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Chapter 723: He’s Zhu Xing! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Right when the sound of the countdown timer was heard, Wu Mo spoke up, “After leaving the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s Shrine, I’ll be asleep within the droplet of the G.o.d’s blood. I’ve imprinted all the materials and methods required to restore my combat strength. However, it’s only in theory. I’m unsure of its rate of success though. Try your best to collect all the required sources.”

Apparently, Wu Mo had no faith in transforming back to her real body. She sounded casual like she was trying to tell Lin Huang, “Just try your best. Fate has its way.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll keep my promise and try my best.” Lin Huang knew that Wu Mo had no faith in him. However, he pretended as if he did not realize it.

“Thank you.” She did not say anything else. At that moment, the countdown timer that lingered in the air was about to end.

Right at this moment, a flash of gold suddenly appeared. In an instant, the golden glow streamed into Lin Huang’s chest just like the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s blood had.

Lin Huang was stunned. He immediately responded to it and realized that the golden glow must be the remaining consciousness of Wu Mo’s real body.

At that second, the countdown timer in the sky ended.

Lin Huang went into a trance. As soon as he was able to react, the sky had disappeared and was replaced by a snowy land.

Despite the snow having stopped, Lin Huang could still easily recognize that it was the floating land.

The Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s Shrine that was made of ice crystals appeared in front of Lin Huang at less than 20 meters away. The door was closed, and it became transparent.

Lin Huang noticed that people were constantly sent back and the number of people was increasing.

In just a blink of an eye, the humans and the tribal members who had previously stayed in the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s Shrine were sent back.

As for the shrine made of ice crystals, it became transparent in less than three seconds, and it eventually disappeared.

Lin Huang sized up the surroundings and realized that not many of them were sent out from the Sorcerer G.o.ddess Tower. There were about 200 of them. However, they were not weak as they were able to stay in the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s Shrine right until it closed.

Among the crowd, Lin Huang saw the plump man, Zhu Xing. As he was sizing him up, Zhu Xing looked towards him as well.

Zhu Xing had seen Lin Huang before when they were in the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s Shrine. He could recognize Lin Huang at first glance. He also knew that Wu Mo might have told Lin Huang about him before.

However, Zhu Xing was not going to attack Lin Huang since the place was crowded. Instead, he smiled at Lin Huang from afar.

Lin Huang grinned back and did not provoke him. He slowly walked towards Zhu Xing.

Zhu Xing did not expect that Lin Huang would have the courage to walk towards him. He frowned when he saw this.

Lin Huang stopped when he was about three meters away from Zhu Xing. He greeted him. “Is this our first time meeting?”

The first time when they met each other had been in the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s Shrine. However, the meeting was not an official one.

“Let it be,” Zhu Xin replied. He wondered what Lin Huang’s intention was. Seeing Lin Huang walking towards him, he suppressed his urge to attack. He knew very well that if he were to attack him, the rest would know that Lin Huang was actually the one who had obtained the inheritance. “You know who I am, yet you’re standing so close to me. Should I say that you’re brave? Or are you mad?”

“No, I’m neither. The reason why I have the guts to stand near you is that I know that you won’t attack me.” Lin Huang was confident.

Zhu Xin frowned at his sa.s.s. Soon, his features returned to normal as he gazed at Lin Huang’s face. “I have to admit that you’re smart. No wonder you could think of a way to set me up.”

“I’m forced to do so. If I didn’t set you up, perhaps you were going to get me into trouble once you leave.” Lin Huang was frank with him and told him the reason why he wanted to fool him.

“I hold grudges. I believe that Wu Mo has mentioned that to you before.” Zhu Xing narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, she did.” Lin Huang nodded and smiled.

“I guess you’ve no idea how I deal with people who take me as a fool.” Zhu Xing guffawed.

“Tell me.”

“To deal with a person who has fooled me, I’ll first chop off their limbs and blend them into juice. I’ll feed the person with the juice, and no leftover is allowed. I’ll keep the person alive with some unique tactics and start dissecting them. I’ll first exchange the person’s heart, lungs, kidney, and the rest of his organs with the swine beast’s organ. The person can only live up to three days at the most and the shortest time that one can survive is less than three minutes.

“As long as you’re willing to let go of the inheritance of the True G.o.d, I won’t kill you. Since you have outstanding credentials and you’re talented, you can become my slave and part of your consciousness will remain.

“You have to know that there’s no chance of winning if you were to fight me. As long as you’re willing to let go of the True G.o.d’s inheritance, I can forgive your past misdeeds, including the fact that you’ve actually set me up.”

“It sounds like an attractive offer…” Lin Huang was tempted.

“I’ll give you an hour to consider whether to accept my offer or not. I’ll wait for you right here,” Zhu Xing urged.

Lin Huang stroked his chin and kept quiet for less than ten seconds and said, “I don’t need to consider it anymore. I’ve made up my mind.”

“So, your decision is…”

“My decision is…” When Lin Huang’s voice was heard, he suddenly pointed at Zhu Xing and yelled, “Guys, come here! He’s Zhu Xing! He’s the guy who has gotten the True G.o.d’s inheritance!”

Lin Huang’s voice drew everybody’s attention.

Everybody’s eyes brightened as soon as they heard Zhu Xing’s name since the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s Shrine informed them that Zhu Xing was the one who had inherited the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s memory.

The few of them who got into the shrine were exceptionally strong. They thought that Zhu Xing was the one who had obtained the inheritance. Having watched Zhu Xing’s attacks more than once throughout the challenges, they knew that he was terrifying.

Zhu Xing had never expected that was what Lin Huang was going to do. Although Lin Huang had mentioned his name before during the announcement, not many of them knew how he looked like. Therefore, he would only have to handle a small number of people. Right now, after Lin Huang set him up, he instantly became the public’s attention.

Zhu Xing could not tell the truth. Seeing the crowd was coming after him, he gave Lin Huang a killer stare and immediately fled.

Since Zhu Xing was trying to escape, the people were like a swarm of bees chasing after him.

Lin Huang stood in his original position, witnessing Zhu Xing being chased by the crowd and he was getting further away from him. He grinned triumphantly. “I’ve temporarily resolved the problem.”

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