Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 689 – Frostyape Corpse

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Chapter 689: Frostyape Corpse

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The icy blue palm was about ten meters long. Its claws emerged from the ground, and it managed to cover almost half of the Heaven Alliance members who shouted in fear and immediately fled.

Since Lin Huang was on alert, he had the fastest reaction. He reappeared hundreds of meters away in a flash. As he turned around, seeing that the others were incapable of avoiding the big palm which was about to smash them into pieces, he immediately activated his G.o.d Crasher.

Dazzling red flames immediately shot out of the cannon muzzle and struck the back of the icy blue hand. The G.o.d Crasher had formed a barrel-sized hole in its hand. It immediately retracted its hand due to the pain it suffered. The people then managed to escape from the danger.

A furious growl was immediately heard coming from underground. The ground started trembling vigorously as if an earthquake was about to happen.

“It’s an imperial-level monster. Those who are on immortal-level rank-9, back us up. The others, please leave!” Shen Tao shouted.

Although they were only on immortal-level rank-9, they were the geniuses of the Heaven Alliance. They were capable of killing black gold-ranks. With the three immortal-level rank-9s teaming up to fight, they could even defeat a crimson gold-rank monster.

Right after Shen Tao had finished, a huge arm suddenly burst out from the snowy ground. Soon after, its head appeared.

Lin Huang then knew that it was a Frostyape Corpse when he saw the head of the monster.

It was a spirit type, and its combat strength could be on any level as it depended on the combat strength of the carca.s.s when it had been alive. Normally, only corpses that were still in pristine condition would be preserved. Only monsters that still had a strong self-consciousness after death would come alive and become a monster corpse. In contrast to other, that due to prolonged exposure to ice and snow, their bodies would integrate with the ice element to a certain extent, resulting in the icy blue color of their bodies. Not only would they have terrifying defense abilities, but their attack would also be a.s.sociated with the ice element.

The frosty corpse must have been a Frostyape Corpse when it was alive. Although it exposed only half of its body, it was already hundreds of meters tall. Despite the change in its life form, its combat strength which was on imperial-level had been preserved, so it was on par with its ability when it had been alive.

As the Frostyape Corpse got out of the snowy ground, it gazed around. Finally, it fixed its gaze on Lin Huang who had the G.o.d Crasher floating in front of him. It could recognize that he was the human that had attacked its hand. He was the culprit that caused him to miss its hunting target.

Shen Tao noticed that Lin Huang would become the Frostyape Corpse’s target because he had attacked it just now. He immediately whispered to Lin Huang, “Lin Xie, leave together with the rest of them. The number of usages of your G.o.d Crasher is limited. There’s no need to waste it at a place like this.”

Then, he turned back and looked at the two immortal-level rank-9s. “It’s an imperial-level Frostyape Corpse. With its attack speed, the rest of them won’t be able to get rid of it. Therefore, we’ll have to buy them some time so that they can escape to the safe zone.”

The two of them nodded their head. Three of them then surrounded the Frostyape Corpse that was crawling out of the ground.

Lin Huang felt that the three of them were capable of defeating the Frostyape Corpse. Furthermore, he would not be able to help them out if he were to stay, so he decided to leave together with the others.

After putting his G.o.d Crasher away and when he was about to flee, he heard the growl of the Frostyape Corpse coming from behind. It had completely pulled itself out of the ground. The Frostyape Corpse that was more than 400 meters tall was about to pounce on him.

“Hurry!” Shen Tao yelled.

The three immortal-level rank-9s attacked.

Shen Tao’s weapon was a single-handed saber which was blood red in color. The zigzag pattern on the tip of the saber was visible.

The b.l.o.o.d.y Life Power constantly gushed out of his body, and it complemented the color of the length of his saber. It felt like blood was coming out from the saber itself and the weapon came alive.

As he brandished his saber, his b.l.o.o.d.y Life Power resembled a crimson python with its mouth wide open.

As for the two of them, one of them majored in sword, and another person majored in spear.

Both of their attacks. .h.i.t the Frostyape Corpse at almost the same time. A glowing sword appeared in front of the Frostyape Corpse while a black spear that resembled a shooting arrow moved tremendously fast towards it.

The Frostyape Corpse did not attempt to avoid the attacks. Instead, it struck a ma.s.sive blow after letting out a furious growl.

Its first hit collided with the black spear which instantly collapsed. The force of the blow was not reduced, and it smashed into the black spear.

At almost the same time, the person who majored in spear was groaning in pain. The spear in his hand had penetrated through his chest, and he was nailed to a snow mountain that was hundreds of meters away.

The second blow struck the white sword glow and broke into pieces like gla.s.s. Soon, the heavy blow then collided with the combat sword.

The combat sword immediately detached from his hand. He was like a bullet that was being shot into another snow mountain.

The Frostyape Corpse’s third blow then crashed with Shen Tao’s attack. As its attack hit him, the b.l.o.o.d.y python instantly exploded.

The next second, the Frostyape Corpse’s attack jolted his blood-colored saber while Shen Tao was still in shock.

Shen Tao felt that an unavoidable force was coming from the tip of the saber. It was like he was holding an ordinary saber and had slashed through a steel door that was tens of centimeters thick. At that instant, his saber was about to detach from his hand. The point between his right thumb and right forefinger that was holding the saber exploded as his carpal and forearm bones from his palm to his arm fractured.

Soon after, Shen Tao’s body was blown away, and he smashed into a snow mountain at the front to the right.

Shen Tao and the three of them collapsed, surprising Lin Huang. The three of them were on par with an imperial-level but were defeated by the Frostyape Corpse within seconds. Although the three of them did not die, they must be suffering from serious injuries. They could no longer fight.

“Hurry, run away! It’s at least on white gold-level. It might even be on purple gold-level! We won’t be able to defend ourselves against it.” Shen Tao’s weak voice could be heard coming from the snow mountain.

The 20 of them immediately sped up and fled upon seeing that the monster defeated Shen Tao and the two of them. They were afraid that they would become the Frostyape Corpse’s target.

Seemingly, the Frostyape Corpse had lost its interest in the rest of them. After getting rid of the strongest three humans, the Frostyape Corpse smiled wryly. Again, it fixed its gaze on its first target – Lin Huang.

It could clearly remember that he was the one who had attacked his left palm with a strange weapon. Its wound was not fully recovered even until then.

It took a leap and immediately chased after Lin Huang.

“It’s coming after us,” b.l.o.o.d.y immediately cautioned.

“I know.” Lin Huang did not bother to turn back at all. He could feel that the Frostyape Corpse’s breath was getting closer to him.

“I’ll lure it away. Please escape to somewhere else!” He shouted and immediately ran in a direction that n.o.body was heading to. The Frostyape Corpse immediately switched its direction as well and continued chasing him. Seeing the distance between them narrow, Lin Huang activated his double acceleration immediately. He accelerated and again, he managed to stay a distance away from the Frostyape Corpse.

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