Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 718 – The Final Assessment

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Chapter 718: The Final a.s.sessment
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“What’s the final a.s.sessment about? Is it going to be a real battle?” He made a wild guess based on the practice of the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s Shrine.

“It isn’t going to be a real battle. After you’ve mastered the Witchcraft Rune, as long as sufficient training is provided, you’ll be able to do well in the actual battle. Also, your ability in an actual battle has already been proven since you’re here now. The final a.s.sessment wouldn’t be meaningful then if it were the real battle.” Wu Mo smiled evilly.

“If it’s not a real battle, then what could it be?” Lin Huang had absolutely no idea.

Wu Mo’s facial expression was grave as she announced, “You have to create new rune lines and new complete runes.”

“Create new rune lines?” Lin Huang was stunned.

“Yes. You should know that the Witchcraft Rune has a total of 108 basic runes lines. During our epoch, 36 advanced rune lines are available in public and also nine high-level lines. You should also realize by now that among the 1,080,000 runes you memorized yesterday, there are actually many new rune lines,” Wu Mo continued.

“Yes. 76 of them are new rune lines.”

“These are the new rune lines provided by the Virtual G.o.d during our epoch. The 1,080,000 complete runes are basically the encyclopedia during our epoch, which took us tens of thousands of years to develop. Aside from the rune lines which one owns privately and won’t be recorded, basically, all of that covers almost all of the runes available during our epoch. Despite the many rune lines and the complete runes, they belong to others. To be a qualified sorcerer, you will need to create your own rune lines. Therefore, the final a.s.sessment will lead you to become a real sorcerer.”

“In order to pa.s.s the final a.s.sessment, you have to create at least three rune lines that belong to you and develop 3,000 complete runes,” Wu Mo shared the exact content of the a.s.sessment with him.

“Creating three rune lines and developing 3,000 complete runes?” Lin Huang frowned. “I might be able to accomplish the task if sufficient time is given. However, I don’t think there’s much time left for the opening of the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s Tower.”

“You still have four and a half days to go. It’s one of the challenges of the a.s.sessment. However, compared to those who are often exposed to the Witchcraft Rune, it’s easier for beginners like you to develop your own rune lines since your thoughts aren’t restricted. As for people like us who’re used to the Witchcraft Rune, we won’t be able to think out of the box. It takes us a long time to create new rune lines. Moreover, rune lines are easier created at the beginning. It’s possible to create a few new rune lines for the first time.

“Forcing you to create three or more rune lines in four and half days is actually a test on your credentials and talents in Sorcerer Dao. If you lack talent, you definitely won’t be able to do so.

“Additionally, this a.s.sessment aims to test your understanding of the Witchcraft Rune. If you don’t have a good understanding of the Witchcraft Rune, it’s impossible for you to create your own rune lines.”

Lin Huang knew that creating new rune lines was like creating new alphabets other than the 26 alphabets that were already in existence. He had to develop the 27th and the 28th alphabet along with creating new words by using the alphabets that were previously available. A new word with a new meaning had to be created. In addition, the creation could not deviate from the language system itself. The newly created word would be an extension of the existing language after having a solid grasp of the original language system. It was not something that could be created blindly.

The combination of the rune lines was rather precise. If they were incompatible, the complete rune would not work.

Creating new rune lines and developing the new runes required a certain level of understanding of the Witchcraft Rune. Only those with a keen understanding of the Witchcraft Rune would be able to do so. Compared to this a.s.sessment, the rest of it meant nothing to Lin Huang.

“There’s not much time left. Let’s start now.” After listening to Wu Mo’s explanation, Lin Huang did not wish to have any delay. In the next four and a half days, each pa.s.sing minute and second were precious to him.

Wu Mo nodded her head. She extended her hand and summoned a silver door. “Get in.”

Lin Huang entered without a moment of hesitation.

As he strode to the silver door, Lin Huang was stunned. In front of him was an infinitely large, starry sky. He was floating in the air like a speck of dust.

He then turned back and found out that the silver door had already disappeared. As he wondered how would he return, Wu Mo’s voice was heard again.

“Don’t worry. Four and a half days later, regardless of the result, you’ll be sent back here on time. Just focus on what you have to do now.”

Lin Huang was relieved after listening to what Wu Mo said.

As he gazed upon the sky, he snapped himself out of his deep thoughts. After crus.h.i.+ng the second Epiphany Card he had in his hand, he gradually closed his eyes.

Soon, the Epiphany Card did its magic, and Lin Huang was immersed in his thoughts again.

The human brain was transformed into a cosmic brain in an instant as the brain had no limit for its capacity and its speed of processing thoughts. The complete runes appeared in his mind. They were a.n.a.lyzed in reverse order whereby they were decomposed into rune lines.

It seemed like the rune lines were alive as they were automatically being sorted into various valid groups.

Lin Huang was like a witness, observing the runes being created and decomposed. The rune lines were like soldiers on a battleground, continually changing their formation to produce different effects.

Soon, four days pa.s.sed.

On the final half of the day, he still had not started creating new rune lines or newly complete runes.

Wu Mo watched everything that happened in the sky.

Despite her astonishment, noticing that Lin Huang had gotten an epiphany again, she thought that Lin Huang was lucky again and did not think any further. Although Lin Huang had entered the state of epiphany, Wu Mo did not believe that Lin Huang could complete the final a.s.sessment given that only half a day was left.

As it was closer to the closing of the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s Shrine, the lower the probability that Lin Huang could get through the final a.s.sessment.

Right when Wu Mo felt that Lin Huang was going to fail, she suddenly sensed a vibration coming from mid-air. She then looked in the direction where the vibration came from, and a bronze metal door opened.

A plump, young man then stepped out of the metal door and approached her.

The plump man waved his hand at Wu Mo as he saw her and said, “Hi, Sorcerer G.o.ddess.”

Wu Mo squinted her eyes and asked, “Who are you?”

“Is that important? I’ve pa.s.sed all the a.s.sessments, and I’ve got to the second last challenge,” Zhu Xing said haughtily while looking around. However, he did not see Lin Huang. His facial expression change. “Did the guy manage to get to the final challenge?”

“Yes, you’re right. He’s gone there for four days already. He’s almost gotten the inheritance,” Wu Mo taunted.

“It means that he hasn’t got it yet.” Zhu Xing grinned and said confidently, “It seems like I’m going to inherit the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s memory!”

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