Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 714 – A Powerful Challenger

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Chapter 714: A Powerful Challenger

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Not long into the first level of the challenge in the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s Shrine, a few challengers stood out. They did not form teams with anybody and just fought solo. None of the monsters that pa.s.sed them managed to survive. They were like fishes swimming freely in water whereby none of the monsters could stop them from whatever they wanted to do. Moreover, they did not only kill one monster per attack. Instead, they were like Grim Reapers, exterminating everything that came their way.

The first monster horde lasted for around two hours before the second one came. This time, there were immortal-levels rank-4 to rank-6 monsters. This stressed many of the teams as their efficiency significantly dropped while those who were weaker were injured, which affected their productivity even more.

However, the few powerful lone rangers remained moving among the monsters, making it look like there was no difference with the first monster horde. The second horde also lasted for two hours before the third one came. This time, there were monsters of immortal-levels rank-7 to rank-9. Since the monsters were much more powerful, most of the challengers slowed down.

At the same combat level, the number of monsters had far surpa.s.sed the number of challengers. The monsters could bring harm to most of the challengers, so they were more careful this time. Even the lone rangers who stood out experienced a significant drop in their efficiency. Previously, they could kill a bunch of monsters at once, but now they could only kill a couple or only one at a time.

The third monster horde brought trouble to many of the teams. Some of them could not attack anymore and started defending themselves instead. Three minutes into the third monster horde, a challenger was killed by a monster and was disqualified. The team that lost their member failed in less than ten minutes later as their team members were killed and disqualified.

It was just the beginning. Soon, the second and the third teams started to fall as well. In less than half an hour, seven teams had fallen, and 37 people were disqualified. It was not the end yet. After the seventh team was disqualified, so were the eighth and ninth teams. An hour into the third monster horde, 13 teams were disqualified. As the monster horde was coming to an end after close to two hours, 21 teams and more than 100 people were disqualified.

As soon as the third monster horde ended, the fourth monster horde arrived. The imperial-level monsters were finally here. Gigantic Frostyape Corpses marched towards the challengers in a deadly manner. Besides imperial-level monsters, the number of monsters this time was a few times more than the third monster horde. It was even more than the three monster hordes added up as there were millions of them.

Many of them were terrified when they saw the Frostyape Corpses. Even the tribe members who could transform into dolls were fearful of them. The Frostyape Corpses were not only mighty in terms of defense, but they also had terrifying strength too. Most of the imperial-level humans could not even break through the Frostyape Corpses’ defense, let alone kill them. However, a few of the challengers among them were fearless as they stared deadly at the Frostyape Corpses.

“The whole carca.s.s of a Frostyape Corpses can be sold at a high price, but it’s too bad that this is just virtual reality.” A plump man from the Dynasty smiled grimly.

“Whether you can sell them or not, killing ten of them is our mission,” retorted a tall, skinny man next to him.

“Let’s see who can kill faster!”

“I don’t want to reveal my real ability here. You can look for someone else,” the plump man said, smiling.

“This is just a game that I play out of boredom. n.o.body is asking you to reveal your real ability.” The tall, skinny man pouted.

“Don’t you know how I am? I’m not interested in all these games.” The plump man smirked back.

“If you really want to play, I think we can bet on the treasures in the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s Shrine. The loser will have to surrender his treasure to the winner. What do you think?”

“F*ck off!” The tall, skinny man cursed.

“You might not lose. Don’t you want to try?” The plump man smiled to the extent that his eyes became long, thin slits.

The tall, skinny man glared at him and ignored him. He then shot out as a golden glow towards one of the Frostyape Corpses. As the man started forward, the other lone rangers picked their own Frostyape Corpses and dashed forward. Among the lone rangers, the plump man from the Dynasty was the last to attack. He seemed to be chilled as he ambled and blocked the way of a Frostyape Corpse.

He then smiled as he looked at his target.

“I’m sorry. You shall not pa.s.s.”

The Frostyape Corpse understood what he meant, and it slapped him without hesitation. The slap was terrifyingly fast with a scary chill as the air became frosty. As the slap reached the plump man, he stood where he was with his smile frozen on his face like he did not have the time to dodge the attack.

However, as the slap was inches away from his head, he raised his hand. A golden glow flashed, and a gold battle sword appeared in his hand. He raised the sword slowly and placed the back of his sword on his shoulder as he covered his mouth with his left hand while yawning.

“This level is so boring.”

Just as he uttered those words, the Frostyape Corpse stopped moving like it was frozen. The Frostyape Corpse’s palm stopped less than ten centimeters away from his head. Some of the challengers noticed the bizarre scene.

“Why isn’t that Frostyape Corpse moving?”

“Is this a s.p.a.ce restraint?”

All of a sudden, a blue crack appeared in between the Frostyape Corpse’s eyebrows. It was like a thread that was being pulled downwards that soon arrived at the Frostyape Corpse’s chin. Until then, blue fluid gushed out of the crack and exploded. Blue blood spurted everywhere like a fountain. The huge monster collapsed like a mountain. Above its neck, its head was cut in half like a watermelon in summer.

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