Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 688 – Loaded With Danger

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Chapter 688: Loaded with Danger
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Frigid Yak had white fur all over its body. It looked very similar to the yak that was on Earth. However, its size was about four times of that yak.

The combat strength of the 26 Frigid Yaks only ranged from immortal-level rank-4 to rank-6. Aside from Lin Huang, the rest of the 30 members were on at least immortal-level rank-6. The yaks were like lambs that lived in captivity to the members who slaughtered them quickly before Lin Huang could even attack.

26 of the dead bodies were sent to the food hunter of their team named Zhu Hao, who took about an hour to prepare a sumptuous bovine meal for all of them.

All of them felt satiated after eating, so they rested for a while. Shen Tao then brought the rest of them along and proceeded with their scheduled journey.

After another half an hour, someone detected something amiss and raised the alarm.

“A monster horde has been picked up by the detection relic!”

Lin Huang already knew from b.l.o.o.d.y earlier that there was a group of more than 100 Frost Wolves in front of them. The combat strength of the Frost Wolf ranged from immortal-level rank-7 to rank-9. Due to the large number of monsters, they would threaten the Heaven Alliance team to a certain extent. However, Lin Huang knew that the owner of the detection relic would discover this when they reached a certain distance. Therefore, he did not warn Shen Tao about it as they would only have to make a detour.

The scouts returned with some news. “It’s the Frost Wolf, and there are more than 120 of them.”

Shen Tao decided to detour without a moment of hesitation. All the Heaven Alliance members might probably die if they were to fight the monsters face-to-face.

Right at this moment, Lin Huang frowned as he got more information from b.l.o.o.d.y.

He then whispered to Shen Tao who immediately disappeared from his original position. When he appeared, he brought the dead body of a Frost Wolf.

“Both of you are being followed by two Frost Wolf. I didn’t notice that thought. Lin Xie was the one who told me.” After storing the two Frost Wolf’s dead bodies in his storage s.p.a.ce, Shen Tao did not look relaxed.

“We have to leave this place as soon as possible. We’ve killed two Frost Wolves. Perhaps they won’t realize it in such a short period. However, there’ll soon definitely be an outbreak of the Frost Wolves!” Lin Huang urged.

Both of the scouts felt embarra.s.sed as they had been too careless. They did not know that the Frost Wolf would be so intelligent and they did not expect that it to follow them.

Shen Tao knew that they should not delay any more. “Let’s fly higher in the sky and not leave any traces on the ground. The Frost Wolves will be able to track us using that.”

After that, Shen Tao was the first one to fly into the sky. He appeared at about 30 meters away from the snowy ground. Lin Huang and the rest immediately followed suit.

Not only did the Heaven Alliance members soar higher than before, but they also changed their path as well.

After fleeing for more than half an hour, Lin Huang and the rest did not encounter any other monster.

b.l.o.o.d.y had been continuously monitoring the Frost Wolves’ movement. About five to six minutes after they left, the Frost Wolves noticed that something was off. Soon, they sent out a few of their own and noticed the blood stains on the hill where Shen Tao had killed the two Frost Wolves. Soon, they discovered that Lin Huang and the others had been there earlier.

They then informed the rest of the Frost Wolves. All of them got out of their lair, combing the area where the Heaven Alliance members were previously. They broke into groups and looked for them in different directions after realizing that there was no trace of humans.

One of the teams went towards where the Heaven Alliance members were. However, after chasing for about 500 kilometers, the monsters decided to give up as they discovered nothing. In fact, Lin Huang and the rest were actually less than 300 kilometers away from them.

They were lucky as they did not into any monsters that blocked their way while the Frost Wolf were chasing after them. If the other monsters had delayed them for several minutes, the Frost Wolves would be able to catch up with them, and they would then be attacked from both behind and in front.

Seeing that the Frost Wolves had left, Lin Huang was relieved. Since it was only a quarter of the pack, there were only 30 of them, and they were not terrifying. However, he understood the characteristics of the Frost Wolf. If they happened to kill one of the Frost Wolf teams, the rest of the monsters would attack them non-stop.

“Are there any other monsters in front of us? Should we take a detour?” After overcoming the danger coming from behind, Lin Huang then contacted b.l.o.o.d.y through his mind.

“The monsters are scattered around the region that you guys are entering. There’s no monster horde, and there are only tens of types of lonely monsters that are spread around different areas.” b.l.o.o.d.y’s investigation results showed that the area was safe. “At about 1,500 kilometers away, there’s a small monster horde of Arctic Bears. There are 30 of them.”

Listening to b.l.o.o.d.y’s reply, Lin Huang was slightly relieved. This indicated that they would be safe in the next half hour.

He was not worried that they were going to encounter the Arctic Bear half an hour later. Although the combat strength of the Arctic Bear ranged from immortal-level rank-7 to rank-9, there were only a few of them, and they did not usually fight in a group. Therefore, they were not threatening to the Heaven Alliance members. In fact, they would make good target practice.

The monsters had thick flesh with immense strength. However, they were not very agile, so pros could quickly kill them. Due to them having to live in places with extremely low temperatures, Arctic Bears were rare. Their fur was extremely valuable. The price of an immortal-level rank-7 Arctic Bear pelt could fetch a price of more than 10 million Life Crystals at many auctions. The price of an immortal-level rank-9 Arctic Bear pelt could exceed 50 million Life Crystals, which was a few times higher than an immortal-level rank-9 carca.s.s that was in pristine condition.

Just when Lin Huang wanted to hunt for the Arctic Bears, a flock of birds zoomed quickly towards him. Shen Tao immediately instructed them to maintain a low-level flight. Again, they returned to their initial flying height.

Lin Huang thought that the bird monsters would definitely attack them and they would have no way of avoiding the fight as they were very close to each other. However, as soon as the Heaven Alliance’s members flew in a lower height, the monsters seemed to have lost their interest in the Heaven Alliance members and gave up hunting them. They flapped their wings and left.

“I thought that the Crimsoncrown Sparrow likes to fight. Why did they give up attacking us although we were so close to each other?” Lin Huang was startled.

“That’s indeed strange.” b.l.o.o.d.y felt that something was off. It had memorized the whole monster guide before Lin Huang did. Therefore, it was familiar with the Crimsoncrown Sparrow that liked confrontation. They would definitely attack anyone who attempted to invade their territory. Even if they encountered an imperial-level monster, they would have the guts to fight them in a group.

When Lin Huang and b.l.o.o.d.y felt that something was wrong, the snowy ground suddenly trembled. A huge, ice-blue hand suddenly emerged from the ground, extending towards the Heaven Alliance members!

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