Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 727 – Something Is Wrong With The Coordinates?

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Chapter 727: Something Is Wrong with the Coordinates?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the monitor, Zhu Xin was seen getting up quickly. It was not easy for him to detect Lin Huang’s location. It was apparent that he would not miss it if he had a chance of killing Lin Huang.

“I’ve finally found the guy. He’s in the seven o’clock direction and is approximately 6,000 kilometers away from us. He’s at the border of the land!” Zhu Xing shouted at the rest of the tribal members. “We have to get there as soon as possible. We can’t let him leave the land. Lie Kong, bring me there. The rest can stay here and wait for the latest updates.”

The man called Lie Kong was a snow giant. However, it was evident that it was neither a wild monster nor a pet monster. Instead, its body was occupied by a tribal member.

The snow giant took a step forward and appeared in front of Zhu Xing. It lowered its head and asked, “Do you have the exact location?”

Zhu Xing’s hand swept past the sky and soon, a square map that was about a meter wide formed. Unexpectedly, it was the map of the floating land.

“Our location is represented by the white dot whereas the red dot represents the fella’s position.” Zhu Xing simply touched the map and two white and red dots appeared.

The snow giant stared at the map for a moment and nodded its head. “Alright, I know. Let’s go!”

Zhu Xing acknowledged it and leaped onto the snow giant’s shoulder.

As the snow giant waved its hand, a whirlpool was quickly produced in front of him amidst the snow. He then strode into the whirlpool.

After a short while, as the whirlpool faded away, the snow giant’s gigantic body and Zhu Xing had disappeared.

Although the monitoring scene projected by the Leech Pods was a certain distance away, the actions of Zhu Xing’s and the rest were clearly monitored by Lin Huang and b.l.o.o.d.y. b.l.o.o.d.y translated even the movements of their lips through lip-reading.

Seeing the map being projected in front of Zhu Xing and that he was their target, Lin Huang chuckled and summoned the Golden Wheel.

The Golden Wheel was a supreme relic. He obtained it after he killed the Saint member, Yu Wenbin. To avoid getting into trouble, Lin Huang had changed its color to white. Even the decorations on the dimensional relic were changed, and he rarely used it. When he set the coordinates in the Black Ink, he saved it in the Golden Wheel as well.

Since it was a supreme relic, there was no restriction on the interval of its usage. Moreover, the distance it could travel was way further than the Black Ink since it was a 4-star relic.

Watching the snow giant in the monitoring screen summon the Dimensional Whirlpool, Lin Huang grinned as he pushed the door of the Golden Wheel open. As he entered, he instructed, “b.l.o.o.d.y, let’s walk the dog!”

After a few moments, the Golden Wheel automatically closed. It vanished in thin air as it transformed into small, minute pieces.

Lin Huang disappeared as well with b.l.o.o.d.y twisted around his arm.

Less than three seconds after Lin Huang disappeared, a snow whirlpool formed hundreds of meters away from where he was standing at earlier. An enormous shadow then appeared with a person standing on its shoulder.

As soon as they arrived, they looked around, and no traces of Lin Huang could be found.

“Is something wrong with the coordinates?” The snow giant turned his head back and asked the plump man.

“There shouldn’t be any problem with the coordinates. This guy must be somewhere around here. The result won’t deviate further than 300 meters.” Zhu Xing was confident.

“Nothing is blocking our view here. We can look around the area up to a few kilometers away.” The snow giant started sizing up the surrounding. However, they discovered nothing.

“I’ll try detecting it again.” Zhu Xing frowned. He then summoned The Book of Sorcerer Dao. He bit his finger anxiously and started flipping through the book until specks of blood stained the pages.

A complicated chain of Witchcraft Rune formed in mid-air. However, the rune was blood red in color.

After a short while, the b.l.o.o.d.y rune glowed and transformed into a red ring, spreading everywhere. It resembled a stone being thrown into a pool of water and forming ripples on the surface of the water.

As the whirlpool spread wider and wider, the color faded. It became transparent when it was one kilometer away. It was hardly noticeable.

Of course, Lin Huang, who was thousands of kilometers, away monitored what just happened through b.l.o.o.d.y’s Leech Pods.

“It’s within my expectations. He’s going to pay for it since he used the detection skill. As for the weeping blood rune, if it’s used three to five times a day, one’s body will collapse.” Lin Huang grinned.

“The detection technique of the chain rune is incredible. It’s going to continue for 24 hours if the target isn’t detected. However, if the target enters the detection region within 24 hours, one will be immediately targeted. That’s how you were discovered,” b.l.o.o.d.y a.n.a.lyzed the effect of the chain rune at first glance.

“It’s useless. Tomorrow is the 10th of August. It’s the deadline when we have to leave. Even if he can still use the detection technique for ten times, he won’t be able to catch up with me. Moreover, the number of usages of the weeping blood rune is restricted. A large portion of the snow giant’s energy will be drained due to its teleporting ability. However, as long as I have sufficient energy crystals, I can use the dimensional relic non-stop.” Lin Huang was calm because he was confident that Zhu Xing would not be able to catch up with him.

“Be careful since he used to be a Virtual G.o.d in the past.” b.l.o.o.d.y was still on alert.

“Alright. I’ve been targeted. Let’s go.” From the monitoring screen, Lin Huang saw that Zhu Xing had marked his location on the map again. He then summoned the Golden Wheel.

Noticing the snow whirlpool which was created by the snow giant again, Lin Huang then pushed against the door of the Golden Wheel and strode into it.

After two to three seconds, Zhu Xing and the snow giant appeared where Lin Huang had just disappeared. They were less than 100 meters away from it. However, Lin Huang had gone missing again.

As they arrived, they looked around again. Of course, no traces of Lin Huang were found.

“How could that be?” Zhu Xing frowned. He had no idea why there was n.o.body at both of the coordinates.

“Are you sure that there’s nothing wrong with your detection technique?” The snow giant asked again. It seemed to have a.s.sumed that the problem arose from Zhu Xing’s detection skill.

“That’s impossible. I’ve used this skill thousands of times, and it’s never made a single mistake.” Zhu Xing shook his head, sure of his skill.

“Could the fella have something which will affect the result of the detection?” The snow giant suggested after keeping quiet for a while.

“That’s possible. However, if he has any G.o.d relic that’s hindered me from detecting his location, the detection must’ve been directly blocked, and I won’t be able to use my skill. It won’t lead me to the wrong location though. Perhaps the G.o.d relic that he has is rather unique. While it doesn’t block me from detecting his location, the results will deviate from reality, or an illusion might happen. It might be activated pa.s.sively,” Zhu Xing guessed.

“If that’s the reason, are we still going to chase after them?” The snow giant hesitated. Though it was a demiG.o.d, a significant amount of his energy was drained each time teleportation was performed.

“Yes, of course. We aren’t going to stop until he’s captured! We aren’t going to lose anything since we’ll definitely have a chance to track him!” Zhu Xing insisted.

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