Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 697 – The Witchcraft Rune

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Chapter 697: The Witchcraft Rune Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After taking a rough look at the cultivation method, Lin Huang realized that it was actually a set of Witchcraft Rune secret skills. It was only the first level of the secret skill, which was the basic performance of Witchcraft Rune. The path that he had taken to get out of the maze, as well as the line that was drawn on the stone tablet, was actually one of the lines of the primary rune.

Lin Huang had also obtained the image of the first Witchcraft Rune from the secret skill and found out that he had only figured out one of the three exits of the maze.

“There are 108 lines in the basic rune alone. Each of them has different Witchcraft effects when combined together. My brain might explode if I cultivate such a mind-boggling skill.” Lin Huang recalled the time when he had learned English on Earth. The combination of 26 alphabets was torturing enough for him, and he had a headache as he thought about the 108 complicated rune lines.

According to the secret skill, besides being carved on energy crystals and nonliving things such as weapons, the Witchcraft Rune could also be engraved on a person’s soul. In reality, that was how the sorcerers cultivated back in those days. Lin Huang did not dare to do anything about it yet. If he made a slight mistake while carving the Witchcraft Rune on his soul, he might kill his own soul. Moreover, he was not ready to be a sorcerer yet.

Lin Huang then snapped out of it after taking a quick look at the secret skill. He then stared at the gigantic face nearby him.

“Sir, can you tell me how do I get to the second level of the tower now?”

“You’ve already pa.s.sed the test. Just place your palm on the stone tablet and think about wanting to get to the second level in your heart. The stone tablet will take you there. The same applies if you want to get to a higher or a lower level. All you’ve got to do is to think about it in your heart. Of course, that’s provided if you’ve already pa.s.sed the test on each level, or else, that wouldn’t work,” the huge face explained.

Lin Huang then placed his palm on the stone tablet. As soon as he touched it, the blank charcoal grey stone suddenly softened. His palm was sinking into a material like a ball of clay, leaving an imprint of his hand on the stone tablet. Just when Lin Huang was trying to figure out what was happening, he looked up and noticed that his surroundings were different from before.

“I’m on the second level already?” Lin Huang looked around. The garden that he had been in was now a vast hall. The stone tablet was still in front of him, but it had transformed back to its original form with many golden lines on it. However, the lines were different from before. The stone tablet was not soft anymore, and there was no handprint on it too. Lin Huang looked at his palm, which was devoid of any grayish-black marks on it at all.

“Continue with the rest. I’m excited to see how far can you go.” The large face appeared on top of the ceiling. Lin Huang peered up at the stone tablet. After staring at the lines for a while, his consciousness was brought into a maze again. Just as he entered the maze, the female voice was heard once more.

“Look for any of the exits in the maze within five minutes, and you’ll pa.s.s the test. The rules are the same as the first level.”

A countdown timer then appeared in the sky. Lin Huang looked around. He was standing at a crossroads that looked the same as the one on the first level. He then summoned his four telekinetic flying daggers again and controlled them to look for the way out just like before. The maze was much more difficult this time as he had to use more than 300 telekinetic flying daggers and spent almost three minutes finding the exit. The timer was showing nearly 4:30 when he got out of the exit.

As his consciousness returned to his body, he did not try to move the red dot on the stone tablet. Instead, he stood where he was and recalled the path that he had taken earlier with his eyes closed. A while later, he opened his eyes and inserted his Life Power into the red dot as he placed his palm on the side of the stone tablet. As soon as the red dot lit up, a countdown timer appeared on the black area of the stone tablet.

Lin Huang did not even glance at it as he was focused on moving the red dot. Time pa.s.sed as he used his same old method to move carefully and only accelerated when he got the hang of it. His challenge was smooth this time as he controlled the red dot and got out of the maze in less than four minutes. A red dot entered in between his eyebrows again. It was the second level of the Witchcraft Rune. The rune lines were more complicated than the first level, but there were only 36 lines. The 108 rune lines were just the fundamental while the 36 lines were the advanced version with more complicated rune images.

Lin Huang took a quick look and realized that it had been challenging to be a sorcerer back in those days.

“I knew the second level shouldn’t have been difficult for you, but I didn’t expect you to pa.s.s it only on one try,” the gigantic face spoke again.

“I didn’t expect that too.” Lin Huang smiled. He had stopped focusing on whether he could pa.s.s anymore, but treated it as a game instead. He just wanted to try his best at having fun.

“Third level, let’s go!” Lin Huang exclaimed and placed his palm on the stone tablet again. As his hand was imprinted on the stone tablet, he was sent to the third level of the Sorcerer G.o.ddess Tower. He still appeared in a hall with a slight change. He did not bother even to a.s.sess the place, and started the test immediately. The third level was almost the same as the first two levels whereby he had to get out of the maze. However, he was given ten minutes this time with an increase in difficulty.

This time, Lin Huang managed to exit the maze within the given time, but he was slow at moving the red dot and did not manage to exit within the given time. When he retook the test, he brushed the gold lines because he panicked. Eventually, he pa.s.sed the test on his third try. The third red dot that went in between his eyebrows was the third level of the secret skill with nine high-level lines. They were even more complicated than the 36 advanced lines that he had gotten earlier.

“The third level is already high-level lines. The test on the fourth level should be different…” Lin Huang mumbled to himself.

“Seems like you’re not that dumb after all.” The gigantic face chuckled.

“You know what the test is about?” Lin Huang asked.

“Of course, I do, but you’ll have to figure it out yourself as I won’t reveal anything to you.” The large face grinned.

“Whatever, I’ll see it for myself soon anyway,” Lin Huang said and placed his right palm on the stone tablet again.

Soon, he faded away and disappeared from the third level of the tower.

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