Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 730 – Killing The Frostyape Corpse

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Chapter 730: Killing the Frostyape Corpse
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As soon as it managed to break free from the Glacial Chains, the Frostyape Corpse struck a ma.s.sive blow. Along with the sound of the wind, its attack hit the snow giant.

The snow giant’s facial expression changed. When it was about to use the ice element skill, it thought of what Zhu Xing had just said. It then paused for a moment. At that moment, the Frostyape Corpse’s attack hit it, blowing it away like a kite breaking up in the air.

By the time the snow giant was able to react, it had fallen into a pit hundreds of meters away from the snowy land.

Inside the pit, the snow giant was stunned by the fact that a demiG.o.d had just been blown away by an imperial-level monster’s punch. Despite not being physically injured, it felt its ego bruised.

On the other hand, the Frostyape Corpse was arrogant after the snow giant was attacked in one hit. It then appeared in front of the snow giant in a flash, bringing its huge leg down hard on the snow giant’s body.

The snow giant went wild as it was pinned down by an imperial-level monster. How humiliating!

It pressed its hand against The Book of Sorcerer Dao and started inserting power into the book without preserving its power.

A flame red rune formed in the air. A gigantic, red bird then appeared in the sky above the snow giant. It attacked the Frostyape Corpse with its mouth wide open.

Hundreds of flames that resembled meteorites shot into the sky and headed towards the Frostyape Corpse’s feet.

A loud bang was heard along with the Frostyape Corpse’s furious growl.

The snow giant gradually clambered out of the bottomless pit, and a flicker of fury flashed through its eyes as it watched the battle between the Blazing Bird and the Frostyape Corpse.

“Go die!” It shouted and soon, the snow giant pressed its hand against The Book of Sorcerer Dao again.

Another flaming red rune was produced in the air.

After several moments, Flaming Pythons appeared and wiggled around the Frostyape Corpse.

Since it was defending itself against the Blazing Bird, the Frostyape Corpse had no more effort to deal with the Flaming Pythons. Soon after, it got entangled by the Flaming Pythons.

As the Flaming Pythons entwined around the Frostyape Corpse’s body, they transformed into Raging Chains own their own and locked the Frostyape Corpse down. It had no way of breaking through the chains.

The snow giant did not stop there. Once more, it pressed its hand against The Book of Sorcerer Dao. With the remaining power it had in its body, it inserted the power into the book.

Fiery arrows then appeared in mid-air. They looked like they were taken out from a forging furnace as flames surrounded the body of the arrows. The arrows dissipated a terrifying amount of heat, even distorting the air slightly.

After thousands of arrows were formed, the snow giant contemplated the Frostyape Corpse coldly.

The Frostyape Corpse seemed to have sensed that danger was near and started struggling as soon as it saw the shooting arrows.

Since it was locked in the Raging Chains, its efforts to break free from the chains were in vain.

The snow giant pointed at the Frostyape Corpse from afar and said coldly, “Go to h.e.l.l, dirty monster!”

As the red-hot shooting arrows streaked across the sky rapidly, it produced a kind of friction whereby peculiar red flames were formed. The arrows then struck the Frostyape Corpse.

The Frostyape Corpse was trapped, and at the same time, it was controlled by the Blazing Bird. It could not dodge the arrows at all and was incapable of defending itself against the attack. It then drowned in flames.

As the burning flames shot through the sky, they pierced through the Frostyape Corpse’s body. Despite the fact that the Frostyape Corpse had powerful defenses, it could not dodge the attack at all, and the shooting arrows easily broke through its defense layer, resembling steel pins that were nailed into the Frostyape Corpse’s body.

The Frostyape Corpse snarled from the pain it suffered. As more and more arrows penetrated its body, its growl got weaker.

The snow giant smiled ruthlessly as it witnessed the Frostyape Corpse no longer being able to fight back. It then pressed its hand against The Book of Sorcerer Dao again.

Right at this moment, a golden rune appeared in the air.

After a short while, an extremely large, blazing cross that was hundreds of meters tall formed above the Frostyape Corpse.

The cross was shrouded in milky white flames.

Before the cross touched the Frostyape Corpse’s body, the Frostyape Corpse felt suffocated as a boiling temperature was released into the air. It started struggling and thras.h.i.+ng violently.

Lin Huang, who was watching the fight thousands of meters away through the monitoring screen, could not understand why this would happen.

“Is there anything special about the cross? Why is the Frostyape Corpse so afraid of it?”

“It’s not afraid of the cross, but of the holy flame that surrounds the cross,” b.l.o.o.d.y explained, “The Frostyape Corpse is a spirit type of monster. Naturally, it’ll be afraid of G.o.d’s power. It’s obvious that the snow giant’s attack intends to kill the Frostyape Corpse.”

From the monitoring screen, the large cross gradually descended from the sky and struck the Frostyape Corpse’s back.

The Frostyape Corpse tried its best to free itself from the cross. However, after several attempts, it was still defeated. The bones in both of its legs were broken. It fell to the ground, and it could not move at all.

White flames were continually gus.h.i.+ng out of the cross. In an instant, the Frostyape Corpse’s body was enveloped by the white flames.

The Frostyape Corpse let out a few roars at the beginning. Soon, it started moaning in pain. After a short while, its moan became weaker and eventually disappeared.

The huge body that was shrouded in white flame finally stopped moving after struggling for more than half an hour.

Lin Huang frowned at the sight.

“The demiG.o.d is still a demiG.o.d. Its skill is terrifying. Though it’s weak, it’s still an easy task for it to kill an imperial-level monster.”

“If it had no concern at the beginning, it might be able to defeat the Frostyape Corpse in one hit. The snow giant is probably the strongest among the demiG.o.ds,” b.l.o.o.d.y a.n.a.lyzed, “The Frostyape Corpse managed to buy us some time. At the same time, we’ve witnessed the snow giant’s true power. It’s a worthy death.”

“We have to increase the difficulty level the next round. If one imperial-level monster is not enough, a group of them might be.” Lin Huang projected the floating land’s map, fixing his gaze on one of the locations on the map. Again, he grinned.

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