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Chapter 670: The Fourth Life Fire Monster Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang did not sleep at night as he spent the whole night training his Army Attack Tactics. By about noon, it had taken him about 15 hours to fill up the Life Power in ten of his Life Wheels. At the same time, he had restored the Life Power in three of the Life Power Refill Cards.

After lunch, Lin Huang did not log into the Genius Union. It was meaningless if he were to log into the virtual reality as there were quite a number of them at the 55th checkpoint. If he continued climbing, he would catch the people’s attention again. He did not want to reveal that he had mastered Sword Dao and owned a monster troop. Even if he were to use his trump card, the possibility of breaking through level 55 was low. Therefore, he did not want to waste his time and effort on such an attempt.

In the afternoon, Lin Huang started practicing his sword skills.

At about 11 p.m., he had learned 31 of the Illumination sword skills.

Before he slept, he took out the black seed again. He inserted the Life Power from nine out of ten of his Life Wheels. He then put his bizarre seed away.

Knowing that the seed could not be activated in a short period of time, he did not intend to spend much time on it. Even if it was activated, he was unsure of how long it would need to grow.

After retaining the Life Power in one of his Life Wheels in case he would need to use it, Lin Huang took a shower and slept.

Just after 6 a.m., upon waking up, ten of the Life Wheels in his body had been recharged. Of course, it would be slower for the Army Attack Tactics skill to rotate itself compared to when it was activated. Nevertheless, it would not be a problem for it to fill up ten Life Wheels overnight.

After breakfast, he started training his sword skills again.

At about 8 a.m., he received the monthly rewards for the month of May from the Genius Union.

From the first to the 10th checkpoint of the Stairway Tree, he obtained one point for every checkpoint he broke through. From the 11th to the 20th checkpoint, 10 points would be awarded to him for each checkpoint. From the 21st to the 30th checkpoint, 100 points would be given and so on… From the 51st to the 60th checkpoint, he would obtain 100,000 points for each checkpoint.

Lin Huang had got to the 54th checkpoint. Therefore, he would obtain 400,000 points each year. These points would be distributed ten times from January to October, and each time, only 40,000 points would be awarded. As for November and December, there would be no rewards. However, within these two months, the points would be recalculated. For those who had new achievements, the points could be redeemed retroactively.

For example, if somebody managed to reach the 50th checkpoint the previous month, their points would total up to 100,000. However, if they could break through the 60th checkpoint this month, their points would rise to one million. They would then be rewarded 100,000 points each month. Therefore, in November and December, after the points had been recalculated, the remaining points for the past few months would be given to them.

After December, the Emperor’s Heart would file an annual settlement. According to the personal points acc.u.mulated on an annual basis and the annual ranking of the organizations, the rewards would be a.s.signed. This was the reason why many geniuses joined the Genius Union.

Monthly rewards meant nothing to them as only points or relics would be rewarded.

For those who managed to get to checkpoints above the 50th checkpoint, some of the rewards could be Void Breaker skills whereas some of them were the ancient relics. They were much more valuable than the items rewarded below the 50th checkpoint.

However, the monthly rewards seemed unappealing to Lin Huang because for checkpoints below the 60th checkpoint, the rewards from the Emperor’s Heart could only be Void Breaker skills or low-grade ancient relics. They only cost tens of millions of Life Crystals.

He had ensured that the transaction for the 40,000 points had been done. Lin Huang then took a look at the item he received. It was an ancient sword relic.

Similar to the three sets of Ink Feathers that Lin Huang had just bought a few days ago, the combat sword was directly stored in his storage s.p.a.ce.

He took it out and studied it. Its quality was apparently incomparable to the Air Slicer. He supposed that the sword was obtained from a black gold-level monster. He wanted to sell it at the auction when he was free. Since ancient relics were rare, the sword could possibly be sold at a price of more than 10 million Life Crystals at the auction.

After storing his combat sword, Lin Huang did not pay close attention to the monthly reward. Again, he switched his focus back to his Sword Dao training.

When it was slightly after 11 at night, he inserted his Life Power into the black seed again. He then took a shower and went to bed.

Lin Huang repeated this process for the next 21 days.

Every morning, he started training his sword skills at about 7 a.m. At about 11 p.m., he spent about half an hour inserting his Life Power into the black seed and went to bed at around midnight.

Still, the black seed was not activated.

However, Lin Huang finally completed the training of 1,368 Illumination Sword Skills. His level-4 Sword Dao had improved from the beginning stage to the peak of Oblivion.

He knew that with his sword realm, he was about to achieve level-5 Sword Dao.

However, he did not force himself to train his Oblivion sword skills in order to make a breakthrough. Instead, he chose to settle down, waiting for the chance to come.

When Liu Ming was an immortal-level rank-9, he was stuck at this checkpoint for tens of years because he was too eager to achieve it, but things turned out differently for him.

Liu Ming had explicitly emphasized this when they talked about Sword Dao. Each level of Sword Dao could not be achieved by force. He had to let nature take its course. Otherwise, he might get on the wrong path.

Since there was a substantial improvement in his Sword Dao in addition to his blue flame-level Life Power becoming stable after more than a month, Lin Huang was finally leaving Sweep City.

He had gotten an update from the black market a week ago regarding the triple mutated monster.

One of them was a triple mutated humanoid monster which possessed a sword heart in its body. The monster’s tinder would definitely inherit its sword heart.

Lin Huang was eager to obtain the ability of a sword heart a long time ago. However, he could not find a suitable Life Fire monster all the while. He now finally had the chance to hunt this monster.

If the practice of his Sword Dao could not be completed in the nick of time, Lin Huang would have left to hunt down the monster a week ago.

According to the information he got from the black market, it was a Whitesword Supreme with an immortal-level rank-6 combat strength.

The Whitesword Supreme was not a new monster to Lin Huang as he had seen it before in the monster guide. However, he had never had a chance of encountering such a monster.

The triple mutated monster was relatively strong as it could fight an immortal-level rank-8.

If he were to kill it on its own, Lin Huang was not confident of defeating it. Fortunately, he was not alone as he had his monster troop.

The place where the Whitesword Supreme had appeared was not easy to access. It had been discovered on an island in the Peaceful Ocean.

“It seems like I’ve to go to the Peaceful Ocean…” Lin Huang fixed his gaze on the map provided by the black market.

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