Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 687 – Splitting Up

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Chapter 687: Splitting Up
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On the white, snowy ground, the crowd moved quickly forward in a flash, and a path was created on the ground as the wind blew past.

Lin Huang and Shen Tao led the Heaven Alliance team while the rest of the three organizations followed after them. Just ten meters away were the members of the Divine Alliance. More than 140 of them made their way through the Yeti Maniac’s territory in an instant.

As they looked ahead, they saw ice sculptures of various shapes in which dead bodies were sealed.

Most of them were Glacial Phoenix. Obviously, sometimes the predators would become the prey. The Glacial Phoenix itself was truly beautiful. They looked impressively breathtaking after being sealed in ice.

The Glacial Phoenix’s combat strength was higher than the Yeti Maniac’s, and they could defend themselves against ice element attacks, but even so, they were vastly outnumbered by the Yeti Maniacs. If tens or hundreds of s…o…b..a.l.l.s struck them, they would be locked in ice.

Other than the Glacial Phoenix, there were other monsters as well. Unexpectedly, they saw the two immortal-level rank-7 whom they had sent.

There were only a small number of monsters sealed in ice. Obviously, most of the monsters knew that it was the Yeti Maniac’s territory and only some rash ones would trespa.s.s.

Not far away from them, the Glacial Phoenix and the Yeti Maniacs had already started fighting.

In mid-air, Glacial Phoenix were continually pouncing on the monsters. Only a minority of them managed to capture the Yeti Maniacs in one go as the prey managed to dodge most of the attacks.

The Yeti Maniacs counterattacked as well while dodging their attacks. s…o…b..a.l.l.s were quickly formed in their hands and were being thrown towards the Glacial Phoenix that avoided the attacks as well. If the Yeti Maniac’s s…o…b..a.l.l.s struck them, not only would their movement be slowed down; there would be a drastic increase in the consumption of their Life Power as well.

While both parties were engaged in an intense fight, they noticed Lin Huang and the rest approaching them.

“Immediately activate your Life Power and reveal your combat strength!” Lin Huang shouted. Their Life Power was activated and reached its peak, revealing their combat strength as immortal-levels. Even the Divine Alliance members that followed after them did so.

Lin Huang then whispered to Shen Tao after all of them had activated their Life Power.

After listening to him, Shen Tao immediately announced to the two parties that were fighting each other, “We have no bad intentions, and we’re just pa.s.sersby. If anyone of you attacks our members, we have no choice but to join another party to attack you. Although there’s only a small number of us, we have nine immortal-level rank-9 members here. As long as you’re willing to ignore us, we’ll leave this place quietly. I promise that we won’t hurt any of you.”

The two parties noticed that he was an immortal-level rank-9 as well.

Although neither of the parties responded to him, the people pa.s.sed by the Yeti Maniac unharmed.

The crowd continued to move forward. Shen Tao then told the rest of the people who followed him, “If you don’t want to die, have good control over your hands. We’re in a hurry. Don’t create trouble for us.”

On the Yeti Maniac’s turf, both parties continued fighting each other. Although they were paying close attention to the humans who had suddenly appeared, still, the monsters did not attack them. Because the both of them were equally strong, they did not want either side to have a backup team. Although there was only a small number of people, they were obviously strong as most of their combat strength ranged from immortal-level rank-7 to rank-9.

After five to six minutes, more than 140 of them managed to pa.s.s through the Yeti Maniacs’ territory unscathed. After leaving the Yeti Maniac’s territory, the crowd then stopped.

Many of them looked at Lin Huang respectfully. Before the plan had proved workable, many of them had wondered if the plan would succeed. In fact, not only had the plan succeeded, it was almost perfect. They managed to pa.s.s through without being attacked.

The Divine Alliance did not bother to deal with the Heaven Alliance. As soon as the danger had been removed, Gu Li brought the people along and left without saying anything.

Seeing that the Divine Alliance members had left, Shen Tao then said to the rest of the teams from other organizations, “Alright, since everybody has pa.s.sed through, you may choose which way you want to go.”

Shen Tao and the Heaven Alliance members did not want the others to follow after them as they did not want to share whatever treasures they discovered. Moreover, the three other organizations were not really strong, and they could not provide any a.s.sistance to them even if they encountered any danger.

Since they had overcome the threat, the rest of the organizations were not going to follow the Heaven Alliance as well. The people from the Heaven Alliance would definitely take a significant portion of the treasures they discovered, and only a small portion would be given to them. Therefore, they would prefer to explore the ruins on their own.

Since they did not want to team up, the three organizations soon said goodbye to the Heaven Alliance members and went their separate ways.

Seeing the direction in which one of the teams was heading to, Lin Huang wanted to warn them, but he still remained silent.

The team was heading in a direction where the monsters were gathered. If they did not discover the monster gathering place in time, all of them might be killed.

Looking at the different directions where the teams had left, Shen Tao then pointed towards another way. “Let’s go there.”

Lin Huang glanced in the direction that he pointed to, keeping mum. According to b.l.o.o.d.y’s investigation, there was actually a group of monsters over there. Since it was only a small-scale monster horde, it would not be a hindrance to them.

If he were to go on his own, he would avoid the group of monsters and head where the treasures were kept at his fastest speed. b.l.o.o.d.y’s monitoring pods only managed to cover the areas nearby, so he could not gather enough information regarding the land yet, and he had not discovered any places where there was treasure. Therefore, he decided to follow the team.

They flew in the direction where Shen Tao had chosen for less than half an hour. Soon, they encountered a small monster horde.

“There’s a monster horde about five to six kilometers away. There’s only a small number of them, but I’m not sure what kind of monster it is,” one of them who was responsible for scoping the situation of the ruins with a detection relic whispered to Shen Tao.

“Please take a break over here. I’ll send two immortal-level rank-8s to identify the type of monster in front of us, and if we’re capable of killing it,” Shen Tao ordered the rest of them to stop, sending two of his members to check it out.

In just a short while, they returned.

“It’s the gathering place of a small-scale Frigid Yak monster horde. There are only 26 of them, and there aren’t any other monsters nearby.”

The people were excited when they heard the investigation results. Although the Frigid Yak was an immortal-level monster, they could be used as a high-grade ingredient and made a finger-licking steak.

“I’ve tried the Frigid Yak steak at Celestial Tower. It’s not cheap though as it costs 100,000 Life Crystals. I’m lucky that the others paid for it.”

“That’s not the most expensive one. The immortal-level rank-6 Frigid Yak steak sold at the Star Pavilion costs 300,000 Life Crystal each. I treated my friend at that restaurant, but I didn’t order that.

“My saliva is dripping.”

“It seems like we’re going to have pretty awesome food in the following days.”

The people’s laughter soon spread to the place where the Frigid Yak was.

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