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Chapter 71: Six Armed Demon In A Purple Dress

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Six-Armed Demon belonged to the undying species. Legend says that the undying were a new species that was born from drinking the water at the Fountain of Youth. They were called the undying not because they could not be killed but they had a long life. In this world, most of the human below transcendent had 360 columns on their Life Wheel and each column of Life Light represented one year of life. Even if all of the gray columns were activated at once, the most one could live was less than 720 years. Even gold-level creatures were not exceptions to this unless they upgraded to a transcendent.

Besides humans, most of the monsters below transcendent could not live more than 1,000 years. On the other hand, it was a different story for the undying. If they were not killed, they could easily live up to thousands of years, sometimes 10,000 years. They lived longer than most monsters did.

The Union Government’s species research inst.i.tute had captured more than 100 different types of undying creatures for research purposes. They found out that as long as the undying was not triggered by the outside world, it could wander in a room which was less than 10 square meters for a few hundred years. It did not need food or a drop of water to live. It seemed like their purpose of life was to wander aimlessly until their long lives finally came to an end.

Six-Armed Demons were alike the other undying. They wandered around the small area in w.a.n.gyou Forest all year round. They were like souls that could not rest in peace on the lands. The area where Six-Armed Demons usually gathered had lands that were barren and black. There were no flowers or any plants, only dried rotten wood but the trees were actually dead. That area was obviously distinguishable from the rest of the forest.

The area was the undying’s hub because their presence there slowly absorbs the lives of things around them. If they remained in the same area for a longer time, plants would stop growing and trees would eventually die.

It was 7:30 at night and the sky was dark. Lin Huang hid behind the tree outside the border. Half of his head was showing, he was peeking at the barren land. Within sight, he saw three Six-Armed Demons in red dressed wandering, they seemed to be guarding their territory.

Lin Huang chose to wait patiently as it was not a smart move to trigger three of these monsters at the same time. The Six-Armed Demon’s combat strength was the same as Bai’s strength. If three of them were to attack him at once, he would die there if he failed to away in time.

The three Six-Armed Demons’ dresses were less than 20 centimeters above the ground. They wandered eerily on the burnt land, slow like a person taking a stroll in the park. Lin Huang was a little scared as it was the first time for him to see a monster like this. It looked so much like the ghost that he saw in the movies when he was young.

After waiting for 10 minutes, finally, two of the Six-Armed Demons disappeared. It was coming towards his direction. “Xiao Hei, connect my Life Wheel with Bai’s!” Lin Huang said to Xiao Hei immediately. Only three columns in his Life Wheel were gray columns, he had to get Bai to kill a monster so that the Life Light in his Life Wheel would be completely full.

“Life Wheel has been connected!”

After hearing Xiao Hei’s voice, Lin Huang said softly to Bai, “I will go out later and once the Six-Armed Demon has noticed me, you will kill it that instance. Remember, you have to break the mask on her face!”

Lin Huang jumped towards the right side of the tree and waved at the Six-Armed Demon, “Come get me, beauty. Come catch me… Hehehe…”

The Six-Armed Demon immediately began running towards Lin Huang. “What the, why is it moving so fast!”

The six crystal jade arms came towards Lin Huang like sharp knives. If he was. .h.i.t, his body would be sliced into pieces. “Bai, quick!” Lin Huang managed to dodge the collision. At the same time, a golden glow shone in the dark. A crimson gold sharp thorn stabbed between the Six-Armed Demon’s mouth and nose on its mask, it pierced through the back of its head. The other side of the thorn was connected to Bai’s back. Ever since Bai used the Flawless Card the last time, his Blood Power turned from red to gold and it was a few times sharper than it used to be.

The Six-Armed Demon stood still but there was no blood at all. The mask on its face broke, its body in the red dress and six arms started to disintegrate. Soon, it was left with its black hair on the ground. Seeing that the Six-Armed Demon had died, Lin Huang got up from the ground and patted the soil away from his body. There was something going on with his Life Wheel. The last three gray columns in his Life Wheel were filled with white Life Light. The 360 columns in Lin Huang’s Life Wheel were completely filled with white Life Lights!

“My Life Lights are finally full! As soon as I kill one more Six-Armed Demon myself, I would complete a Life Light Baptism and obtain a Life Seed to be upgraded to iron-level!” Lin Huang was getting excited. “Let’s go, we will search along the border to look for lonely Six-Armed Demons!” Lin Huang said to Bai and left the place.

As Lin Huang and Bai walked along the barren area, they did not see any other monsters at all. They walked for five to six kilometers and finally, they saw a couple Six-Armed Demons gathering around. There were more than five of them in a group; there was no way for Lin Huang to attack.

A couple of hours later after they were halfway through the burnt area, Lin Huang finally saw two Six-Armed Demons under a dead tree. However, one of them had a different colored dress. Instead of bright red color, it was a pale purple dress. “Could this be a mutated monster?” Lin Huang looked at the Six-Armed Demon in a purple dress for quite some time hesitant to attack it just yet.

The Six-Armed Demon in purple dress was staring into s.p.a.ce under the tree while the one in the red dress was wandering less than 10 meters behind it, it seemed to be protecting the one in a purple dress.

Lin Huang finally came up a risky decision after observing the Six-Armed Demon’s habits and characteristics, “I don’t care, let’s kill the one protecting and then the one that’s staring into s.p.a.ce.” They did not have a vocal cord and therefore, they cannot alert their companions when they were in danger. Also, whenever they noticed there was an enemy around, they would move alone and not in a herd. What Lin Huang wanted was to use the gap of time before the mutated Six-Armed Demon could react to kill the one that was protecting the other one. By that, he could avoid fighting the both of them at the same time.

Lin Huang whispered to Bai, “I’ll distract the one guarding and you must be quick to break its mask. Then use your Blood Power to lock down the one in the purple dress but leave that for me to kill.” Lin Huang then went into the forest and waved to the Six-Armed Demon that was guarding. It saw Lin Huang immediately and plunged towards him. At the same time, the one in purple dress turned 180 degrees. It had a strange white mask and a pair of b.l.o.o.d.y eyes that opened suddenly, staring deadly at Lin Huang. Lin Huang had gooseb.u.mps that very moment…

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