Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 676 – The Supreme Whitesword

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Chapter 676: The Supreme Whitesword Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The thirty-minute journey was smooth after escaping the sea monster. Lin Huang and Thunder did not even encounter any birds along the way as they arrived at the unknown island that he had pinned on the map. Lin Huang got Thunder to land where the Supreme Whitesword was last seen before recalling it back to card form.

Lin Huang looked around, but he did not see any trails of the Supreme Whitesword, so he summoned b.l.o.o.d.y to help. The unfamiliar island was huge, and he would need one to two days to explore the entire island without any help. b.l.o.o.d.y which was now a hazy purple cloud. It then released its transparent Leech Pods everywhere. In a couple of minutes, it had gotten the result and pointed its vine towards Lin Huang’s eight o’clock.

“It’s just three kilometers away from us.”

“That near?!” Lin Huang looked at the direction that b.l.o.o.d.y was pointing at. Three kilometers had just exceeded the coverage of his territory.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Huang brought b.l.o.o.d.y across three kilometers of jungle and arrived at where the Supreme Whitesword was. The Supreme Whitesword was chasing after an Armored Bull, but it seemed like it was having fun. It followed behind the Armored Bull and poked its body that was covered with armor. It did not look like he was planning to kill the bull.

Although Lin Huang and b.l.o.o.d.y did not reveal themselves, the Supreme Whitesword could sense their existence. It then gave up chasing after the Armored Bull and stared at Lin Huang through the trees. Lin Huang was checking the Supreme Whitesword out too. He had seen this monster in the monster encyclopedia before, but it was his first time seeing it in real life.

The Supreme Whitesword looked no different from a human. Although it was covered in a white robe, including its arms and feet, its face was the same as a human’s with a couple of scars caused by slashes.

“A human sword cultivator?” The Supreme Whitesword moved and appeared less than ten meters from Lin Huang as he glared deadly at him.

“That’s right.” Lin Huang nodded. He was not surprised that the Supreme Whitesword could tell that he was a sword cultivator.

“You have powerful Sword Dao in you. I might be afraid of you if your combat level is higher, but now you’re just food to me.” The Supreme Whitesword grinned.

“I’ll absorb all your skills from you after killing you. Then I’ll be closer to quadruple mutation.”

“What a coincidence as I’ve got the same thought as you do.” Lin Huang grinned after hearing what the Supreme Whitesword said.

“I’ll kill you and get the Life Fire tinder in your so that I can obtain your Sword Heart.”

“If that’s the case, let’s see who’ll be killed first.” The Supreme Whitesword was confident in itself.

A sword arm that was almost 1.8 meters long came out of the white robe. The muscular arm was a regular human limb from the shoulder to the joint. However, the part below the joint lengthened into a sharp sword. Lin Huang was not surprised when he saw that. From the monster encyclopedia, he learned that the Supreme Whitesword had four sword limbs. Besides its sword arms, its legs were of the same structure whereby they were half-flesh and half-sword. It also had a tail hiding under its white robe with a short blade at the end.

All of its weapons were hiding underneath the white robe, and they would only come out when they were needed. Lin Huang then took out Ink when he saw the Supreme Whitesword’s sword arm. With Ink in his hand, Lin Huang released level-4 Sword Dao, and his aura peaked at an instant. Sensing that, the Supreme Whitesword was shocked, but it was soon relieved when it recalled how low Lin Huang’s combat level was.

“No matter how strong your Sword Dao is, everything is redundant without a powerful combat level.”

The Supreme Whitesword’s body was fading as his white robe swayed. It then appeared right in front of Lin Huang and slashed its silver sword arm towards Lin Huang’s torso like a lightning bolt. Lin Huang moved at the same time as it did. He swung his sword ahead, and there was a blue glow in the air as the sword was covered in Life Power.

The silver and blue glow collided in the air, causing the both of them to back off. Lin Huang was shot out hundreds of meters away with his feet deep in the ground while the Supreme Whitesword flew dozens of meters away with two deep paths under his feet. The single collision proved which one of them was on the winning side. Even though Lin Huang had used his powerful sword skill together with level-4 Sword Dao, he was still way behind the Supreme Whitesword. Now, he knew that it was impossible for him to kill the Supreme Whitesword with what he did.

“What a triple mutated Sword Dao monster! You’re even more powerful than all the immortal-level rank-6 monsters that I’ve ever met!” Lin Huang thought to himself. What he did not know was that the Supreme Whitesword was even more surprised than he was. The Supreme Whitesword did not understand how could Lin Huang, who was only a blue flame-level, managed to defend its attack and even managed to push it dozens of meters back. It was now interested in the young man that was standing in front of it.

“Human, I must admit that your ability is out of my expectations. You excite me. I hope you can stand longer for my next attack. Don’t die too soon, or else I’ll be disappointed.”

“I, on the other hand, hope that I can kill you easily so that I can level up to purple flame-level,” Lin Huang told the Supreme Whitesword what he thought honestly as he smirked.

“I guess that’s not going to happen.” The Supreme Whitesword grinned and rushed towards Lin Huang like a white glow.

Lin Huang picked up his sword and swung it at the Supreme Whitesword as the sword was covered in blue Life Power. The silver and white sword glows collided together again.

“Thunder Eclipse!”

Lin Huang’s sword that was covered in blue Life Power started releasing blue electrical arcs. He swung his sword so rapidly that only the light trails of the sword could be seen. Just as the swords collided, Lin Huang added sword 11 into the attack. The both of them backed off due to the collision, and the distance they were shot away to was the same.

Lin Huang came up with the overlaying Thunder Eclipse with another epic-level sword skill. It was his first time performing it in a battle, and he did not expect it to work so well, which managed to increase the strength of his sword swing to be the same as the Supreme Whitesword’s, so they were shot the same distance away from each other.

“Come on, don’t stop!”

Realizing that it worked, Lin Huang was all pumped up and shouted at the Supreme Whitesword He then dashed towards the Supreme Whitesword.

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