Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 733 – Hunting For Zhu Xing!

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Chapter 733: Hunting for Zhu Xing!
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Seeing that he was now hundreds of meters away from the Fading Petals, Zhu Xing concluded that he had finally rid himself of it so he stopped running. He had expended a large amount of strength in his attempt to escape.

‘This guy is really skilled. He managed to almost kill me by using the Fading Petals.’ Zhu Xing thought fearfully about the Fading Petals.

He would not have dared to provoke the Fading Petals in the past even while he was at the peak of his strength, let alone in his current form after parasitizing an immortal-level body. He could very well turn into food for it if his skill did not activate in time

“The Fading Petals chased after Lie Kong before me. I think Lie Kong is dead…” Zhu Xing did not see the snow giant getting killed but he could guess that the snow giant had fallen. It was impossible that the Fading Petals would let go of a demiG.o.d to give chase to him.

“There are a few hours left until the deadline set by the Union Government. Without Lie Kong’s teleportation ability, I won’t be able to chase after that person any longer. I’ll remember this forever. After leaving the floating land in the near future, he’ll have to pay for what he has done!” Zhu Xing’s eyes flashed with a trace of fury.

After summoning b.l.o.o.d.y, Lin Huang finally felt like he had vented his anger after witnessing the snow giant dying and Zhu Xing fleeing clumsily through b.l.o.o.d.y’s projection. He felt lucky because he was now safe.

He knew that the Fading Petals was terrifying. However, it was not until he saw the demiG.o.d snow giant suffering before it died on the screen that he realized how fearsome the Fading Petals were. It was hundreds of times scarier than what he could ever imagine.

“The Fading Petals hail from the abyss and is simply too terrifying.” Lin Huang sighed. “I guess Zhu Xing is too afraid to come after me anymore.”

As seen from the monitoring screen, Zhu Xing looked like a frightened bird. Lin Huang knew that he would no longer be able to cause any trouble for him any longer.

“Without teleportation, it’ll be difficult for him to locate you.” b.l.o.o.d.y laughed.

“Unfortunately, Zhu Xing is still alive.” Lin Huang was upset.

“He was a Virtual G.o.d in the past, and he’s quite skilled.” It was within b.l.o.o.d.y’s expectation. “At least the result is a positive one, and you’ve temporarily rid yourself of one of the biggest problems you’re facing.

“As you said, this is just a temporary plan. I’m pretty sure Zhu Xing will still get me into trouble after we leave this place.” Lin Huang knew that Zhu Xing would not give up a chance for him to exact revenge on him.

“What are you going to do? Kill him before leaving the floating land?” b.l.o.o.d.y asked.

“It’s definitely difficult to kill him but now is the best timing. He’s alone and he doesn’t have a guardian with him. Also, he’s just completed parasitizing his new body so his combat strength must be at its weakest point now. Once he recovered his combat strength to the level of a Virtual G.o.d, it’ll difficult to kill him.” Lin Huang wanted him dead because he was a threat and was eager to kill him so that nothing would happen in the future. “He won’t expect that I’m planning to kill him now.”

“Regardless of how weak he is, he’s still an immortal-level rank-9. His ability is on par with someone at the imperial-level. His escape from the Fading Petals is proof enough of his power. Even if you were to start a fight with him, the probability of defeating him will be extremely low. Also, the number of times you can use your skills against him will be reduced each time they’re activated. Are you still going to give it a try?” b.l.o.o.d.y disagreed with Lin Huang.

“Let’s give it a try. We’ll flee if the plan fails. If the plan succeeds, we’ll be able to rid ourselves of this danger permanently. I think it worth a bet.” Lin Huang insisted.

“Since you’ve made up your mind, let’s make a wager. However, we’ll need to discuss the details of the plan.” b.l.o.o.d.y failed to persuade Lin Huang so it had to agree with him.

Thousands of kilometers away, he gave up the thought of chasing after Lin Huang after confirming that he managed to escape from danger and headed towards the gathering point of the tribal members. Despite being unsure of the person who took Lin Huang in the past, he was ready to fend anyone of them off. ‘All the tribal members who were friendly to humans were traitors! They should be killed!’

Of course, Zhu Xing did not know that he had become Lin Huang’s target. Each and every action of his was being monitored by Lin Huang.

“Based on the direction that he’s headed in… Is he going to meet the tribal members? Lin Huang frowned after seeing b.l.o.o.d.y’s projection.

“Yes. According to his current flight speed, he’ll meet with the tribal members in 1.5 hours at most.” b.l.o.o.d.y nodded. “If we want to kill him, we’ll have to do it before they meet.”

Lin Huang nodded as he projected the map of the floating land. Soon, they managed to pinpoint Zhu Xing’s location. He pointed at it and said, “He’s there! About 200 kilometers away. It must be somewhere near the coordinates that I saved in my dimensional relic earlier. Please help me estimate his path. We’ll have to block his way and kill him!”

“Alright!” b.l.o.o.d.y replied.

After summoning the Golden Wheel, Lin Huang and b.l.o.o.d.y were sent to a place that was thousands of kilometers ahead of Zhu Xing.

“Let’s head toward two o’clock. There’s a forest situated about 25 kilometers that way. We can hide there since Zhu Xing is definitely going to pa.s.s by that place.” Lin Huang recalled the Golden Wheel while b.l.o.o.d.y estimated Zhu Xing’s path.

“Let’s wait for him over there.” Lin Huang grinned as he headed toward the two o’clock direction.

In just a short while, Lin Huang arrived at the forest that b.l.o.o.d.y was mentioning.

As they went deeper into the forest, b.l.o.o.d.y led Lin Huang to a place to hide. It was a hollow tree.

They squatted inside the tree while Lin Huang patiently waited for Zhu Xing to arrive.

After three minutes pa.s.sed, Zhu Xing appeared in the sky above the forest. He had no idea that they were hiding there.

All of a sudden, flocks of birds in the forest randomly flew to the sky in every direction as if they were frightened.

Zhu Xing frowned and slowed down to avoid the flocks of birds.

However, a flock of Thunder Sparrows rushed toward him.

Zhu Xing immediately landed on the ground once he saw what just happened. It would not be wise for him to take on the flocks of birds in the sky in his current condition.

“Now’s the time! Let’s fight!” At this moment, b.l.o.o.d.y whispered to Lin Huang.

Lin Huang had prepared himself with six of his G.o.d Crashers. With his telekinetic powers, the muzzle of the cannons took aim at Zhu Xing while he descended from the sky.


A golden beam was seen flas.h.i.+ng through the sky along with a loud bang. Not even expecting anything, Zhu Xing was engulfed by the golden beam…

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