Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 711 – Sorcerer Goddess Blood

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Chapter 711: Sorcerer G.o.ddess Blood

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Lin Huang appeared in a shrine when he walked out of the golden whirlpool. It was crystal white around him with gusts of chilly wind all around.

“Is this ice crystal?” He could not help but touch a pillar near him. A striking chill blasted out of the pillar, confirming his speculation.

The shrine seemed to be made of the frost attribute and was probably created by powerful people. Added with the powerful Witchcraft Rune as well as a long period of cultivation, this shrine was as powerful as a G.o.d relic. Just as Lin Huang managed to find his footing, the ground started to shake. His feet detached from the ground and floated tens of centimeters off ground. The trembling continued, but that did not affect him anymore. He ignored it and started to observe the area around him

This shrine was made of compressed ice crystals. There were countless Witchcraft Runes carved on the walls, pillars, ceiling, and even on the ground. Lin Huang was dizzy from just looking at them. However, he noticed that the dozen ice crystal cases were arranged in circle. Just when he wanted to check them out, a familiar female voice was heard.

“As a challenger who’s broken through the ninth level of the Sorcerer G.o.ddess Tower, you can pick any of the treasures as your reward.”

Lin Huang was shocked to hear that as the voice sounded familiar. He looked at the source of voice and saw a lady in a white dress appearing from thin air. She looked like she was only 20 years young. She was short at only 160 centimeters with black waist-length hair. She wore a white dress and was barefooted. She had a face as pretty as a porcelain doll with skin as white as snow. She was flawless.

“Who are you?” Lin Huang asked carefully. Although the lady was beautiful, her appearance was rather strange.

“Don’t you recognize my voice?” The lady smiled mischievously at Lin Huang.

“Your voice…” Lin Huang was stunned as he recalled that it was the voice who had explained the instructions whenever his consciousness was taken out of the tower.

“You’re the person who explained the rules on the Sorcerer G.o.ddess Tower?”

“Yes, that’s me. My name is Wu Mo, but this is only my consciousness as I’m dead,” Wu Mo said in a sad but composed manner.

Looking at the barefooted lady in white, Lin Huang thought of something and summoned the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s Shrine key. He then compared the lady that was carved on the token and looked at Wu Mo.

“You’re the owner of the Sorcerer G.o.ddess Shrine?” Lin Huang was shocked.

The side profile of the lady carved on the token looked exactly the same as the lady standing in front of him.

“Busted.” Wu Mo smiled without confirming her ident.i.ty.

Of course, Lin Huang knew that the owner of the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s Shrine was the Sorcerer G.o.ddess herself. Wu Mo was the True G.o.d who had moved this piece of land into the sky above the Peaceful Ocean 30,000 years ago.

Lin Huang had his own idea of how a True G.o.d in the middle epoch would look like, but he did not expect her to appear as the 20-year-old lady standing in front of him. She did not look like she had the power of a G.o.d. In fact, she seemed more like a cute, mischievous person.

“Master Sorcerer G.o.ddess…” Lin Huang did not dare to be rude after confirming her ident.i.ty. Although it was just her consciousness, killing him would only need a flick of her finger.

“I hate people calling me Master. That makes me sound old. You can call me Momo. All of my friends used to call me that.” Wu Mo did not sound like a True G.o.d at all.

“I don’t think that’s proper. You’re a Master after all,” Lin Huang answered shyly.

“It’s just an address. Don’t take it so seriously.”

“If you think that it’s rude to call me by my name, you can call me Sis Momo then.”

“Alright then.” Since she insisted, Lin Huang decided to go with it.

“Sis Momo, did you say that I can pick any one of the treasures that I like here?”

“Yes, all 12 items in the shrine are G.o.d-level treasures. Because you’ve broken through the ninth level on the Sorcerer G.o.ddess Tower, you can pick any one of them as your reward.” Wu Mo nodded.

“Sis Momo, do you have any suggestion?” Lin Huang was playing it smart.

“I can’t do that, you’ll have to decide yourself.” Wu Mo shook her head and stayed silent.

Feeling helpless, Lin Huang walked to the cases and looked carefully at the items one by one.

Suddenly, Xiao Hei spoke, “Pick the blood of the True G.o.d!”

Lin Huang was surprised to hear its comment. He walked around but did not see any liquid blood in any of the cases, so he contacted Xiao Hei in his mind.

“I don’t see it.”

“The purplish-gold crystal that’s the size of a fist.”

Lin Huang turned around and looked at the irregular crystal that he had seen earlier. He walked slowly to the case and observed it before he then contacted Xiao Hei once again.

“This looks more like a piece of mineral. Shouldn’t blood be in liquid form? Or is the blood hiding in the mineral?”

“Not that it’s hiding inside. The entire crystal is the blood of the True G.o.d. As soon as the blood gets out of the body, it solidifies into a crystal.”

“Are you sure about that?” Lin Huang was still skeptical.

“I’ll remove myself from you and get you a better Goldfinger if I’m wrong.”

“Oh, alright then. I trust you.” Lin Huang stopped doubting after hearing what Xiao Hei said.

“Don’t you want to seize this opportunity to get a better Goldfinger? You won’t have the opportunity again if you miss this one. I suggest that you consider it. There’re many Goldfingers that are more powerful than me. Some of them can be upgraded after killing a couple of Swine Beasts, while some of them are powerful since the beginning where even an ordinary person will be able to slap a G.o.d to death…”

“Never mind, I’ve gotten used to you.” Lin Huang scratched his nose to cover the white lie that he had just told.

“Alright then, I was messing with you. In reality, no traveller can change the Goldfinger that they’re a.s.signed. Also, G.o.d is an existence from the level-3 of the life level. Stop using your limited brain capacity to craft how a higher life should look like.”

Lin Huang was speechless.

“Have you picked one?” Wu Mo was curious as she watched Lin Huang standing before the purplish-gold crystal without moving.

“Yes, I’m picking this one.” Lin Huang nodded and pointed at the crystal.

“Are you sure?” Wu Mo asked.


“Alright then, as you wis.h.!.+” Wu Mo said and placed her palm on top of the case.

The case that was sealed with ice broke as Wu Mo caught the fist-size purplish-gold crystal in her hand. She then flicked it into Lin Huang’s chest.

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