Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 704 – Heart–Glimpsing Rune

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Chapter 704: Heart-Glimpsing Rune
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang learned a lot from winning the 100 battles on the seventh layer of the Sorcerer G.o.ddess Tower, especially the battle with the red-robed lady. The lady had plenty of battle experience, and her battle instinct was just as honed as Lin Huang’s especially her performance in Witchcraft that was much more powerful than his. If Lin Huang did not have that much Life Power in him, he might have been defeated.

After he completed the 100 winning streak, Lin Huang got to the eighth level of the tower. Instead of decoding the invitation rune on the stone tablet, he sat with his legs crossed as he revised all the details of the 100 battles that he had just gone through. He was studying the mistakes that he had done. A few hours went by before he walked to the stone tablet after concluding all his errors.

The invitation rune this time was a high-level rune with nine lines. After decoding the rune, the golden door appeared again. Lin Huang then pushed opened the door and stepped inside. He was sent to a battle ring that was the same size as the previous one which was hundreds of meters long and wide. However, there were more seats this time. There were 4,000 to 5,000 seats this time, and they were all occupied.

The female voice came from above again. “You’ll have to achieve a 300 winning streak this time! The rules are the same as the previous one, but your opponents this time won’t be using basic runes only. They’ll also use advanced runes.”

Lin Huang nodded without saying anything. The timer started counting down above him, and his first opponent appeared slowly.

Like he usually did, Lin Huang made the first move. However, he soon realized that the basic runes did not have any significant effect on his opponent this time around as there were defense techniques added to the advanced rune which was difficult to be penetrated with the primary runes alone. Lin Huang then started fighting with the advanced rune. He had never used any such runes even when he was fighting the red-robed lady. However, since his opponent was using advanced runes now, he did not plan to hold back anymore.

As soon as Lin Huang executed the advanced rune, his opponent, who could not be perturbed at all, did not see what was coming. After struggling for a while, he was finally killed in less than 20 blows. It proved that even a sorcerer who had mastered the advanced rune could not handle Lin Huang’s attacks that rained on him like a storm. He emerged as victor all the way to the 223rd battle without any obstacles. On the other hand, he started to get familiar with the advanced runes.

Lin Huang was stunned when he saw his opponent on the 224th battle. It was the red-robed lady! Although he had never seen the lady’s face, he could tell that it was her from her body, her height and those pair of alluring eyes. Lin Huang sobered up because he knew that the lady would be much more powerful than before as she would definitely perform advanced runes this time!

As the countdown ended, Lin Huang did not even test the waters as he attacked with two advanced runes using both his hands at the same time. It was a restraint rune and an arrow rune. Many black chains and arrows dashed towards the lady. She did not panic at all as she performed a subst.i.tute rune that attracted all the attacks to her clone while her real body was not harmed at all. At the same time, she attacked using the frost rune.

The battle became stagnant again. This time, Lin Huang did not want to drag the battle on until the lady was out of energy as it was not as glorious as he thought it would be. Besides high-level runes, he had used all the runes that he could think of. The battle lasted for more than an hour, and he finally got the opportunity to perform his ultimate move: meteorite rain.

After half an hour of rest, the battles onwards were much easier, and he achieved the 300 winning streak without breaking into a heavy sweat. Finally, he pa.s.sed the eighth level. As he was sent out, the gigantic face could not help but ask him, “Have you broken through the eighth level?”

“What do you think?” Lin Huang simpered and placed his palm on the stone tablet. He was then sent to the ninth level.

“You surprised me. I didn’t even think that you could pa.s.s the battles on the seventh level. I didn’t expect you to break through the eighth level.” The face soon appeared on the wall of the ninth level, stunned.

“Nothing’s impossible as long as you do your best,” Lin Huang said wisely and sat with his legs crossed. He did not continue chatting with the huge face but focused on revising the details of the 300 battles earlier instead.

A couple of hours later, he stood up again and walked to the stone tablet. He was puzzled as he looked at the rune on the stone tablet.

“So, it isn’t an invitation rune anymore,” he thought drily to himself, but he could not find any complete or decoding rune that matched this one. Without any clue, he summoned b.l.o.o.d.y.

Lin Huang then pointed at the stone tablet. “I don’t understand this rune.”

b.l.o.o.d.y floated to the stone tablet and observed it carefully. It only turned around after a while.

“This is a heart-glimpsing rune that can reflect a person’s deepest fear. There’s no need to decode it. All you’ll have to do is activate it. As soon as you do that, the opponents that you encounter might be those that you’re most afraid of encountering.”

Lin Huang did not expect the Sorcerer G.o.ddess Tower to throw him something completely different from the seventh and eighth levels.

“My deepest fear, huh?” Lin Huang frowned.

There were many opponents that he did not want to encounter such as the imperial-level king sea monsters that had demiG.o.d abilities, the misty monster made of a Virtual G.o.d’s arms and those demiG.o.ds who had attacked Mr. Fu… Any one of them could easily kill him.

If the heart-glimpsing rune could really summon those nightmares, he would definitely die. After a moment of silence, Lin Huang nodded eventually.

“I’ll have to face them one day anyway. Activate it!”

Seeing that Lin Huang had made his decision, b.l.o.o.d.y shared the activation rune with him. Without hesitation, he then stepped up to the stone tablet and drew the rune on it.

As the rune formed, a white glare lit up on the stone tablet and engulfed Lin Huang entirely. A while later, he shut his eyes like he was fast asleep.

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