bizarre Seed Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Since any expenditure on the Stairway Mall would not affect their ranking, Lin Xie’s name was still ranked first on the leaderboard. Many people paid close attention to the changes in Lin Huang’s achievement these few days.

In the beginning, everybody was shocked when Lin Huang managed to break through the 50th checkpoint as the majority of them were stuck at the 46th checkpoint, having failed to get to the 50th checkpoint.

Lin Huang then only managed to break through two checkpoints in a day. Everyone could feel that his climb was getting tougher.

At the 51st checkpoint, he did not complete the level even after several hours, so they expected him to stop there. However, after more than 5 hours, he finally managed to get through it.

The next few checkpoints were tough for him, and it took him a long time to pa.s.s through each checkpoint.

Still, Lin Huang managed to reach the 55th checkpoint.

The 55th checkpoint was the fourth gathering point of the humans at the Stairway Tree. Anyone who was capable of reaching this checkpoint was primarily on immortal-level rank-7.

Everybody in the Genius Union did not expect Lin Xie, who was only on blue flame-level, to reach this checkpoint. Even Lin Huang himself did not expect this achievement.

This had to be recorded in the history as a mind-blowing feat because n.o.body who was on holy fire-level could ever climb to the 55th checkpoint in the past. Lin Huang was the first and only one.

After Lin Huang had broken the record, the Emperor’s Heart even blasted an announcement to all the Genius Union’s current members.

“Congratulations to Lin Xie, who’s a blue flame-level! He has reached the 55th checkpoint! It’s the highest checkpoint that a holy fire-level can reach so far!”

The announcement from the Emperor’s Heart was pinned at the top of the Genius Union’s forum.

Many of them who had not paid attention to Lin Huang’s achievement were shocked when they received the announcement.

Some of them even started a topic under the pinned post in the forum.

When you were a blue flame-level, which checkpoint of the Stairway Tree were you on?

Soon, many people started commenting on this topic.

“The… The first checkpoint… (Covers face)”

“I’ve been frozen to death 11 times at the second checkpoint. I’ve no choice but to go back to the first checkpoint! (Nose picking)”

“I’ve been frozen to death 13 times…”

“Hey, I didn’t say anything though I’ve been frozen to death 28 times! (Shrugs)”

“When I was a blue flame-level, I think I was at the 29th checkpoint.” This was Chan Dou.

“Oh my G.o.d. A pro has appeared. Allow me, the noob, to leech on you.”

“I only saw a noob being sucked dry by a pro instead.”

After logging out, Lin Huang was immediately pinged by the Emperor’s Heart because he had broken a record.

Along with the announcement, a notice about a reward was sent to him as well.

“Due to your outstanding performance in the Genius Union, a bizarre seed is rewarded to you.”

Aside from the notice, there was also an attachment, which Lin Huang opened. He found a black seed.

Feeling curious, he immediately downloaded it. After a short while, the download was completed. The virtual black seed appeared in his hand unexpectedly.

“What’s happening?” Lin Huang was shocked. He knew that many of the items from the Genius Union could be brought to reality. However, that would only happen when the item was stored in the Emperor’s Heart Ring, and one would have to take it out from there. However, the black seed had become a tangible item and had appeared in his hand right after he downloaded it.

Staring at the seed with careful observation, he noticed that the black seed was only the size of his pinky finger. He could not figure out if there was anything special about it.

Lin Huang then wanted to store it in his Emperor’s Heart Ring, but he failed to do so. He had no other choice but to put it in his pocket.

Full of doubts, he opened the Heart Network to search for more information regarding the bizarre seed. However, he could find no information regarding it.

In the Genius Union, as he searched for the keywords “bizarre seed”, the result screen showed that he had no authority to access it.

Lin Huang was even more curious now, and he sent Chan Dou a message. “What is a bizarre seed?”

After sending the message for less than two seconds, he received a video call from Chan Dou.

Lin Huang answered the video call, feeling odd.

“Did you obtain the bizarre seed as a reward?” Chan Dou exclaimed in surprise.

“Hmmm… I’m just asking.” Lin Huang did not answer him directly.

“I see.” Chan Dou realized that he was being dramatic. After calming himself down, he replied, “The bizarre seed is an exclusive reward given by the Genius Union to those with outstanding performance. It’s the best reward in the Genius Union. Its level even a demiG.o.d relic.

“Although I’ve never seen it before, I’ve heard from the seniors that the bizarre seed is actually a G.o.d’s item. Its value may possibly be higher than a G.o.d’s relic. When the seed is inserted into your body, each bizarre seed will grow into different fruits. Some of the fruits will allow you to have supernatural powers whereas some of them will turn into a G.o.d’s item or a G.o.d’s relic. What it’ll grow into varies in different bodies. It’s said that its breeding time varies according to different bodies as well. Some of them take only a day to grow into fruits whereas some of them can’t germinate into fruits even after a hundred years.

“The seed can be activated easily. As long as you insert your Life Power into it continuously until it has been completely filled, it’ll be automatically activated. The activated seed will enter the body of the person who inserted Life Power into it. You don’t need to bother it after that.” Chan Dou shared the method of activation with him. Obviously, he guessed that Lin Huang had obtained the bizarre seed as a reward.

“Thank you.” Lin Huang did not bother denying that he had received the bizarre seed.

Chan Dou looked at him enviously and did not say anything else. He then hung up.

After the conversation with Chan Dou ended, Lin Huang took out the black seed from his pocket. Without a moment of hesitation, he started inserting Life Power as Chan Dou had taught him.

He was practicing his Army Attack Tactics while inserting his Life Power into the seed.

Soon, the first Life Wheel had been drained, followed by the second, the third, and the fourth… Eventually, ten of his Life Wheels had been depleted, but nothing happened to the seed. The seed resembled an abyss as it engulfed all the Life Power in ten of his Life Wheels without being activated.

Lin Huang immediately used a Life Power Refill Card since his Life Power had been drained. After restoring the Life Power in ten of his Life Wheels, he began inserting Life Power into the black seed for the second time.

After half an hour, the Life Power in ten of his Life Wheels had been used up again. Still, there was no response from the seed.

Lin Huang then took out the second and the third Life Power Refill Cards and inserted Life Power into the seed yet again.

An hour had pa.s.sed, and the amount of Life Power from 40 Life Wheels had been inserted. The little pinky-sized black seed showed no response though.

“It seems like it’s hard to activate it in a short period of time.”

Lin Huang forced a smile. He was exhausted, so he kept the seed in his pocket. He then started practicing his Army Attack Tactics to restore the Life Power in his body.

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