Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 677 – Killing The Supreme Whitesword

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Chapter 677: Killing the Supreme Whitesword

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Blue and white flashes collided with each other in the air. Every time they clashed, an intense force rippled in the air. Just like tossing a stone into calm water, a strong wind was blowing everywhere. Although they were fighting in mid-air, all of the trees around the unknown island were destroyed as a result of the force.

Within a few minutes, almost a third of the trees on the island were obliterated. With the overlaying of the sword skills, Lin Huang was all pumped up to fight as he was getting more and more familiar with the technique that he had come up with. He would add in one or two sword skills in each attack, and the Supreme Whitesword felt the pressure gradually. The battle seemed to be at a tie at first, but Lin Huang was suppressing the Supreme Whitesword more and more.

Anyone who had no idea about Sword Dao could tell that the Supreme Whitesword was definitely on the losing end after watching the battle for three to four minutes. Lin Huang’s every attack made him back off hundreds of meters away while Lin Huang would only be shot less than ten meters away. Lin Huang did not plan to give the Supreme Whitesword a rest as he was more and more ferocious in his attacks, making the gap between the attacks shorter.

The Supreme Whitesword, which was already losing, had his rhythm taken away by Lin Huang. It became tense upon noticing that. Not wanting to hold back anymore, it flashed its second sword arm that was under the white robe. Its left arm looked the same as his right arm whereby the upper part was flesh, and the lower part was a long, silver sword that looked exactly like the one on its right hand.

Lin Huang was thrilled as he studied the Supreme Whitesword that was going to fight with both his arms. He would occasionally train his left hand when he was bored during his training, but he was more used to his right hand. Although he knew about the Supreme Whitesword from the monster encyclopedia, it was his first time encountering a monster that was fighting with both sword arms.

As the second sword arm slid out, the Supreme Whitesword that was almost defeated finally picked up his speed with Lin Huang. It was much agiler now since he had his second arm. Besides blocking with both arms, it would sometimes use its sword leg to attack. The swords on his legs were different from its sword arms as they were like scimitars. They were much broader, and although they were less penetrable than his sword arms, the effect of slicing was much higher.

Lin Huang had read about this in the monster encyclopedia before, and he remembered every single detail, so he was prepared. The Supreme Whitesword attempted to attack Lin Huang with his sword legs, but Lin Huang managed to avoid them. As soon as its four limbs were out, the Supreme Whitesword managed to turn the tables around, and the battle came to a tie again.

“Human, I’ve underestimated you. I’ve never expected a blue flame-level that has such abilities as you. I’ve given my all now to fight you.” The Supreme Whitesword had to admit that Lin Huang was a powerful opponent. “But if the battle remains stagnant, I’ll be the one winning as your Life Power will definitely be drained before mine.”

“I’m not sure if that’s true, but I must get your Life Fire tinder today!” Lin Huang shouted as a silver glow came from the side of his body as their swords collided. It was followed by a second and a third silver glow.

Soon, 360 silver beams of light dashed towards the Supreme Whitesword like silver fish swimming around him. The Supreme Whitesword did not expect the telekinetic attack from Lin Huang. It thought that even if Lin Huang had some other ability, it would be sword skills. The telekinetic flying daggers caught it off guard.

It was too late for the Supreme Whitesword to run as they were very close together. It then expanded his white robe to defend himself. Lin Huang smirked as he controlled the 360 flying daggers towards the Supreme Whitesword’s face. Although the white robe s.h.i.+elded him, its face was still showing. The Supreme Whitesword was shocked when it saw the flying daggers that were going to pierce through its face. Suddenly, the scars on its face cracked and its face was all b.l.o.o.d.y now. After its face ‘exploded’, swords flew out of his scars, colliding with Lin Huang’s telekinetic flying daggers which prevented them from getting to it.

Lin Huang knew that was the Supreme Whitesword’s ultimate move. He had noticed the scars on the Supreme Whitesword’s face, and he had read from the monster encyclopedia that the scars came from the absorbing of humans’ sword cultivation. Those who came to hunt for the Supreme Whitesword would have their sword cultivation absorbed after being killed. The cultivation would be transformed into scars whereby swords were kept beneath his face.

The scars were not only the Supreme Whitesword’s pride but also a survival technique. The Supreme Whitesword would not release the attack as it was just a one-time attack and the scars would disappear once released. It would also mean less pride for the Supreme Whitesword as it had one scar less now. Although the Supreme Whitesword’s face was all b.l.o.o.d.y now, there would not be any scars left on his face when the wounds recovered. The Supreme Whitesword backed off immediately after managing to block Lin Huang’s flying daggers.

In normal circ.u.mstances, standing closer to a psychic would be an advantage as a psychic was skilled in long-distance attacks. However, standing close to Lin Huang would mean that Lin Huang’s sword would attack the Supreme Whitesword and it would not be able to defend itself from Lin Huang’s telekinetic flying daggers. As he pulled away, all the Supreme Whitesword had to worry about was the flying daggers, but not Lin Huang’s sword.

Lin Huang knew what the Supreme Whitesword was thinking. He grinned sarcastically while surrounding the Supreme Whitesword with his 360 flying daggers without going after it. The 360 flying daggers were meant to prevent the Supreme Whitesword from running away. Meanwhile, Lin Huang held his sword Ink in his hand and mumbled Flowing Fire Sword to himself softly.

The blue Life Power on his sword turned into flames and burned brightly. The Supreme Whitesword soon sensed that something was not right and it looked at Lin Huang’s direction. It was shocked to see the flames on Lin Huang’s sword and felt an impending threat of death from it. It was the first time it wanted to attempt to repeat its unique skill, but it was too late as the telekinesis flying daggers completely surrounded it.

“This is called Flowing Fire Sword. It’s the most powerful sword skill that I have now. I respect you. Therefore I’m giving you my best so that you can die with pride. Also, don’t worry about your tinder as I won’t bring disgrace to it.” Lin Huang appeared less than a meter before the Supreme Whitesword out of nowhere and stabbed his sword between its eyes through his head.

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